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Chapter 11

Say Hello

The door creaked open slowly. As Snape ushered the two of them inside, Ryou suddenly thought of an image of the two of them walking down the path to an executioner. Is it just me, or do I sense impending doom? Ryou wondered.

~~Don't worry, you're not alone.~~

~Glad to hear it,~ Ryou said dryly. ~It makes me feel so safe.~

~~You're welcome.~~

"Ah, Severus. Do you have a question for me?" Dumbledore inquired, looking curiously at the two students and the seething Snape.

"These two insulted me during their detention," Snape said furiously. "I demand that they be punished suitably."

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Ah, this may be true. But are you sure that it is them who did it?"

"Please explain," Snape bit out.

Dumbledore sighed and stood. "If I may ask Yami and Bakura to come out again?" he asked Ryou and Yugi.

/You heard him, Yami. Get out here./


/Yamiii…or I'll set the puppy dog eyes on you…/

//Fine! Fine! I'll come out!//

With a flash of light, Yami appeared next to Yugi and scowled at him. "No fair. One of these days, I'll become immune to those eyes, and then I'll see what you do after that."

"Then I'll just invent some new ones!" Yugi chirped. "Besides, who said they had to be puppy dog eyes? I mean, they could be fish eyes…"

Yami grumbled something inappropriate under his breath. "Scary, aibou. Just don't do it."

"It's a lose-lose situation, Pharaoh," Bakura chuckled, materializing next to Ryou.

Yami just grumbled some more.

Dumbledore cleared his throat to get their attention. "Now, which of you insulted Snape?" he asked.

"Not telling," Yami and Bakura said at the same time, crossing their arms.

"Hey!" Yami cried. "You copied me!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Ha!" Yami crowed, pointing at Bakura. "You admitted that you copied me! Reverse psychology is a very nice thing indeed…"

"But you had to say that I didn't copy you for me to say that I did copy you, so there!"

Ryou sighed.

"They can be so childish at times, can't they," Yugi said, noticing.

"They're worse than little kids," Ryou agreed.

"Hey!" Yami and Bakura screamed simultaneously, then glared daggers at each other.

"Hmph," Yami muttered. "Stop copying me!"

"Say 'please' first," Bakura told him.

Dumbledore sighed impatiently. "We do not have time for this," he told them. "Which of you insulted Snape?"

Yugi and Ryou pointed to Yami and Bakura. Yami and Bakura pointed to Yugi and Ryou.

"Where did those two come from?" Snape demanded, pointing at Yami and Bakura. "Who are they?"

"Those two are Yami and Bakura, and they came from the Millennium Items around Yugi and Ryou's necks," Dumbledore explained.


Dumbledore sighed and began to explain about the Millennium Items. Halfway through his explanation, however, a large vase sailed past Snape's head and crashed against a wall.

"Bakura!" Ryou sighed. "Did you know that we actually have to pay for things we break here? It might not have been that way in Ancient Egypt, but this isn't Ancient Egypt! And I don't have all that much money!"

"The pharaoh was annoying me!" Bakura complained. "Tell him to shut up and grow up!"

"Tell him yourself," Ryou snapped irritably. "I'm sorry, Professor Dumbledore. I'll pay for that."

"No need," Dumbledore said, looking rather weary. "Reparo."

The vase pieced itself back together. With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore sent the vase back to where it was before.

"It wouldn't have broken in the first place if the stupid pharaoh hadn't dodged it," Bakura scowled.

"What, you expected me to just stand there and let it crash into my head?" Yami asked incredulously.


"I'm not that stupid!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm-"

"Be…quiet!" Yugi screamed. "Dumbledore's trying to talk!"

Dumbledore sighed. "Thank you, Yugi. As I was saying…"

"What's this about Ancient Egypt?" Snape asked, sounding a bit interested.

"I was getting to that. Apparently these two reside within the Millennium Items that Yugi and Ryou possess, and are actually the spirits of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh and a tomb robber. For your information, Yugi holds the Millennium Puzzle, and Ryou holds the Millennium Ring."

"Interesting," Snape said. "Are they dangerous in any way?"

"Very," Yugi said.

Snape sighed.

"If you have a living animal of some kind, Yami could demonstrate his Mind Crush for you," Yugi suggested.

Snape waved his wand and a dove appeared out of nowhere. (I have nothing against doves! It was just the first thing that came to mind!)

"Let's see what he can do," Snape said.

Yami thrust out a hand at the dove, which began to flap its wings nervously. "MIND CRUSH!"

The bird crystallized and then broke apart, a pile of dust settling onto the carpet. Yami scratched his head. "Uhh…I guess I overdid it a bit…"

Bakura raised an eyebrow. Snape was open-mouthed and was rapidly turning ashen.

"But the fact remains that these two insulted you, Severus. You may punish them accordingly, but you may want to watch what you, erm, do…" Dumbledore said quietly, gazing at the remnants of the dove.

