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Story Start!

Most 2 year old were very limited in the things they could do, those two year olds having parents or living in an orphanage surrounded by people who would be more than willing to do things for them and give them care. More 2 year olds were small, fragile, and weak with no ability to survive on their own in a harsh world that was out to get them. Most 2 year olds were not allowed to go into forests filled with deadly animals, poisonous plants, and various other dangers that could prematurely end their short lives.

Most 2 year olds were not Naruto Uzumaki.


A small boy let out a shout of triumph as he ran across a clearing of flowers and into a forest. His speed much faster than anything that most people his age, or even adults, could hope to catch up with. The boy was small, and he was thin, but he had an amount of muscle tone a child should not have. His body lacked any of the fat that would be expected of a child. He moved like a blur across the plants. He wore a green long sleeved shirt, and over that he had on a white shirt with a red spiral on his check. He wore black shorts, and blue sandles.

His hair was a golden blond color, and his eyes were a bright blue. He had a peach colored skin, and on each of his cheeks he had three animalistic whisker marks.

He jumped up over 10 feet into the air and grabbed onto the branch of a tree, smiling the entire way as he did so. He flipped up and put his feet on the tree, before he hopped off and jumped towards another tree. He hopped from tree to tree with practiced ease, moving through the forest with no trouble. When he sae a wolf on the ground, he tossed a rock at the wolf, startling it away from it's meal for a second, before it barked at Naruto. Naruto grinned and laughed at the wolf, before he jumped higher up, climbing up the tree until moments later, his head was sticking out of the top of the tree.

He was surrounded for miles by forest, with a river running through the middle of the forest. A river that he knew was filled with fish.

"Oh?" Naruto asked as he looked at what appeared to be the remains of a boat at the side of the river. He had never seen that before, so he would guess that it was something that happened within the last few days. It hadn't been long since he had last been in the forest... he would say a few days.

"Why don't you check it out?"

"Wah!?" Naruto screamed in shock, as he lost his grip on the tree and started to fall down to the ground. He landed on his head with a hard thump, before yelping and holding onto it. The wolf seeming to find amusement in his pain. Naruto tossed a rock at the wolf and nailed it in it's anus, the wolf yelping and running off to go and dislodge the rock from it's hind end. Naruto looked up at the tree, and he saw nothing there. "Huh?" Naruto asked as he looked around, before he looked in the direction the boat was in.

He shrugged his shoulders, before he got up and dusted himself off. Looking in the direction, he started to make his way towards the crashed boat. He hopped back into the trees, jumping between the branches, startling birds that sat on them. He had a grin on his face the entire way, he noted mushrooms on the ground in several places... mushrooms that he knew he was able to eat from experience.

Not the ones that made his stomach hurt.

Naruto stopped at the edge of the trees, several minutes later, when he came to the spot where he could see the boat. The boat was crashed, and there were wrecked parts of the ship everywhere. The wood was splintered in many places, and while the boat was in bad condition, a skilled worker would be able to make repairs to it so that it could sail again.

"What happened here?" Naruto asked loudly, speaking to himself, when he saw lots of broken boxes filled with clothes, and strange crystals... and jars of weird powder.

"... Help... somebody..."

"Wah!" Naruto shouted out when he heard the sound of somebody calling out for help. The voice was weak, like it was from a person who didn't have much energy, or have just woken up. Naruto looked for the sound of the voice, but they didn't speak up. "Who was that!? Come on out!" Naruto called out, almost demanding, creeped out by voices from people he couldn't see.

"... Over... here..."

Naruto started to rush over to the sound of the voice, and he could see that the only place the voice could come from was from underneath a pile of wood. Naruto went over to the wood, and he peeked between the cracks. He could see a man and a woman underneath the wood, the man was pretty large, and he was using his body to shield the woman under him. He had wood stuck in several places on his body. His shoulders, the backs of his legs, and with one of the shards of wood going through his hand. He was a big man, with skin the same color as Naruto's own. He had pitch black hair, medium length and waved, and thin yellow eyes. He had a thick beard as well. He had on a purple overcoat, chest bare, with thick chest hair, and silver armor on his stomach and left shoulder.

