Notes: This is a crossover fic that I wrote in my spare time. I didn't really think it was good until I actually reread it. HP/YGO. After I wrote this, I read somebody's fanfic about how Ryou and Harry were cousins. I did not copy so please don't review saying I did. I wrote this chapter before I read that fanfic, except's been so slow lately I haven't gotten a chance to post it. Basically, Ryou meets Harry, his cousin, and he goes to Hogwarts. Then someone unleashes Duel Monsters all over the school to attack a certain someone…

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New Author's Notes: Not many main changes. I added a few sentences and conversations here and there, but nothing much important. I fixed the part where Harry was reading to Ryou from the letter because I thought it was awkward. The most important part is that I decided to take off Mai and Tea. I hardly use them anyway, and they were just forcing me to write them into a story that could do without them. So I took them off. If enough people want them back in though, I can put them back in again.

Chapter 1


Ryou Bakura was stumbling about the airport, trying to figure out where his uncle and aunt were waiting for him. Actually, he could be considered extremely lost. His yami, who had grown very much less violent and could even be considered 'nice' now, was laughing at him inside his soul room.

~~Ryou, you can't even find your way around the airport?~~

Ryou mentally sighed. ~Yami, it's hard. I'd like to see you do it.~

~~Just look for someone with hair like yours. Probably not quite so hard to miss.~~

~Yeah, you're right, Yami. Let's see here…~ Ryou did quite a bit of searching around the terminal until he spotted someone waving at him.

"Ryou?" the man yelled.

Ryou somehow managed to lug his suitcase over and greet the man. "Hi," he said with a smile.

"Hey," the man said. "I'm really sorry but you can't stay with us. Your cousin Cynthia is having an orchestra festival all the way in Paris, and we can't exactly leave you at home alone. We're going to leave you with your other aunt and uncle, is that okay?"

"Fine," Ryou agreed.

"My car's outside," he said. "It's just a quick ride, maybe ten minutes from here." Ryou nodded.

With his uncle's help he managed to drag his suitcase into the trunk of the car and settle in without a lot of trouble. The ride was uneventful.

His uncle finally turned into a street called Privet Drive.

~~Strange name for a road.~~ his yami commented.

Ryou had to agree. His uncle let him out at number four. His other uncle and aunt were waiting for him inside. When he stepped out of the car they stared disapprovingly at him.

Bakura growled inside his soul room. ~~What are they looking at?~~

Ryou tried to mentally calm them down. ~Don't send them to the Shadow Realm, it'll give us away! Besides…it's probably just my hair.~

Bakura growled. ~~For Ra's sake what's wrong with your hair? I like it!~~

~Yami, not everybody has pure white hair.~

~~Well, why don't they?~~ his yami demanded.

Ryou mentally shrugged and cut off the link. His other uncle introduced himself as Uncle Vernon, his aunt introduced herself as Aunt Petunia.

"Your cousin's in the hall waiting for you," Uncle Vernon informed him disapprovingly.

Ryou nodded. "Thank you," he said politely and dragged his trunk into the hallway. There, he stared at the person that was staring right back at him.

Ryou had suspected that his cousin didn't look like him, but this was outrageous. He had jet-black hair that stood up on all ends. It sort of reminded him of Yugi's multi-colored hair that seemed to defy all laws of gravity. His eyes were bottle green. He was skinny like Ryou but he wore baggy clothes that seemed to be too big for him.

Meanwhile, Harry was staring at Ryou. Unlike his unruly black hair, Ryou had snow-white hair that seemed to form a curtain over his head. His chocolate-brown orbs were innocent and caring. It definitely seemed like he liked the color white. He was wearing a clean white sweater and a pair of green pants. He recalled the letter that Professor Dumbledore had sent to him by owl a few days ago, telling him about the arrival of his wizard cousin. But Ryou certainly didn't look like wizarding material. In fact, he didn't even seem like he knew anything at all about magic.

Behind him, Aunt Petunia came in the door. "Show your cousin to his room," she nodded at Harry.

"My name's Ryou Bakura," Ryou said.

Aunt Petunia nodded to show that she had heard and went into the kitchen, obviously to prepare dinner.

"Follow me," Harry motioned to Ryou. With his yami's help he carried his trunk up a flight of stairs and down a hallway to get to the guestroom. "Will you be all right?" he asked.

Ryou nodded. His yami was itching to get out of the Ring. "I'll be fine," he reassured his cousin.

