A/N I wrote this on four hours of sleep in the past 48 or so hours. Also, I am suuuper tired and wanted to write something that made no sense just because I felt like it. It is a multi crossover but not really a crossover just a bunch of nonsense. Hope you enjoy! ;)

The bubbles floated in the air around Legolas and he stared at Gandalf who was now the size of a dwarve. Captain Jack Sparrow ran over holding a jar of dirt. He past Legolas and the mini Gandalf, running through the meadows of the shire and onto the Dawn Treader as it sailed from Narnia.

Aragon smiled and watched the new Studio C video on Monday while Cecil looked at Castiel and said, "The man in the tan jacket!" He then proceeded to run to Night Vale to warn Katniss that Luke had the ring. Mary and Pippin stared at the triwizard cup and each grabbed for it at the same time. They were transported to the Avengers tower and watched in horror as Loki killed Sherlock, who killed Moriarty, who killed John, who killed Sam and Dean, who killed the Master who killed the Doctor. They all survived and began to fight when Magneto arrived. Then they went to Camelot where they lived happily ever after, eating daises and lolipops while fighting each other, some trying to destroy the world or kill people and some trying to save the world and eat cherries. The dark side doesn't have cookies. Neither does the light side. Come to the dog park, We have cookies. And they're free! Also, mountains ARE NOT REAL! Except for the one just outside of Night Vale. Happy Valentines day and may you have a good Easter. Merry Christmas!