Underneath him was a woman that was injured, but not to the same extent as he was, since he had shielded her from damage.

While the man seemed like he was 7 feet tall, the woman was about 5'6" feet tall at most. She had olive-pale skin, and she too black black hair that was medium length. Her eyes were larger, but just as yellow as the man's eyes were. She wore a black jacket without a left sleeve, that exposed her own chest, which was covered by a white traditional top that exposed cleavage. Her jacket had a long right sleeve, and she had on two arm warners tied around her middle fingers. She had on black hakama pants, with white tabi siocks, slits down each leg of the pants.

"Kitty ears?" Naruto asked as he looked at the two cat ears on her head, two golden piercings on the right ear, and one on the left ear.

"Go and get help... I don't have the strength to keep this up for much longer. No... try and drag Kali out..." The man spoke as he struggled to remain on all fours above the woman, named Kali. He was dripping blood from several places, so more than likely the wreck just happened and he had just saved her life.

Naruto looked at the woman and man.

"I've got you." Naruto said as he grabbed a piece of wood and threw it off of the pile. Naruto grabbed another piece, and continued to throw them off of the couple.

"Ghira, are you okay?" Kali asked with a look at the boy helping them. She saw Ghira nod his head, though he was wincing when he did it. He had blood dripping off of him, so there was no way he was okay physically... but she knew that he was okay, so long as she was okay. "Kid, can you go get help?" Kali asked when she saw the young boy's feet, and she could see out of the cracks in the wood that he was tossing the wood off of the pile.

At this rate, he would tire himself out, and they wouldn't be able to get out. She heard a louder bang as the surprisingly strong boy tossed a larger piece of wood off of the pile.

"... Nobody will help if I ask them." Naruto muttered, for a brief moment anger in his tone, before he smiled again as he started to help the people that were hurt. "Don't worry, Naruto's on the job!" Naruto shouted out loudly to them, pointing to his heart even if they couldn't see what he was doing.

Kali blinked, and Ghira exchanged a look.

Naruto... as in fishcakes? Or Naruto, as in the rare type of oranges that were actually rather tasty? Well, either way his name would imply either the color white, or the color orange. Ghira winced when more weight was added to the pile.

"Raaaaaaah!" Naruto screamed as he started to push the heaviest of the wood off of the pile. His gave a shout of pain when a nail cut into the palm of his hand, slicing across it. Naruto didn't give up, and he hit his shoulder against the wood. He used all of his... not very much weight and slammed himself into the wood. He pushed it a little, but not off of the pile all of the way. Naruto jumped off of the pile, before he started to run away.

Kali watched his feet running towards the forest.

"He left..." Kali whispered to Ghira with a sad look in her eyes.

They both froze when they heard the roar of a bear, and a large bear if the deepness of the roar was anything to go by. Kali, Ghira didn't have a crack nearby he could peek through, saw Naruto's feet running towards them with an angry bear's paws chasing after the small child. Naruto jumped over the pile of wood, while the bear tried to jump over the wood, and smashed through it. The entire stack of wood knocked off of Ghira as several hundred pounds barrelled through it.

"Hahaha! Come and get me dumb bear!" Naruto turned around and spanked his butt, getting the attention of the bear away from Kali and Ghira. Ghira rolled off of Kali, and she sat up and watched in shock as Naruto taunted the bear into chasing him into the woods. Naruto jumped into the thickness of the woods, and the bear chased after him.

"Kid!" Kali called out with worry in her voice.

The kid was in danger because he tried to help them, they had to do something! Ghira got up to his feet, and prepared to go chase down the bear and Naruto, before he groaned and fell down onto his butt. Light headed from a lack of energy, lack of food, and a little from how much blood he had lost adding into it all.

The howls of a wolf could be heard, and the roar of a bear was heard as well. Naruto came running back towards them, a grin on his face as he got to them. Bear no longer on his trail as he stopped in front of them.

