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'I have to get away! Please let me find away out of this hell! I can't live another day here not with her! Please God! Just once answer my prayers! the only have thing I ever asked is to be rid of this hell bound life!' A young boy was kneeling by an oak tree silently praying for help. His name was Heero, well that was what his mother had called him before she sold him to the queen. Now he was ralely called a name at all only the queen called him "Heero-chan". He hated the queen with all his heart and soul for what she did to him. She claimed to love him, but Heero knew that what she ment was that she loved his body. She kissed it forcefully every time he saw her. Heero was very young and very weak so he could not stand when the danmed queen got her grubby hands on him but what could he do?

"There you are Heero-chan! I was looking for you everywhere!" That bitch of a queen ran over to him. She slapped him as hard as she could and he cringed in pain as her strong had hit his already bruised face. "Don't ever leave my side again! Stupid boy! You should be glad that I 'love you' so much!" She screamed in the loudest voice she could muster.

Heero started to feel tears falling down his face but it didn't seem like the queen saw. He spoke softly "I'm sorry Relena-sama" was all he could say.

The queen, Relena smiled slightly but then she saw the tears roling down the fourteen year old boys face and her face grew sour. "Why are you crying?! Can't you take a slap like a man?!" She slaped him again.

Heero felt the pain of the slap and he felt new tears in his eyes but refused to cry.'I don't want to be hurt more so I should just be good.' Heero said to himself. "I'm sorry Relena-sama. I'll try and be more like a man."

She smiled again. "Good! I'm glad that you can say you're sorry! I 'love you' so much Heero-chan" Her strong arms wraped around him and she hugged him as tightly as she could. Relena was very strong and being six years older then Heero added to that made his whole body hurt when she did stuff like that.


A young man walked into the capital town of "Eline", the same town where Heero and Relena were. His long braid swishing in the wind. He was tired and needed rest but he has a meeting with the queen in not to long a time so he had no time for that. He pulled out the yellow sheet of paper reading it over to himself. It stated that he was to be aloud into the castle. 'That man that gave me this told me that the queen needed my help! I wonder how much I'll get paid for this?'

The castle was a long walk away from where he was but he got there very quickly thanks to his strong and very fit body. 'Well Duo here we go!' The man, Duo thought to himself as he walked over to the castle.

A guard stoped him from entering. "Who are you and what brings you to the palace!?" The guard said in a loud voice.

"The queen sent for me." Duo answerd him giving the guard the paper.

After looking it over the guard let Duo in with a "well are you going or what!?"

"You're very mean dude!" Duo yelled at him as he stuck out his tounge at the guard. Duo ran into the castle as fast as he could running into Heero. "Oh sorry!" He said quickly looking into the younger boys blue eyes.

Heero got up quickly ignoring the fact that his body hurt even worse then before now. "I... I should be the one to apologize. I'm sorry sir." He said as Duo got up.

Duo stared at this boy. He was the most lovely thing that Duo had ever laid eyes on. He was bruised and his face was in pain but still Duo thought he looked wonderful. "Are you okay?" He asked Heero softly. Heero simply nodded and meekly walked away.

Duo was about the follow the boy when a young girl walked up to him. "Are you Duo-sama the adventurer?" She asked him. Duo nodded at the girl. "The queen is waiting for you sir!" She said to him as she led him to the queen.


Heero got away from that man as fast as he could his heart pounding as he started to run. That man he saw was the most amazing looking creature he had ever laid eyes on. 'If he were my owner instead of the queen I would be happy. Even if he hurt me one hundred times worse then her I would be happy.' He got to a passage way that led out side and knelt next to the oak tree again. 'Lord hear me please. This may be my final prayer! Please help me! Get me away from this place!...' Heero continued with a prayer to God much like most every other one he had. He would always pray to be brought away from this place but this time the eding was differn't. '...please that man let me go with him! I have a place I want to be now lord! so please help me!'

Heero got up slowly as he heard footsteps. He knew he had been out there for almost an hour praying and so he knew very well that Relena's meeting with whoever she was meeting with was most likely over. He did not want to be caught again out there. Heero his behind the oak tree and peered out at the person who emerged from the inside. It was the man from before, Duo.

Duo walked over to a large oak tree and sat down under it to rest. That damn queen. She wanted him to go on some stupid mission to slay some damn dragon. Duo wouldn't have minded but the queen stated that since she was queen she did not have to pay him for his help. 'Who the fuck does she think she is? Wait no scratch that. She IS the queen. But still if I'm gonna help her then she should atleast Fuckin pay me!' It was then that Duo saw the boy hiding behind the tree. 'Huh? Its him!'