"Damn right," Bakura said.

Ryou groaned. "Language, Bakura…it's one thing mentally, but it's another out loud…"

"Whoops," Bakura said, not sounding sorry at all. "Can we go yet?"

"I want you to apologize to Severus," Dumbledore said. "Then you may go, after he issues his punishment."

"Hey, how do you know it was us anyway? It could've been them!" Bakura complained, waving his hand at Yugi and Ryou.

Dumbledore smiled benignly, eyes twinkling. "I have my ways…"

Yami and Bakura both groaned.

"Well?" Dumbledore asked. "We don't have all day."

"Sorry," both of them muttered.

"That will do for now," Dumbledore said. "Severus?"

"Detention tomorrow afternoon at four," Snape said testily. "You may leave."

"And I thought my Mind Crush would get us off the hook," Yami sighed.

"So you overdid it on purpose?"

"Basically, yes…"

"I should've known you'd try something," Bakura muttered.

With that friendly parting statement, both of them vanished back into their soul rooms and Yugi and Ryou both left the room, relieved that nothing worse had happened to them.

~You are going to be in control during the detention,~ Ryou informed Bakura.

Bakura grumbled.

~Don't give me that. You were the one who said, 'I want to see what happens to the Pharaoh', after all. And we're lucky we didn't get suspended, and we only got one detention!~

~~Okay, okay. No need to harp on about it. Besides, if he had given us more than one detention, I would've taken care of him for good.~~

~Don't you dare try anything,~ Ryou threatened. ~It's still too early in the school year for a soulless teacher's body to be lying around in the middle of the corridors.~

~~Does this mean that I can leave a soulless teacher's body lying around in the middle of the corridors later on in the year?~~

~It means nothing of the sort.~

"Hey, what's up with Malfoy?" Yugi inquired, looking at the crowd of laughing Gryffindors who were watching Malfoy tap dance across the hallway. "I…don't think he's doing that of his own free will…"

"Malik," Ryou said simply. "There's no other explanation."

"Hey," Malik grinned, meeting them halfway down the corridor. Ryou noticed that he never let go of the Millennium Rod.

"Let me guess, that's your doing, right?" Yugi asked, pointing at Malfoy.

"Of course," Malik said. "Who else would be able to make Malfoy tap dance? Let me assure you, it was pretty difficult. I don't think he knew how to tap dance before I had to…forcibly teach him…"

Ryou and Yugi winced.

"Nothing physical, unfortunately," Malik said hastily. "Though he still learned pretty fast. I think he thought that I would suck out his soul or something. No matter how much I want to, I think I'd have more fun torturing him slowly over the course of the entire school year than ending things so soon. So what happened with Snape?"

"Dumbledore explained the whole Millennium Item thing to Snape," Ryou said. "I guess we'll be safe from general animosity until Snape becomes convinced that they can't hurt him. Yami put up a pretty good show in there. I think he's scared of us."

"What'd he do in there?" Malik asked, interested.

"He used Mind Crush on a dove and smashed it to bits of dust," Yugi said. "Let's not talk about that anymore…the sight was rather disturbing…"

"Did Dumbledore mention anything about my yami?" Malik asked casually.

"Nope. I doubt he even knows about him yet, seeing as how you didn't tell him anything," Ryou said. "He probably thinks that you're just a harmless, normal student."

Yugi made a sound of disbelief. "He couldn't be further from the truth," he said dryly.

Ryou and Malik both laughed. "Well, I guess we should go find Joey and Kaiba…" Ryou trailed off, eyes drawn to Malfoy's dancing again.

Malik shrugged. "I don't know, watching Malik tap dance is less boring. Maybe I could teach him the waltz and make him dance with Goyle…"

Yugi snorted. Ryou rolled his eyes.

~~Actually sounds kind of amusing. Tell Malik that I'd gladly help him with the teach-~~

~AHEM. What were you saying?~


Snape passed them from the direction of Dumbledore's office. It seemed as if he had stayed to talk longer with Dumbledore after the two of them had left. All they got was a frigid blast of arctic air as he brushed by the trio. He even ignored Malik.

"Umm…" Yugi blinked at Snape's retreating back. "I don't think he took it very well…"

"Well, what did you expect? Being possessed by Ancient Egyptian spirits able to crush living matter into dust is not exactly normal…or safe…"

~~Possess? That's a bit negative, Ryou…~~

"He'll get over it," Ryou continued.

"Are you sure?" Yugi worried.

"Well, our friends did, eventually," Ryou shrugged. "But they knew him. I don't know how he's going to take it though."

"Let's forget about this for a while," Malik interrupted. "Let's go find Joey and Kaiba, or we could teach Malfoy the waltz and find him a partner, like I was saying before…"

~~Sounds like a plan to me.~~

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