A challenge where Kurama Transformed into the 49th Teigu with similarities to Leonel.

1) Naruto can come through a demension portal but this has to be done by a god or an opponent that has a dimentional shifting power like Kaguya, Kakashi, or Obito.
2) Naruto's relationship has to be from the Akame Ga Kill universe otherwise don't bother trying any of my challenges as for why... well what is the crossover suposed to be about other than Naruto saving a new world.
3)Hinata does not fit in to the story ever cause Naruto goes here alone with Kurama sense he is sealed into Naruto and no hinata cannot come in at any time ever Naru/Hina is way over-used it pisses me off.
4)Leone would be a Prefered match for Naruto as their personalities are similar.
5)Naruto should at least once call Najenda a female Kakashi... Exmpl. "You remind me of my sensei...
do you have some kind of super power under that eyepatch too?"
6) You can stop anyone from dieing in the story as you please but if you need someone to die don't let it be Naruto's Romance intress close to death is ok but never dead.
7) Naruto should enter the world infront of Tatsumi when he 1st meets Akame in some type of odd fasion.