"You're okay... Thank you for freeing us. Oh, you're a faunus like us. Ghira, he's a faunus... what kind of faunus are you?" Kali asked Naruto with a small smile on her face. She could guess what Naruto had done. He had led the bear into a pack of wolfs, and then with those jumping skills she had seen him do, he had escaped while the bear and wolfs got into it.

He had quite the trickster's mind.

"... Eh? Come on with me, I'll get you something to eat! I found some mushrooms awhile back, we can grab them and then go to my home!" Naruto grabbed onto Ghira and Kali's hands and pulled them. Kali stood up, and with her assistance Ghira was able to stand up as well. His larger frame supported by her much smaller frame in a surprising amount of strength from Kali's thin form. "Oh, what's a Faunus?" Naruto asked a moment later, and Kali blinked in surprise.

She looked at Ghira, who was just as surprised as she was. The boy was clearly a faunus like the two of them were. He had the whisker marks of a cat or a fox, he had the facial structure of a fox, and he had the eyes of an animal as well. The boy had the personality of a cat or fox, and he had the smell of an animal as well like they had.

How could he not notice that?

He walked in front of them, since they weren't able to jump like him at the moment. Lots of adults couldn't catch him in speed or jumping ability after he had pulled off a prank or two.

"A Faunus is what you are. Your parents never told you?" Ghira asked with a raised eyebrow. The boy was seemingly 2 years old, there was no way his parents hadn't told him about his heritage.

"... I don't have a Mommy or Daddy." Naruto whispered after a few moments of silence.

Ghira suddenly felt like a piece of shit for stepping on that landmine. Kali's ears drooped lower as she thought of such a cheerful boy not having parents. She reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. She wanted to comfort the boy a little.

"You must have been raised by some human relatives... one of your parents might have been human then." Kali spoke, trying to make sense of why he was alone. He had to be raised by somebody. The boy spoke better than any young child she had ever seen, his sentences complete in structure, and they spoke well of his thoughts.

Ghira looked at the boy with pity.

"I've... always been alone. I don't have a family... Oh, the mushrooms!" Naruto shouted as he took off the top layer of his shirt and ran towards mushrooms on the ground. He started to pick them, and he tied off the bottom of his shirt, and used it as a makeshift bag to carry the mushrooms in. He picked each and every mushroom on the ground, before he slung the shirt over his shoulder, mushrooms inside. "So lady, what's a faunus?" Naruto asked again, since he never got his question answer.

Ghira took in a breath.

"Faunus are people like us, who have animal traits. Like Kali with her Cat ears, or myself with my... well nevermind that. You have your whisker marks... We have animal in our DNA you could say... DNA as in it's in our body." Ghira realized he might have spoke too smart for a child to understand, so he dumbed down what he said.

Naruto tilted his head, before he looked back at them.

"Huh?" Naruto asked, still not understanding them.

"We're animal-like people." Kali simplified it as much as possible without being offensive to her own species. They were animal people, though they hated being treated like animals. Kali continued to walk behind Naruto, before he turned around and walked backwards, looking at Kali and Ghira with a smile that broke their hearts.

A child with no family, smiling at them with such purity, was something that they could never forget.

"That's so cool! Do you like mushroom soup? I like it, and I love ramen... do you like ramen?" Naruto asked with his head tilting further, the smile never leaving his face.

People were talking nicely to him, of course he was happy.

"Ramen tastes good, but I'm not a fan of mushrooms." Ghira spoke out his preferences. Kali nudged him when she saw Naruto look down. He was gathering the mushrooms for them to eat after all. "Of course, if you make it I'm sure it will be tasty." Ghira corrected himself, and his wife gave him a look of approval for his correction.

No need to make the kid feel bad.

"So, where are you from? I'm from the Hidden Leaf Village... we'll be there in a few minutes." Naruto brought up, since he didn't really recognize their clothes.

"Hidden Leaf Village... that's..." Kali looked at Ghira, who was shaking his head in confusion. He had never heard of such a place either. Not to mention he had yet to see a single grimm around, they should have come across one by now. Naruto didn't know or understand what a faunus was, which was strange in it's own right. "Did that man do something to us?" Kali whispered to Ghira.

