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Carnival of Surprises

Well, here it was that time of year again for the Annual FBI Charity Carnival. The carnival was only one week away now. Everyone was hard at work with all the last-minute preparations. This year's event was going to be a huge and successful extravaganza.

It had been decided that this year's proceeds were going to benefit the American Multiple Sclerosis Society. It is absolutely an important and much needed charity. The proceeds would go to help so many people that were suffering everyday with this dreaded disease. The society needed all the help it could get in trying to find a cure. The people affected with this debilitating disease and their families needed all the help, support and hope that could be sent their way. The FBI Director was extremely determined that this year's carnival would be a total success. He had mandated that all his different departments would participate in this worthwhile and important fundraiser.

This year's festivities were going to be held at Rock Creek Park. Along with the usual carnival rides there was going to be many activities for adults and children alike. There are going to be several concession stands including many types of delicious foods, cotton candy, a pie-eating contest and a hot dog eating contest. There were going to be pony rides, a petting zoo as well as a huge 50/50 raffle. There would also be a dunk tank, a kissing booth, a magic show, a high striker and numerous other activities. At the end of the night, not only would there be a huge fireworks show, but also a celebrity auction. The lucky winner would receive a dream date night with a very well-known television star.

Everyone was excited with the upcoming gala that was rapidly approaching. The team along with Penelope and Fran were really looking forward to it. The only one with a few reservations was Derek "Baby Boy" Morgan.

"Ohhh, Hot Stuff! How bad could it be? It's for a great cause and everyone will have a blast." Penelope cajoled as she sashayed over to sit on the edge of Derek's desk. She winked at him, grinned and seductively ran her fingers down his well chiseled chest and abs.

"I don't know, Baby Girl! The carnival part will be fine. It's just I am not sure about the assignment I got this year."

He shook his head as he ran his hand over the back of his neck. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair while he enjoyed the sensuous touch of his Goddess. It was making him tingle all over and was getting him extremely excited.

There had been quite a few changes over the past year within the BAU family. David Rossi and Fran Morgan had met, fallen deeply in love and after a whirlwind romance were married four months ago. It was a beautiful small ceremony in Hawaii, where Dave owned an oceanfront villa with its own private beach. The team along with Derek's sisters were all present for the romantic waterside nuptials. Everyone stayed for a week and then left the newlyweds to enjoy two more weeks of honeymoon bliss.

Things had also changed drastically for Penelope and Derek. Almost nine months ago Penelope had walked in on her boyfriend Sam having sex with a much younger woman. It completely devastated her. She had immediately made a beeline right to her sexy best friend's arms for comfort.

Derek had been there constantly for his Baby Girl, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Savannah. He and Savannah steadily continued to argue over all the attention that he was bestowing on his best friend. Savannah was always jealous about Derek's relationship with Penelope. She made no bones about it and told him so every chance she got.

Derek had always felt like something was missing from their relationship, as it was. Deep down in his heart and soul he knew he was in love with his Goddess. He tried to fight it for years, but he was utterly losing that battle. The final straw came when Savannah had given him an ultimatum. It was either her or Penelope.

Derek knew he had to follow his heart. He gave the old heave-ho to Savannah and made the decision to be completely honest with the love of his life. After the initial shock of his confession of his true feelings towards his beautiful best friend had sunk in, they decided that they wanted a life together. They both admitted their true feelings for each other. Finally, they were both with the sole owners of their hearts and couldn't be happier.

Here it was very early Saturday morning, the big day had arrived. Everyone had met at Rock Creek Park at 06:00am. It was going to be an extremely long and busy day for everybody. The carnival was to start at 11:00am sharp!

It took all morning to get everything all set and ready to go. Now that everybody was in their perspective places. It was finally show-time!

Dave and Fran were placed in charge of the concession stands and made sure they all ran smoothly. They were also going to be the judges for the pie-eating and hotdog eating contests. Both Fran and Dave had been busy all week cooking and baking.

Spencer had been given the task of performing the magic show and a few more of the children's activities. He had enlisted two of the best assistants he could find. Both Jack and Henry were ecstatic to be helping their Uncle Spence. They were both dressed up to look like mini-magicians.

The all so usual stoic Hotch was assigned to the dunk tank. They all figured that it would be good for him to loosen up and besides he looked great and sexy in his swimming trunks. Beth his girlfriend was asked to draw caricatures for the public and she readily agreed.

JJ and Will were dressed up like clowns and were happily in charge of the rest of the kid-zone activities. They helped to run the coloring wall, making balloon animals, the potato sack and three-legged races. JJ also had a blast while she did face painting for the kids.

