i'm not continuing this, just a drabble based on an instagram edit by lesbianforparrilla

Regina stares across the common room at Sister Mary Eunice. Dominique is playing relentlessly in the background, and it's beginning to grate on the brunette's nerves. Scowling, she refocuses her attention on the blonde nun. Something is different about the woman today, something… darker. Regina can't seem to put her figure on it, but she is drawn to the blonde. Rising from the busted old lounge, she stalks over to the woman, whispers following her as she goes.

The Evil Queen is on the prowl.

Watch out for the evil witch.

Smirking, the dark woman shakes her head, coming up behind the nun.

"Sister Mary Eunice, I'm not feeling very well, could you please escort me to my cell?" Regina whispers, her lips brushing against the blonde's ear.

Now, normally, the timid sister would have jumped five feet in the air. However, this afternoon, something is different about her, and it both infuriates Regina and commands her attention at the same time.

"Why of course, Miss Mills," Mary Eunice smiles saccharinely, "Follow me."

The pair exit the room and venture down the many corridors and come to stop at a dark cell further away from the others. Per instruction via Sister Jude, Regina had been placed further away from other inmates due to her track record of manipulation and seduction. No one can resist the whisky eyed beauty for long, and Regina is about to test just how long little Mary Eunice can.

"Sister, you seem tired, why don't you rest for a while?" the self proclaimed "Evil Queen" rasped, leading the blonde inside.

Smirking, Mary Eunice turns to face her.

"I doubt you could handle me Miss Mills," the devil smiles darkly, "Mary Eunice certainly couldn't."

Regina sneers, her eyes darkening. This is not the sister she knows, but it is a decided improvement on the weak personna the woman was previously sporting. There are evil forces at work here.

"If you are not Mary Eunice, then who are you?" snaps the raven haired beauty, danger alight in her whisky eyes.

The nun laughs wickedly, tossing her head back and tearing her black veil off and shaking her blonde locks loose. She snaps her head forward, her eyes glowing a dark crimson.

"I'm the devil."