Ghira nodded his head.

They had allowed an odd man to get on their boat, and during their sail to Vale, they had come across a strange storm. The storm had been tough, so tough that they barely noticed when their boat crashed and a flash of light made their vision leave them for a moment.

Now they were here.

"We are from Menagerie, we are on a trip to Vale." Ghira spoke.

Kali stopped walking, her eyes widened in astonishment when she saw a beautiful side. Ghira stopped as well, and his own eyes widened. They were stopped in front of a village, a village so large that it stretched on for miles, and it was surrounded by a huge wall. There were thousands upon thousands of buildings, and the city was blended in with nature.

"This is my special spot. This is the Hokage Mom... Monu... Monument." Naruto said after a moment, and he tapped the ground with his foot.

Kali gasped when she saw that they were standing on top of four heads carved into the side of a mountain. Ghira was stunned at the beauty of the village, the forest behind the mountain was so close to the village. Naruto started to walk to a staircase that would lead them down the mountain, and they joined him.

"It's so beautiful." Ghira muttered when he saw the sights before him.

Kali had no words to describe it.

They followed Naruto all the way to the bottom of the stairs. They didn't say a word to him, he was just happily humming as they walked passed people. The people gave them looks of confusion as they passed by. Kali noted that she only passed by humans, not a single faunus around them. The people gave her cat ears a strange look, but only briefly.

"It's the boy, the monster." An elderly woman whispered to another elderly woman, their gossip loud enough for them to hear.

"That woman is quite beautiful, what is she doing with the fox-child?" The woman whispered back.

Okay, Kali was confused now. This didn't sound like racism to her, those weren't the words of a faunus hater. Ghira was just as confused as she was, but at the same time, he believed that maybe people were assuming that Kali's ears were fake, seeing as she also had human ears at the sides of her head.

'It's like they hate him.' Kali thought when she noticed Naruto's smile turn upside down when they passed by more people.

'They either ignore him... or they glare at him with such intense hatred. The boy has been nothing but helpful to us. Who could curse such an innocent child?' Ghira questioned the actions of those around him. This was an odd case in his mind. The people clearly didn't hate himself or Kali, they were confused and suspicious why they were with Naruto, but they weren't showing any hate towards them

One of the people even approached them, stopping in front of Naruto, and blocking their path.

"Listen, you two must be new. You are going to want to avoid the boy. Just a friendly warning." The person advised them, and Kali looked purely offended by what the man said. She would have told him off then and there, if he didn't turn and walk away from them at that moment. She would have chased after him to give him a piece of her mind, but she had to support Ghira seeing as he couldn't move very well.

Naruto looked down at the ground, before he turned his head.

Kali placed a hand down on his head.

"Don't listen to them, you're a good boy. If I had a child, I wish they could be just like you." Kali praised Naruto, and he gave her a brilliant smile that she had never seen before. This wasn't a happy smile... this was the smile of a person, who for the first time in their life, had recieved a kind word from others.

Kali sent Ghira a look and she pointed her finger at Naruto's smile as he turned around, and with a skip in his step led them to his home.

"Lets go!" Naruto shouted out as he walked faster towards where his apartment was.

-Several Minutes Later-

'This is... a home.' Ghira thought as Kali helped him up the steps to the top of an apartment building, that had a small addition to it. It was the only apartment on the floor they were on. It was clearly added onto the building recently, and didn't match the rest of the building. It was like it was built just for Naruto... to isolate him from everyone else. 'They treat the boy like a criminal... and outcast. What's worse, I haven't seen a single faunus... I'm sure the boy would have been adopted if there was another faunus.' Ghira thought to himself, while Naruto opened the door.

The apartment was modest, they could see that much as they walked inside. Naruto took his shoes off at the door, so Kali slipped her sandles off, and Ghira did the same, as they walked into his apartment.

