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January 10th 1986

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190 hours since Lucius had left through the floo, just over a week. Everyone in the household was feeling emptiness of Lucius's 'trip' away. Narcissa was hoping he would be home soon, there was only so long he could be gone as the Patriarch of their family, let alone the fact he was newly appointed Minister of Magic, the wizarding world would soon notice. Tom had assured Narcissa that no harm would come to hard to Lucius before his departure, Narcissa knew not to doubt Tom, however, 190 hours and counting with no word from anyone, not even Bellatrix which was worrying. Hermione had begun to question why her Father had stopped bedtime kisses, Narcissa had explained he was on business and would hopefully arrive home soon. This did nothing to calm Hermione, however, she had found solace in the vast amount of books within the Library. William had come to stay for a few days, hoping during his stay that at least Rastaban would arrive back. Every member of the family was missed. Even Severus and his snarky remarks. The day was not too unpleasant and so Narcissa allowed William to watch the boys whilst they flew on their brooms, Hermione decided flying was not her activity today and instead was teaching Aurora new words, words which the poor 1 year old had no chance of speaking, Narcissa smiled and allowed them to carry on. The conversation Hermione had begun was the most she had said in the last day or so. Regulus who was dozing off in Narcissa's arms was snuggled in a blanket that belong to Draco when he was a baby, as she begun relax, a cold hand touched her cheek, opening her eyes quickly, stood infront of her was her Husband, filthy and with his arm in a cast and sling.

"Hello Cissa, come in side so we can speak?"

Narcissa was not lost in the tone Lucius had used, he had not sounded so deflated since Regulus was born and he was worried Narcissa did not want to keep him. Nodding slightly she announced she was taking Regulus to lie down.

"Why did use a disillusionment charm? Draco has missed you terribly." She confronted him the minute they were alone.

"Severus is in a bad way."

"Bad way how?"

"He is in St Mungo's on support."

"I need you to explain from the beginning." She glowered at her Husband.

"We had Igor, he gave a little but nothing, after a few days Dumbledore arrived with his band of baboons and begun firing, Tom had to disappear naturally. Severus was hit with several spells and they disappeared. It was a very odd attack, they did not attack to kill, just to harm, however we do know it was Dumbledore's wand that fired the spells at Severus and no one know what spells he has used."

"Why did Tom not come back? Or at least send word? How is it that no-one knows what had harmed Sev?" She asked after a while.

"Tom chased after Igor and I have not had word since he left. I was hoping he was back are not sure dear..." Lucius stood forward to grab his wife's hand, however for the first time she refused his touch.

"7 days you have been gone, with no word, nothing. Not even an empty owl."

"I am so very sorry, we had to focus on getting Severus to a Hospital that could treat him." Lucius stood back clearly hurt.

"What happened to you?" Narcissa asked stepping forward.

"Arthur Weasley is more open to darker spells then the rest of the band of following baboons."

"My Father did this? Oh gosh is Bas ok?"

"Yes he, very handy spell I have now learnt. Bas is well, a few scrapes but nothing that wont heal, he is currently at your cottage showering off, go, go see your Husband William, he is going to need you."

William nodded and walked from the room, leaving the couple in silence.

"What of you Mr Malfoy? Do you need me?" Narcissa snaked her arms around her Husband and laid her head on his chest gently.

"Always." Was his reply into her hair.

Narcissa hugged him tightly, allowing all the pent up emotion to release, just for a moment before stepping back and ordering him to shower before approaching any of the children. Lucius did as he was told, it would take a little while for his wife to be putting him back in the good books. He was extremely lucky she had not mentioned about sleeping in separate rooms and he knew it!

A few hours later, after Narcissa had inspected Lucius, Sirius and Antonin, who had since arrived after Lucius, she allowed them to go see the children. She could not miss Hermione's crest fallen face when she saw her Father had not arrived home with her, Nagini, who had stayed behind snaked herself around Hermione in comfort. Hermione laid on her Father's familiar and allowed her own tears to escape, things were so unfair. Her uncle Lucius had returned, why hadn't her Father? Was he hurt? Was that why Severus had not returned too? Feeling someone lift her up, which Hermione soon realised was Sirius, Hermione snuggled into his chest, she knew everyone cared, however, everyone missed her Uncle Lucius too, rightly so too. Opening her eyes as she felt a smaller hand stroke her back, she noticed Harrison looked just as sad as they both sat on Sirius's knee. How had she forgotten so easily that Harrison was her blood brother and he would have clearly missed THEIR Father just as much as she. Returning the affection, Hermione grabbed Harrison's hand tightly.