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"It's nice to be back home."

Naruto smiled as he looked at the overcrowdeded streets of Menagerie, though he was drawing some eyes. Well, he would have drawn those anyway seeing as he was quite popular amongst his people. He was well known as the next Chief of his people, and he was also known as a very kind and friendly person in general. Then again, the reason why he was being looked at, at the moment was very different.

He had two humans with him.

"It would be easy to-" Emerald was stopped when Naruto gave her a look.

"You will put those hands in those tight pockets. Menagerie is off limits for pick-pocketing. Got it?" Naruto asked her, knowing that by seeing so many people Emerald's inner thief wanted to come out and go wild. Emerald clicked her teeth, but she nodded her head as she placed both of her hands in her pockets to show that she wouldn't steal from anyone. "... Stop using your Semblence to make it look like your hands are in your pockets." Naruto stated with a twitching eyebrow.

Emerald clicked her teeth a second time and stopped using her Semblence, showing her hands out of her pockets, before she put them back in.

Cinder would have smirked in some humor, but she didn't find her situation very funny.

"So we drop her by the police... where are they... Where is my wallet?" Emerald asked when she realized that her wallet wasn't in her pocket. She started to pat herself down when she realized that at some point, somebody had pick pocketed her. She started to look around for the source of the theft with a shocked expression on her face. "Wait... Did I just get my stuff robbed?" Emerald questioned with shock.

Naruto gave her a raised eyebrow.

"Payback's a bitch... Anyway, with how crowded things get around here, good luck finding it." Naruto told Emerald as he started on his way towards his house. He dragged Cinder around behind him. "Say anything to my parents, and I'll knock out a tooth for every word you say." Naruto told Cinder with his eyes narrowed dangerously. Cinder growled at him with just the most nasty look of hate in her eyes.

She really hated this boy, more than she hated anyone else.

Emerald glared into the crowd of people as she followed Naruto, everyone giving her strange looks, but then looking towards Naruto with admiration in their eyes. She looked between Naruto and the people, wondering why they seemed to have so much respect for him. She respected Naruto a lot as well, but these people seemed to have a different kind of respect for him than she did.

Emerald gave a young child who looked guilty a hateful look, but she followed Naruto as he walked with Cinder in toe anyway.

"... So where the hell do you live anyway?" Emerald asked as she looked around the many packed buildings.

Naruto pointed towards the largest building in the entire village, and Emerald's jaw dropped. Cinder had her eyebrows up as well, surprised that Naruto's family was able to afford such a thing. Emerald looked at Naruto with a jaw dropped, before she forced her hands into her pockets deeper than before.

This was going to be hard for her to control herself.

"Lets drop her off then... Oh, and your list of crimes is attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, and I'm sentencing you to life in jail..." Naruto told Cinder, whose mood became even worse when she realized she wasn't escaping this easily. Naruto dragged her along behind him, and they walked towards the only building in the area made out of stone. There were two heavily armed faunus, a bull and a monkey, standing at attention.


In unison they saluted Naruto as Naruto pushed Cinder towards them, and the monkey faunus grabbed onto her in surprise. He looked at Naruto with some surprise, and Naruto glanced at the bull faunus.

"She's dangerous, lock her up nice and tight. Make sure she doesn't escape Onix." Naruto told the bull cop Onix, and the man nodded as he and his partner began to lead Cinder into the building dutifully. They didn't question their soon-to-be chief in the slightest. "... Now that, that is taken care of, off to my house!" Naruto said with excitement as he raised a fist up, giddy to be back home, even if it was only for the day, and a night after.

Emerald nodded, kind of happy to be able to sleep in a house for once, since they had been camping for a good long while now.

-Minutes Later-

"... This is intimidating." Emerald pointed out as they stood in front of the large doors to Naruto's home. The doors were huge, and as Naruto knocked, the large resounding noise it made just made her stiffen up. They had to wait awhile for anyone to answer, Naruto wondered if anyone was home, before he shrugged his shoulders and reached to open the door himself.

His home, why bother knocking?

Of course, the second that started to happen, the door opened and his mother came out with a smile on her face. She looked at Naruto, and her smile changed to a surprised look as she walked forward and wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey Mom." Naruto returned the hug with a grin.

"Oh Naruto, I'm so glad to see you... your father isn't home right now... come in, come in... and I see you brought a guest!... A cute guest too." Kali examined Emerald closer when she saw just how cute the girl was. Kali wasn't bothered by the fact Emerald was a human, but she was bothered by the way that Emerald sent her a weird look, though she didn't let her bother her too much.

'... Naruto got her laid backness.' Emerald thought when she saw how easily Kali invited her into the home.

Naruto nudged Emerald into the house.