"Oh, by the way, my name's Harry Potter," Harry introduced himself. Unlike most wizards, he didn't react in any way whatsoever. Not like Harry had expected him to. When he had first become a wizard, he hadn't even known about his fame, much less about anybody else. But nothing Harry had read had referred in any way to this white-haired youth. Leaving Ryou to settle in, he left to go to his room. He still had quite a bit of Hogwarts summer homework to finish.

Once Harry had left, Ryou shut the door and let Bakura out of the ring. He stretched and growled, "It was cramped in there. I don't remember it being such a tight squeeze."

Ryou nodded. "You must be outgrowing it," he offered as a suggestion. His yami looked at him like he was crazy. "What? It's the only solution I can think of," Ryou said.

"Whatever," the tomb robber said. "But I know for a fact that Millennium Items don't shrink. And the spirits inside them don't grow. Or at least I don't think we do…"

Ryou heard footsteps echoing in the hallway. ~Bakura, get back in the Ring! NOW!~


~Someone's coming, that's why!~ With a lot of complaints and groaning, his yami disappeared into the Millennium Ring. Ryou quickly stuffed it back underneath his shirt. It always attracted a lot of attention, being as old and fancy as it was.

But it was only his cousin Harry. "I'm going to my friend Ron's next week," he told Ryou. "Um…you can come too. It's a change to being in this old house with my grouchy aunt and uncle." What he didn't let Ryou know was that the letter from the headmaster had also told Harry to bring Ryou to the Weasleys' house. According to the letter, his cousin would be able to get to Diagon Alley that way, by Floo Powder. That way was a lot faster than taking the train for half the day, then entering by the Leaky Cauldron and finding just the right brick.

Ryou looked confused. "Uh, okay," he said. "Next week? When does term start?"

Harry frowned. "It should say in your letter," he hinted.

Ryou looked a little sheepish. "I never got a letter," he confessed.

Harry stared. "But-but then how can you be a wizard?" he blurted out.

Ryou stared right back at Harry. "I'm a what?"

"A wizard." Harry looked at Ryou who looked truly confused. He sighed. "Why would the headmaster tell me that my wizard cousin was coming, and to take you to my wizard friend, unless you were a wizard?"

Ryou started apologizing. "Sorry," he said. "I didn't know. I thought it was just a normal boarding school."

Harry sighed. "Well, Professor Dumbledore wouldn't lie. And Hogwarts is incredibly efficient, Professor McGonagall wouldn't forget to send you a letter. Ryou, are you even listening?" he asked, seeing the blank look on his cousin's face.

Ryou pointed. "Uh…there's an owl at the window," he said sheepishly. "I was just wondering…weren't owls nocturnal?"

Harry brightened. "No, not necessarily. Not when they're being used to deliver mail." He opened the window for the owl, untied the letter from its leg, and ripped open the envelope. The owl hung around until Harry indicated that he did not want to respond.

Ryou looked at the owl and gave it a soft pat on the head. It hooted and flew off towards the rainbowish horizon.

Harry looked up and frowned. "That's strange. It says here that you're to start term as a fifth year with some of your friends. But no one's ever skipped four whole years at Hogwarts to my knowledge…unless they've got immense power…" Harry gave Ryou an odd look, but Ryou ignored it, or tried to at least.

"Does it mention which of my friends are going?" he asked.

Harry scanned over the letter. "Says here…Yugi Motou, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler."

Ryou turned this information over in his mind. He didn't know Kaiba as well as he did Yugi and Malik, but that would be okay. He wasn't one to spill secrets the minute they were told to him. Joey would be all right too. Although he did have a big mouth at times, he never let anything important slip. Not usually, anyway.

"You okay?" Harry asked. "You seem sort of preoccupied."

"I'm fine," Ryou said, dismissing the manner in as innocent of a way as possible. He would really have to limit his conversations with his yami to when nobody was around, or people would think he had an extremely short attention span.

~~It'll be easier said than done, Ryou. Trust me.~~

~And how would you know?~

~~Because you're doing it right now. Right after you said you should limit our conversations.~~

Ryou grumbled a little. ~Very funny…~

"Hey Ryou! Earth to Ryou! Are you sure you're o-"

He was cut off by Aunt Petunia's shrill voice.

"Boys! Come to dinner! Before Dudley eats all of it!"

Ryou didn't even acknowledge Harry before walking out the door to the stairs. It was like he was in another world.