Arc I

Chapter 1

(They say that when you are near death, your whole life flashes right before your eyes… Well that don't matter anymore… I don't want to see my gruesome terrible life… I wish I can just not think anymore sooner…)

The young teen who just jumped off of a 7 story building lies in his own pool of blood, with a broken neck, shattered skull, broken legs and arms. He is near death or soon will be dead, despite suffering from insane amount of pain, to him it just a little cost to pay.

The young teen closed his eyes and hope that the afterlife would finally take him away from this life which is full of stress and suffering.


Hana:"Why am I still thinking….. Am I…"



?:"Well you are… Dead."

He opens his eyes and sees nothing around him but surrounded by water.

He manage to find himself onto a surface, look into the water for his reflection.

Hana:"Who is this… A.. girl?..."

In the reflection, there is a young beautiful girl. Red left eye and blue right eye and flower on the back of her hair… Decaying… A notable tear traits can be seen on her face.

?:"Your tears is what have created this ocean Hana.."


?:"I suppose you don't remember, that is understandable… You can't survive in this world without your powers anymore, here.."

Light glows around the mysterious girl's body

?:"Now, you decide whether it's worthy to save or destroy."

The flower on top of her head disappears and back into a bud and lights begins to glow from the ocean

Hana:"Wait, who are you?"

?:"You will learn eventually, Hana. And don't think about coming back soon, you can be sent to hell by the judge."


When she tries to open her eyes, everything is blurry. There are unrecognizable talking in the background, the talking then soon turned into arguement. From the voice, she can faintly tell it's argument between an old man and an adult man.

(Wait, I recognize this language… It's… Japanese!

Ahh, rebirth… Of course…. One of the most common themes in the fantasy novel, never expect it to happen to me…. What kind of terrifying life awaits me…)