"So where is the old man?" Naruto asked his mother as he followed her towards the living room. "Actually, where is Blake? I'm surprised she didn't answer the door." Naruto brought up, considering Blake was a book worm who would spend all day in their room if given the choice.

"Ghira took Blake to Vale to meet with Professor Ozpin. Ghira wants to start up a Huntsmen training school here... and needs advice. He wants her to see how politics works so that she can lead the White Fang better when he passes it down to her. You've always been rather good with politics, so you never needed these lessons." Kali pointed out to Naruto as they reached the living room, and Naruto saw books on the floor, and everything was slightly messy. Kali blushed and started to pick up her books, and place them neatly on the table. "Sorry... I had the house to myself." Kali had wanted to make the day a "her" day since nobody else would be there.

She would gladly trade that to see her son again, though she did notice that he seemed to be a little, well she wasn't sure.

More experienced?

"Don't clean up on my account, mess doesn't bother me." Emerald spoke up to Kali, who continued to pick up all of her books.

"Mom, this is Emerald, Emerald, this is my mom Kali Belladonna." Naruto introduced the two, something he realized he should have done at the door. "Why does dad want to build a training school?" Naruto asked with a surprised look on his face. He had been trying to get his father to have one of those built in Menagerie for years now since he learned about the other schools.

If they could train better warriors, then they could expand their borders into the desert, though it would be harsh territory, it was still territory they could use. Not to mention they would be better protected from the Grimm, and they could use their more fertile lands for farming, and they could use the desert lands for building housing for those who could handle the heat better than others.

"Color me surprised, he was always so stubborn about this issue. I guess he just saw the value in the idea... that woman did talk with him about it." Kali mentioned a woman in passing. She remembered Ghira going into his office with a woman, and they had stayed there all day talking to each other about... whatever, she didn't catch everything. She had been doing housework, and when it came to business, she didn't usually listen in anyway.

A woman?

"Did you catch a name?" Naruto asked, and Kali smiled a little uncomfortably.

"Raven Branwen, she was kind of scary to be honest. Really young look, I could barely believe that she is only a few years younger than I am. She is the leader of some bandit tribe... they are actually on the outskirts of Menagerie right now, helping expand out borders... your father worked out some kind of deal with Raven." Kali mentioned with a confused look, since she didn't exactly know what kind of deal had been worked out. All she knew that Naruto was involved with it in some way, and Ghira wasn't willing to talk about what he had promised Raven.

He said she would be angry with him if he told her, and while she was annoyed he didn't tell her, she was glad he was thinking of her feelings.

Emerald's fist clenched.

"Bandits?" Naruto asked with surprise.

"I was surprised too, I mean, apparently they've done some really nasty things... but if they work to help make living on Menagerie easier, your father is willing to ignore their past crimes... I don't understand a lot of it... but if it helps our people move forward, your father is willing to make difficult choices." Kali loved that trait of her husband, but at the same time hated it. He made logical choices, and while he was a very emotional and loving man, he would always put aside his personal feelings and do what had to be done... so long as it didn't concern his family itself.

Naruto put some thought into it.

"... I can see another plus side to the bandits... If they are here, helping us... then they won't be hurting anyone else... This is a win-win for everyone." Naruto mentioned, a large smile on his face.

Everyone could win!

The other Kingdoms wouldn't have to worry about the bandits, and new villages that would have been attacked by the bandits, could survive longer. Not to mention they would have a work force to help defend their kingdom, and extend their borders into, and hopefully one day, beyond the desert. With the bandits, they would be able to establish a huntsmen academy, and with that they would be able to groom even more powerful warriors... and not just more powerful, but more of them.

"... Huh?" Emerald asked Naruto with a confused look.

This all confused her.

"Menagerie is mostly desert, but not like in Vacuo... The grimm in Menagerie are bigger, harsher, and there are more breed here. We don't have the manpower to go into the desert and expand out land easily... now we have the power to expand, and with this expansion we can get more power to expand even more." Naruto explained it to her in the way he understood it. To expand your borders was the goal or any nation, so that overpopulation didn't become an issue.

Menagerie was already overpopulated for it's small size, and that was causing problems with food shortages for some people. This was easy to solve with the fact as an island nation, they mostly went fishing for their cuisine. Their diet was mostly seafood, since growing crops was a bit of a problem sometimes.

"I'll prepare the guest room for you Emerald, please make yourself at home. I'll also go make dinner." Kali got up and smiled at the teenagers. "Blake and Ghira will be back late tomorrow, how long are you two staying?" Kali asked, and Naruto waved his hand.

"I just came to drop something off, and pick up my weapon. We were going to leave tomorrow... about noonish." Naruto answered her, and she nodded her head. "If I miss the boat, we are going to be here for another week before the next one comes." Naruto explained further, and Kali smiled.

So her goal was to make sure Naruto missed his boat?

Sounds easy enough.

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