I felt like I was being stretched, squished, burnt, frozen, expanded, shrunk, destroyed, created, thrown and pulled all at the same time. I screamed in fear of what was happening in this sea of red that was constantly changing course. I felt like I was spinning, until all of a sudden I was spat out, hitting the ground hard before rolling a few meters away. When I looked back at where I had been, I saw that large red gash again before it flickered out of existence. Slowly I tried to get up, but my whole body hurt, especially the part that got hit by the car. Thank goodness it hit my bag I thought. I slowly tilt my head around me, while staying on the floor. Where was I? I certainly wasn't in the same town as I had been in before. I was on the edge of a forest for crying out loud! But that was impossible. I tried to recall what had led up to this point; it could help determine where I was, how I got here, or just check to see if I had a concussion. Okay. So, I had been walking home from school after the football match. I saw, and then ran, from those thugs. I got hit by the car. I fell into that red… thing. I fell, or was it flew? Anyway, I went through the red stuff, and then I landed here. But how could I be here? Was it that red stuff? Where was here? I groaned as I started to push myself upwards into a sitting position. I took a better look around myself. I was definitely on the edge of a forest, which still made no sense, and not too far away from me was a small village. It looked like those villages they show in history lessons, with the wooden homes, the inns, the people walking around with swords. There was smoke coming from the chimneys, and… wait. The smoke wasn't coming from the chimneys. And those men walking around with swords? They weren't walking. They were running. Sprinting, even. Some towards the source of the smoke, and some away from the smoke. Those without any weapons were mainly running away, or trying to find somewhere to hide, or were simply crying in the middle of the cobbled street. Just what have I gotten myself into?

I put my hand on a tree and slowly pulled myself up. Once I was on two feet, I slowly began to limp my way closer, keeping a hand on my right side, which still hurt like hell from getting hit by the car. As I slowly trudged closer, the sounds of what must have been fighting got quieter. The village felt more like a ghost town with every passing moment, and I began to sweat buckets from the fear and anticipation I was feeling. I crept into the settlement, only to see the collapsed buildings I hadn't been able to see from further away. Against my better judgement, I moved further into the town, trying to stay as quiet as possible. As I crept further into the town, I saw a puddle and looked at the reflection of myself inside it. My clothes had gotten slightly muddy from my landing (I still don't know where I am, or just how I got there), but I also took a good look at my face. I could just make out my white, curly hair in the muddy water. And when I say white, I don't mean blond. I mean white. Like, Danny Phantom white (search it up). My brown skin was a little bruised (yes, I have brown skin and white hair, it's weird), with a couple of scratches, but what surprised me were my eyes. They had completely changed colour. What was before a caramel brown was now a sky blue. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeing things clearly, or maybe it was to rub away the blue. It changed nothing. Deciding to ignore that for now, I continued to walk through the village, keeping low and quiet.

As I turned a corner, however, I saw something that made me freeze. It looked like a bear, but it just wasn't. Its skin was the darkest black I had ever seen, with bone plating covering most of its back, with a few patches here and there unarmoured. It had claws as long as my wrist to fingertip, and to be honest, I was glad I couldn't see its face. I slowly crept past the alleyway it was in, while it casually lumbered in the other direction. Trying to keep my breath calm in case I had an asthma attack (yes, I have asthma, and having an asthma attack now could kill me), I kept searching. I wasn't consciously sure of what I was looking for until I saw it. Survivors. I saw a little girl, no more than 7 years old, lying underneath the steps leading up to a building. I quickly limped over to her, ducking underneath the steps as well to check on her condition. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her breathing, and then moved her to check for any other injuries. There didn't seem to be anything too worrying, just a couple minor scrapes and bruises, nothing she couldn't wake up from. I've got to get her out of here I thought. But how? I couldn't exactly carry her out, especially if that black thing came after them. He peeked out from his cover and saw a small, hay-covered wheelbarrow that would be large enough to carry her in. Perfect. Ilooked left and right, before dragging her over and placing her into the cart, then placing my sports bag next to her. With a bit of struggle I managed to lift up the wheelbarrow and started leaving the village the same way I had arrived. The sooner I could leave that place, the better.

However, when I glanced back at her after hearing her shuffle, I noticed something strange. Is that a tail? I must not have noticed it in my hurry to look for injuries. Wait, she even has cat ears? I cast one last looks at her. She had long red hair, upon which two cat ears sat. Her facial features were soft, and she looked kinda nice, breathing in and out softly. She was wearing a white shirt, with a large black line going through the middle, and a black collar. Kinda like Ben 10. She was wearing black, loose trousers, and black shoes. I decided not to focus on that for now. I can ask her about this stuff later. I continued on the path we were on, thinking of just how I could have gotten here, and where I might be. My stomach rumbled. And what to eat. And where to sleep. And just what to do if that bear thing decides to make an appearance. Tomorrow couldn't come soon enough in my opinion.