Chapter 2: Hermione's POV

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Eight A.M. on Friday. That meant advanced alchemy lab. The true test of a potion major's resolve. Classes like this had always been Hermione's preference. Many of her classmates chose to wait and take these classes in the summer when the labs weren't at eight in the morning five days a week. Days like this especially the majority if the students had chosen to skip. There after all had been a rather large party in the campus common area the night before and after all there was a quidditich match the next day. It would have been wonderful. A quiet, uncrowned lab, peace to think, and time to finish her class work and concentrate on her independent research project. A wonderful morning. Except for one thing. He sat beside her.

Michael Abrams was a nice enough guy. And he was almost as brilliant as Hermione herself. Except… he wasn't exactly gifted in the more practical aspect of potion making. In all truth he made poor Neville Longbottom look like a master. Michael melted at least one cauldron every lab session. And today in the half empty potion lab he chose the work station right next to Hermione. And today when his potion (thankfully a harmless one) exploded a large portion of it landed in Hermione's area. Purple goop all over her work, her notes, her books and her. Thankfully she got it off her face before it stained. He same could not be said for her clothes or hands or notes. Michael grinned sheepishly and apologized trying to help her clean up. She managed to keep her temper and cleaned up her area before quickly leaving, a stream of profanities on her lips. She made it back to her apartment before exploding. She was so loud it even pulled her roommate Lavender from her early morning snog fest with Ron. When her friends saw her and fell to the floor laughing it did nothing to improve her mood.

She stepped over them and moved to her room to change clothes. After trying and failing to scrub the purple splotches from her hands she tried to salvage her notes. A total waste of time. When she came into the sitting room again and discovered Ron had called Harry to come and laugh at her she threw a few well placed hexes their way and grabbed her overstuffed bag before she was gone.

Hermione dis-appearated just outside the gates of Hogwarts. He might be annoyed she came unannounced but she didn't really care. One foot inside the gate and she hit a mud puddle and her feet shot out from under her. Thankfully no one was there to see. So in an even worse mood than she began in Hermione made her way up to the school. Opting for a small side entrance that led directly to the dungeons rather than the main hall she made her way to his private rooms. Hermione dropped her muddy boots by the door and tossed her bag on the sofa. She shed clothes, tossing them aside as she went walking to the bedroom. It was blessedly dark and quiet. A small smile spread across her face as she reached into the wardrobe and pulled out one of his crisp linen shirts. It felt soft and clean and enveloped her in his scent. She climbed into the big soft bed and cuddled in to wait for him.

Hermione hadn't even realized shed fallen asleep when she heard the sounds of wards unlocking. She heard him cross the room and sigh then his shadow crossed the door way.

"When did you get here?"

She lifted her head and looked at him a moment "About two hours ago." She climbed out of bed and walked toward him. She could see the hint of a smile pulling at his mouth.

"I believe that is MY shirt." He reached out and touched her arm. It sent shocks of electricity down her spine. Not that his voice didn't have that effect on her by itself.

"Yes, it is." She answered. Suddenly she couldn't bear the though of being apart from him another moment and she stepped into his body. Arms came up and wrapped around her and his head came down and rested on hers. "I'm sorry, Severus. I know I wasn't supposed to come until next week but I couldn't wait."

Severus Snape nuzzled her. "Don't apologize." he whispered into her hair. "I missed you so much, Hermione."

She pulled away and took his hands. "Come back to bed with me."

He pulled her hands up and kissed them. "I'll join you in a moment."

It was a bit of a ritual for them when she visited. As soon as they were locked in his rooms he would disappear and remove the appearance charms he wore every day. She climbed back into the bed and waited. Hermione watched him cross the room and climb into the bed beside her greatly enjoying the view of his naked body.

She rolled over and ran a hand over his face. "So love, how was you day?" She played with a piece of his hair. She knew it annoyed him which was, in part, why she did it.

He stopped her hand. "It's getting better." Severus lightly trailed kisses across her palm and finger tips. "Hermione?"

She shifted slightly. "Hmmm?"

"Why do you have purple spots on your hand?"

She had almost forgotten about that. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Bad day?" She felt him smile even as his mouth was still pressed to her hand.

Hermione sighed and cuddled closer to his chest. "Ask me later."


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