Kyoko was doing the dishes in their shared living quarters when Makoto walked in to join her. He still had his cell phone in his hand from the phone call that had interrupted his own chores a few minutes ago. He paused as he passed Kyoko, putting both hands on her hips — actually, one hand and one cell phone on her hips — and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before he stepped to her opposite side. She smiled at the gesture before diving right into what she really wanted to know. Turning her head towards him, Kyoko asked, "How are things with our favorite band of fugitives?"

"Pretty good," Makoto told her as he leaned against the counter. "They managed to get a few days of sanctuary by hunkering down in what's left of Novoselic — well, it was officially just sanctuary for the princess, but the others sneaked along as her entourage while she got most of the attention from the crowds."

"I see... good for them?" Kyoko said uncertainly. "At least they aren't having to look over their shoulders as much for a while." Returning her attention to the kitchen sink, she set to scrubbing the inside of a steel pot as her next task.

"That's not all," Makoto told her. "Nevermind-san has obtained quite a few crates of her country's famous chocolate."

Kyoko stopped scrubbing and closed her eyes. She tried to focus on the last time she'd tasted Novoselic's chocolate, but the lemon scent of the dish soap was overpowering her sensory memory. All the same, she recalled very clearly that it was phenomenal — sweet and a little salty, only faintly bitter. With a sigh, she opened her eyes and said, "Lucky for them."

Makoto smiled knowingly at his fiancée. "Had some of it before?" he guessed.

She looked at him, her eyes burning with intensity. "Oh yes," she confirmed. "A couple of times. Unforgettable times."

Makoto laughed softly. "Yeah, with that in mind," he said, "You should know that her highness has an offer for us."

Kyoko held her breath for a few seconds without realizing it. She felt foolish when she caught herself, but she managed to keep her fleeting shame buried inside. To the eyes of her fiancé, she only seemed momentarily lost in thought before asking, "Oh?"

He took her previous pause as a cue that he, too, could wait a moment before clarifying. The extra time allowed him to consider the best way to explain the princess' proposal. "Essentially, Princess Sonia Nevermind of Novoselic would like an invitation to our wedding. She knows that the world has taken an interest in it, and she's hoping to make an appearance. She wants a platform to present herself and maybe even a guest as reformed, well-meaning former Remnants. In exchange, she'd be willing to give us a significant amount of her small country's remaining stockpile of chocolate."

Kyoko's eyes widened slightly. In a hushed tone, she dared to ask, "How much?"

Makoto smiled and licked his lips a little. "Um. 12 kilograms." At this, Kyoko's jaw fell open. Before she could get completely lost in thoughts of Novoselic chocolate swirling in her morning coffee, however, Makoto took a step back and raised both of his hands. "Now remember," he warned her, "Sonia Nevermind is a wanted international fugitive-"

"-who used her country's resources to commit acts of terrorism across the globe. Yes, I know," Kyoko said quickly, waving one hand dismissively. She snatched a dish towel from the edge of the sink and began to wipe the suds from her scarred hands. "Even so, she might not have a terrible idea here."

"How do you figure?" Makoto said. He was suppressing his desire to laugh, but the grimace on his face made that patently obvious.

"She could serve as a helpful distraction," Kyoko suggested. "We didn't want to be at the center of a media circus anyway."

Makoto giggled. "Yeah, I'm sure having some of the Remnants of Despair show up would be a huge distraction," he agreed sarcastically. "Especially when they're revealed to be our invited guests!"

Kyoko set her jaw. "Fair point," she conceded. "In that case, why not have her Impostor friend come as her Plus-One? Then he can use his talent of disguise to dress her in an incognito fashion, perhaps even teach her to fade into the crowd before the event arrives. They can attend the wedding in secret."

Makoto gave her a sympathetic look. "You know that the Ultimate Impostor's talent extends to his voice, body language, posture and... well, even more. I don't know that he could effectively transfer all of that into another person so easily, even with a few months to do so." He reached out and put a hand on Kyoko's shoulder. "I also think you know how bad it would be if anyone managed to identify the princess." Makoto took a deep breath and added, "Sweetie... I think you're letting your love of chocolate influence your better judgment."

Kyoko folded her arms and glared at him. "You've never even had Novoselic chocolate," she responded, her voice grim. "If you had, you wouldn't be so glib about refusing the offer."

He smiled one of his goofy, sheepish smiles. "Maybe not," he acknowledged. "But is it really worth risking our future over it?"

Kyoko's eyes flitted sideways. Her shoulders slumped a little. "She muttered softly, "I suppose it might not be."

Even in the face of her disappointment, Makoto couldn't but break into disbelieving laughter. He bent over and tried to cease the laughter, but struggled to do so. "You're like... you're like an addict or something?... so desperate for a fix!" he said in-between breaths.

She smiled just a little at the sight of how much he was enjoying this. Maybe it was partly out of guilt that he wasn't wrong, but it was mostly because he was so cute when he laughing. "I'm not actually addicted," she insisted through her smile. "I just recognize quality, and I value it accordingly."

Makoto's laughs trailed off into chuckles. He raised a hand to his cheek in thought, scratching at it idly as he spoke. "Okay, how about this: We can compromise. I'll ask Nevermind-san if we can have maybe four kilograms or so in exchange for telling the media that the gift came from her and assuring them that the present was fully tested for any dangers. Then we tell everybody it was legitimate and delicious, and she gets a smaller PR boost without us having to actually acknowledge her as a friend."

Kyoko's arms unfolded, and her hands fell to her hips. She looked around the room with only her eyes, then finally let herself focus on the man in front of her. With a subtle smile, she agreed, "I suppose that could work out."

"I'm happy you agree," Makoto said, still bearing a huge grin. "I'll call her back in a little while and try to cut a deal."

Suddenly, one of Kyoko's hands darted out. She grabbed Makoto by the shoulder and said seriously, "Makoto?"

"Yeah?" Makoto asked, suddenly worried.

Her eyes narrowed. "Six kilograms."

It's still Naegiri Week 2017. Day four's prompt was "Sweet."