Kevin Lynch volunteered to take charge of ride ticket sales and the 50/50 raffle. Jordan Todd from Counter-Terrorism was also drafted to help. She was the ticket taker for the pony rides and the petting zoo. To say the least, she was very unhappy with her assignment. She hated being around all those nasty, smelly and dirty animals. She also in her opinion dreaded being around all those bratty kids.

Section Chief Mateo Cruz was appointed the Master of Ceremonies for the celebrity auction later that night. The surprise guest still had not yet to be announced. It was on a "need-to-know" basis.

Penelope was thrilled with her assignment, she felt right at home in her element trying to seductively entice the men to show off their brawn and bravado with the High Striker, the Strong Man Weightlifting and guessing their ages. She enjoyed trying to use her feminine wiles.

Last, but not least there was Emily and Derek. They were given the undertaking of the infamous Kissing Booth. Emily was excited to have been chosen for this mission. She was looking forward to possibly meeting her future Prince Charming.

On the other hand, Derek was extremely uncomfortable with his role. He was reluctant, because he didn't want to upset his Goddess. They only have been a couple for such a short time. He didn't want to have all these strange and horny women fawning all over him. All he wanted was the love of his life in his arms. He hoped all would go well and just kept in his mind that this was all for charity.

Penelope had sauntered over to see her Hot stuff one more time before the festivities started. She walked over to him, put her arms around his neck and pulled him into a tight embrace and giggled.

"Hiya, Sugar Shack! Have you been practicing your puckering?"

He kissed the tip of her nose, winked and chuckled. "The only one I want to pucker up with is you, hot mama! Are you sure you don't have a problem with this?"

"Of course I don't, silly man! This is for charity, after all. Just make sure you save some of your studliness for me and don't fall for some worldly hot woman. Okay, my love?"

Derek shook his head and hugged her tighter. "Silly girl, there is no one else for me on this whole planet! You are my one and only, my gorgeous Goddess!"

Penelope pecked his cheek and giggled. "Good answer, my love! Well, I am going to head over to my spot and get ready to lure in my suckers of supposed strength. Now, you behave and don't forget about our rendezvous later at the Tunnel of Love."

He laughed out loud and brought her in for a searing kiss. When they pulled apart gasping for air he rested his forehead on hers.

"You woman, better behave and don't lure too much. You belong to me and only me and don't you forget it! No worries, our date at the Tunnel of Love is set in stone. I love you, Sweetness!"

Penelope giggled. "Sir, yes sir! Oh, don't you worry I could not possibly forget! I am yours and you are all mine, Chocolate Drop. I love you too, Handsome!"

Before she turned to leave, they shared one more hot, steamy and passionate kiss.

Emily yelled out. "Get a room already!"

They broke out of their kiss and looked at Emily. Penelope blushed while they both stuck their tongues out and chuckled. Penelope waved her goodbyes to the two of them and strolled away. Derek couldn't keep his eyes off her as her butt swayed back and forth. Just the thought of her was making him hard.

Spencer's magic shows were a huge hit with the aid of his little helpers. JJ and Will were having the time of their lives with all the little kiddies. Dave and Fran's food and eating contests were all smash hits. Beth was having a blast seeing everyone with joy on their faces.

Kevin was enjoying himself with all the money that was being taken in for the MS Society. The only one that was totally miserable was Jordan. She hated all the kids as well as, the "disgusting" animals around her. The smells and the piles of excrement being left around were all too much for the prima donna as she stepped in it several times. She moaned and whined almost the whole time. Penelope and a few of the others had glanced over several times and couldn't help but break out in hysterics at Jordan's expense.

Hotch even had to admit he was having a great time. He had been dunked numerous times, but he loved that everyone was having the times of their lives.

Emily and Derek were raking in the big bucks. Derek's line was huge and never ending. The crowds took one look at him and bought tickets galore just to have a chance at kissing the ever gorgeous and sexy hunk. Many women had thrown themselves at him while they tried to maul him and he received dozens and dozens of phone numbers. They were all drooling over his hotness and sexiness. He swore that this was the last time he did this. He felt so dirty and used. He had to admit at one time this would have been a dream come true for the womanizer he once was. However, now all he could think about was his beautiful Baby Girl and how lucky he truly was. He had to imagine himself kissing his Goddess and kept reminding himself that this was all for charity.

Emily was having the time of her life, she completely enjoyed all the attention from the many handsome men paying attention to her. She had been slipped numerous numbers, but as of yet still had not found her Prince Charming. She wasn't ready to give up yet though.

Penelope had done quite the job of enticing an extreme amount of men into her clutches. Most of them had failed miserably trying to impress her with their skills or the lack thereof. She giggled inwardly at all the failed attempts.