Heero looked at Duo from where he was. He knew Duo had spotted him and was happy in a way. Because Heero was atracted to this man. 'Oh God he's staring at me!' Heero felt himself blush.

"Why Hello! I beleive I saw you before! My name is Duo." He said. "What may I ask is yours?"

Heero's blushing increased. "My...my name is Heero." He thought for a moment. "You're the Duo that Relena-sama had a meeting with... Oh no" Heero paled this man was very important and here he was talking to him like he was just any person. Sure Heero was stil formal with "normal" people but... 'Shit! I can't beleive I was talking to him without the queens consent! I'm in for alot of pain when she finds out. Dammit! Dammit!'

Duo looked at the now pale boy. "Whats wrong? You dont look so good are you okay?" He asked voice full of worry.

Heero bowed slightly "Excuse me sir. I feel fine, I'm sorry to have worried you." He thought over what he had said. 'Dammit Heero how do you know if he was worried or not! UGH! I'm so screwed when the queen finds out!'

Duo shook his head. "Its okay you don't need be sorry." He said quickly.

"Heerooo-chan! Are you out here!?" Came the voice of the one and only queen Relena. Heero froze as she walked over to him and Duo. "Why Heero-chan what are you doing out here!?"

Heero looked at Relena fear in his eyes. "I was praying Relena-sama..." he answerd truthfully.

"You were praying? Why?! Are you some little church boy?! What were you praying for?!" She yelled and slaped him.

Duo's eyes grew big at the strenghed of the young queens slap. He knew one thing he was glad that she wasn't slaping him. But still he felt so bad for Heero... 'He looks so hurt! I had not clue that she was strong and he already looks like he was beat many times before poor boy it must hurt even worse!'

Heero tried to hold back his tears but failed and the silently fell down his face. Relena seeing this yelled at him for crying again and hit him another time.

"I'm sorry Relena-sama. I should not have been crying! I should not have been praying either! I'm sorry I'll be more mature!" He cried out.

Relena smirked and pulled Heero away from Duo. She wanted Heero's sweet body next to hers right now! (A/N: dont we all?!) "Come Heero-chan! I wish for you 'help'"

Heero knew what that ment. She had used "help" before to him only in that matter. 'Dammit why cant I just go one day... I need to get away from her!' Heero did somthing then he had never done before. He kicked the queen and got away from her as quick as he could.

Relena scowled 'that hurt! Damn boy thinks he can get away!?' She got up as fast as she could. "Get back here boy! If you dont come back now you know that punishment will be worse!" Relena had to smirk because Heero did stop and turn around worried.

Duo could no longer stand to watch this! He walked over to the queen. "Relena-sama, you want me to defete that dragon right?" Relena nodded slightly her smirk widening at the thought of Duo saying he would help. "Then I will need help of course!"

"Help? Can you not defete the dragon on your own?" She asked him with a slight glare.

'Fuking bitch' thought Duo. "Oh no Relena-sama I dont ask for much help! I just need the help of maybe just one person." He smiled inwardly 'I just know this is gonna work!'

Heero had started to run again. He did not care about what Relena and Duo were saying at all. 'I just want to get away! I just need to get away!'

Relena stoped glaring. "Ah yes on person! I will let you choose the person then!' She smiled at him. 'This is great now I have the dragon defeted and only one of my men will have to go!'

"I want that boy! The one thats running. He seems to run very fast and with a little bit of work could very well be the person I need."

Relena looked shocked. "Him!? Why Heero-chan!?" She thought it over 'this could be the perfect punishment tho....' Relena nodded. "Okay but if he dies I will personally kill you!" She screamed.

Duo bowed. "Well then I guess I should be taking him then! Good bye Relena-sama!" Duo yelled as he got up and with no effort at all caught up to Heero.

Heero felt an arm on his and he turned to see Duo standing there. He was shocked but not nearly as much as when Duo lifted him up and held him tightly. "Duo-san what are you doing!?" He asked as loud as he could.

Duo smiled at him. "I'm taking you with me of course!" He replied with a cheery voice. "I'm getting you out of this hell."

Heero smiled truly for the first time in what seemed like forever. 'Thank you lord. My prayers have been truly answerd.'


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