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An Ocean Awaits

Finn's body vibrated, that familiar sting in his palm growing more intense as the anchor flared up and illuminated the space around them in an eerie green glow. He pushed the heavy wooden door open with ease and was met with a strange sight; a mage using his staff to bash a Shade in the head, swinging it around with the same finesse a warrior would wield a sword.

The Shade screeched and dissolved into nothing, returning back to the fade. The mage turned to stare at the group and cheerily said, "Good! You're finally here. Now help me close this thing, would you?"

Dorian watched in awe as the warrior threw his greatsword to the ground and raised his hand toward the screaming rift. A beam of light shot from his palm and connected with the tear. His face crumpled in either pain or concentration, he couldn't quite tell, and a growl emerged from his clenched teeth. Maker. He had a mess of black hair atop his head, shaved at the sides. His perfect, chiseled face was littered with scars both small and large, the most prominent one cutting straight through his eyebrow. He was tanned and clearly muscled, you could tell even through all the layers of glistening heavy armor. He was exquisite. Dorian thought he left feelings like this behind with his foolish teenage years.

Within a few seconds, the warrior flung his arm to the side and broke the connection, the rift closing with a loud clap. Dorian checked his surroundings, all that was left of the rift were a few specks of goo on the floor, and dead demons, of course. This man was a force of nature.

"Fascinating. How do you do that exactly?" The warrior just stared at him, almost as if he was looking straight through him. Dorian felt a chill down his spine. "You don't even know, do you? You just wiggle your fingers and boom! Rift closes!"

"Who are you?" The warrior sighed.

Dorian eyeballed the strange companions that stood behind him, an angry looking bald elf, a dwarf with a satisfied smirk on his face and a Qunari. A big Qunari.

"Ah, getting ahead of myself again I see. Dorian of House Pavus, most recently of Minrathous. How do you do?" He said warmly, bowing his head slightly.

Finn groaned internally, A Tevinter. Figures. If he hadn't have guessed from the beautiful, yet far too flashy robes, then the lilt in his accent would have given it away in a heartbeat.

Bull growled. "Watch this one, boss. The pretty ones are always the worst."

Finn turned to him with a smirk. They shared a knowing glance. He was very pretty. He hardened his face before he returned his gaze to Dorian.

"Suspicious friends you have here." Dorian said perkily. "Magister Alexius was once my mentor, so my assistance should be valuable – as I'm sure you can imagine."

Finn nodded. "I was expecting Felix to be here though. Was it not him who wrote the letter?"

"I'm sure he's on his way. He was to give you the note, then meet us here after ditching his father."

"I see." Finn smiled, crossing his arms "So this was your plan then, Magister?"

Dorian frowned. "Alright, let's get this out of the way. I am a mage from Tevinter, but not a member of the Magesterium. I know Southerners use the terms interchangeably, but that only makes you sound like barbarians."

Finn couldn't help but smile at the mage, he was trying his best to be friendly towards them, and he was even prettier when he was angry.

"Sorry, we meet so many people on our travels that we tend to be a tad suspicious. If I was trusting of everyone I'd be dead by now." Finn shrugged. "I'm Finn. This is Bull, Varric and Solas." He gestured towards his companions. Varric and Bull smiled warmly. Solas...not so much.

"Nice to meet you, Finn." Dorian purred.

Dorian filled the group in on the details of Alexius's plans. Time magic. Stealing the mage alliance. All the fun things.

Felix joined them, filling them in further on the Venatori, and his father's obsession with Trevelyan and the fact he survived the explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes.

Finn rubbed his face. "All this for me? And I didn't get Alexius anything."

"Send him a fruit basket, everyone likes those!" Dorian laughed, winking at him. Finn felt his cheeks flush. They stared at each other for a moment too long.

Bull coughed, breaking their gaze. "Boss, we need to get back and fill the gang in." He smirked at Finn.

"Curly isn't going to like this." Varric laughed, shaking his head. "I love it!"

"I can't stay in Redcliffe. Alexius doesn't know I'm here. I want to keep it that way, for now." Dorian said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Finn caught himself admiring Dorian, he cleared his throat. "You can come to Haven with us."

Solas's head whipped around and Finn felt his eyes burning into the back of his skull. I'll pay for that, he thought.

Finn watched the mage spring from his seat enthusiastically. "Well, I am more than happy to accompany you. We can talk strategy, and I'm happy to help in any way you need." Dorian grinned, throwing a glare in Solas's direction.

They gathered their things and headed for the door. "Felix, try not to get yourself killed?" Dorian smiled warmly at the boy, placing his hands on his shoulders and squeezing him tightly. There was obviously a lot of affection between them. Finn wondered if it went deeper than friendship.

Felix placed his hands over Dorian's and with a wry smile said "There are worse things than dying, Dorian."

AN: I have the first 10 or so chapters already nearly finished, so will be updating often for the time being. This is just a little teaser-y intro to my story, main events will be covered but with my own little twist. Hope you stick along for the ride! It's going to get smutty...