Naruto went right to a portable water boiler with a pot on it, and he turned it on so that he could boil the water inside of it. Naruto started to put mushrooms in the water with a smile on his face.

"I'll get you both back up to full health, I promise!" Naruto declared as he gave them a thumbs up.

Kali helped Ghira sit down, before she sat down nearby and looked at Naruto. Her hand went to her stomach for a second, and she gave Ghira a longing look, and she directed that look at Naruto, so let him know.

"Kali... You can't be thinking-" Ghira was stopped when Kali rushed over to Naruto, and she scooped him up in a big hug.

Ghira palmed his face.

He approved of what Kali was doing. She was the most compassionate person that he knew, other than this boy he just met. She was going to adopt the child into their growing family, and then when they met with the man who sent them... to wherever this was, she was going to take Naruto with them back to their room. She was going to give this boy the family he deserved... and in 10 years from now the boy wouldn't even remember a time when he was alone. Children often forgot what their lives were like when they were 2 years old.

She wanted to convince this boy, loathed by his home, to sneak away and come with them, and join their family.

"You know, I could be your Mommy. Ghira could be your Daddy... and my future daughter-" Kali started.

"Son, we are having a boy and his name will be Blake." Ghira corrected her. They didn't know the gender of the child in Kali's stomach, but Ghira was betting on boy. He had already decided the name and everything. Kali sent him a quick hiss, before she snuggled Naruto's face against her own.

"Daughter will be your little sister. We will take you away to our home, and we can be a family... do you want to join our family?" Kali asked Naruto as she held him close to herself.

At first, when she met the boy, she was thankful to him. She felt sad for him when she learned that he had no family to call his own... but when she saw that his village hated him... just for being different, she knew what she had to do something. She imagined what it would be like if her unborn child were to be in Naruto's situation, and it broke her heart. She couldn't find it in her heart to not adopt the little boy so desperately seeking approval and love.

Naruto was just stunned, and he looked at Ghira, who nodded his head.

"I agree with Kali, and I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn't help you. You are a good boy, and you need a loving family. We already have a child on the way... We can give you the love you deserve. I would be happy to call you my son... So what do you say?" Ghira asked Naruto, wanting to hear it from the boy's own lips.

Naruto just blinked in shock.

His shocked change into anger.

His anger changed into sadness.

Finally, his sadness changed into pure joy as he returned Kali's hug at full force. The full range of emotions on his face had been a surprise for Ghira, but he could understand where Naruto's emotions were coming from. Naruto was shocked that somebody was willing to love him, angry that it took somebody from outside his home village to love him, sadness when he realized that only somebody not from his home would love him, and finally happiness that he now had somebody willing to love him.

"Perfect, well, now that you are a happy family, I better send you back to your home."

"You!" Ghira shouted when he saw the man that had sent them to this place in the first place. The man was sitting in the middle of the table, having appeared out of thin air.

There was a flash of light, and the man was gone.

When the light was gone, Ghira looked around and saw that... he was back in his living room. Not only that, but both Kali and Naruto were nearby as well, both of them still wrapped up in an embrace. Only the two of them were asleep, as if the light had knocked them out, and on the nearby couch. Ghira looked at saw that there was a note on the table, so picking it up, he read it.

Thank you Ghira, Kali, for becoming Naruto's family. We are sure that you will be great for him. On the table is a scroll for him when he becomes of age.
Signed, The Man with Ten Tails and The Silent Kind of the Underworld.
P.S. Fill Naruto's heart with love, it is the secret to unlocking his untapped power.

Chapter End!
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Naruto's whisker marks are genetic.
Yes, he got them from the fact that Kushina was the Jinchuriki while she was pregnant with him, but Hinata was NOT a Jinchuriki when she was pregnant with Boruto and Himawari, and they inherited his Whisker Marks. That means they got it from Naruto through his genetics.
Naruto has a Genetic Animal Trait.
Naruto has the Personality matching his Animal Trait (Fox)
Naruto has Looks Matching his Animal Trait (Fox)
By the Standards of the RWBY-verse, Naruto is a Faunus.