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Made For Each Other-Return of Past


Kuon's heart clenched painfully as he watched the love of his life crying silently. He didn't know that another terminal shock was awaiting them or else he would never have thought of visiting Kyoto. Sadness clashed inside the heaviness of his heart as he sat there beside her and held her tight, trying to comfort her but nothing worked and he knew that nothing would.

"Kyoko…." he called out softly, trailing off as he didn't know what to say. She kept sobbing as she stared at her father's gravestone.

His heart ached at the sight of his broken wife. She didn't deserve another wound. She deserved to be happy however, fate decided to be cruel to her again by revealing another shocking truth of her mother's death to rub stinging salt over her still fresh wounds.

She wasn't over her father's grief yet when another graved shock decided to pour over her.

They went to visit Fuwa Family to find some clues about Kyoko's mother only to discover the news of her death.

Kyoko was heartbroken when Fuwa Yayoi sadly revealed everything once she found out about Kyouske's death and apologized to Kyoko for being silent for years as she was only keeping her promise she made to her friend.

Mogami Saena had died within a month after leaving Kyouske and was found dead in her apartment by Fuwa Yayoi, Sho's mother but she kept it all to herself and didn't utter a word to Kyouske since it was Saena's last wish that she'd left behind in a letter.

Fuwa Yayoi had been in contact with Saena. She'd visited her often and tried to support her, to look after her as a friend but nothing worked to bring her back to life. She was too heartbroken to feel lively. Her depression and sorrow dragged her out of hope and caused her demise. She fell seriously sick only to embrace death.

"Kyoko please don't cry…." Kuon begged trying to wipe her tears, although he knew he was being stupid. There was no way she would stop crying now, not when her whole world had destroyed back to back.

She didn't speak and kept her eyes fixed at the gravestone as tears kept coming.

It hurt him so much when she didn't pay attention to him but he couldn't complain. It really was too much for her to bear. First her father and then her mother. She'd lost them both. She'd lost her beloved family. She'd lost her mother before she could even meet her.

"Please love, don't cry" he placed her head on his shoulder and stroked her hair.

She cried holding onto him as he consoled her gently. "He's watching over you. You have his heart. He's alive inside of you. If you cried, he'd be sad" he whispered, although he himself was falling apart.

That unexpected blow was too much to take. He feared losing her smile. He feared losing her to grief but there was nothing he could do to repair her damage. Parents' affection was irreplaceable. He knew that even his own father would never be able to substitute Kyouske's love in her heart. Their bond was unbreakable.

She cried, letting it all out. She sobbed violently and stabbed his heart with each of her broken sigh. He dried her tears away, only to see another layer of thick droplets dropping out of her eyes.

"I am sorry. I am helpless against law of nature sweetheart. I am mortal who doesn't hold any power to control life or death. You have to accept it. I know it's hard but you have to be strong. You have to move on. There's nothing we can do to bring them back to life but at least they are together up there. Nothing can break them apart anymore. They are with you in your heart, praying for you and watching over you from heaven." Kuon said as he embraced her tightly and rubbed her back to soothe her ceaseless pain.

She sobbed and hiccuped hysterically, hammering his heart. "I failed him. I destroyed my own family. I couldn't bring her to his grave. I couldn't fulfill my promise. I couldn't meet her. She's already dead…" Broken words came out of her mouth and his heart stopped beating.

"It's not your fault. It was inevitable Kyoko." Kuon said and recalled Rick's death. His eyes flooded with tears. It's so hard to get over the death of your loved one.

"Father left her for my sake. He chose me over mother. I destroyed their happy family. My existence broke them apart. He gave me his name and brought me up but lost his true happiness in return." she hiccuped, soaking his jacket as tears refused to stop.

His grip on her tightened. I don't know what to say. Please Kyoko don't cry. It hurts.

"It's not like that. You didn't do anything. Fate was just being mean to them and tested them too much" He kissed her head and helped her get up.

"C'mon love, let's go home. It's getting late." his strong hands supported her devastated form and led her out of graveyard as they moved towards his car. Sensei, please pray for her. She needs strength to go on with life. I promise, I'll love her till my last breath. You don't have to worry. Rest in peace and watch over us.


"How's she doctor?" Sho asked approaching him hurriedly as he came out of operating room.

"She's fine. We managed to pump the pills out of her system in time. She'll be back on her heels shortly. You can see her in a bit after we shift her to her room"

Sho sighed in relief and nodded.

Although he hated Mimori to death for manipulating him but he wasn't heartless. He rushed to hospital when he received a call from her father, telling him about her suicidal attempt.

"And what about the baby?" he asked in panic.

The doctor looked at him in confusion. "Baby…?" he frowned. "I am sorry but I think you're mistaken."

Sho looked at the doctor confusingly. "She's pregnant with my baby" he told him.

"I am sorry but she isn't pregnant" the doctor confirmed and Sho's eyes turned red.

His words fell like a bomb over Sho. His blood froze. He looked at the doctor like he was hearing things.

"W-What? How can this be?" Sho asked as felt his world spinning around him.

"I am professional medical doctor Sir, I know. I assure you that she isn't pregnant" The doctor declared and excused himself.

Sho went pale. He didn't know whether to cry or throw up. His head hurt. His heart hurt. She'd tricked him into everything. She'd made him look like a fool.

She was nothing but fraud, woman full of evil.

She was never pregnant and yet she'd managed to make him believe in her deception.

"Nanokura Mimori….." Sho said through gritted teeth. "You'll pay for this. I'll expose your wickedness publicly. I thought you really were pregnant so I was going easy on you. I never tried to harm you in any way even though you were so mean to me because you're woman but now I won't spare you any mercy. You'll rot in hell of loneliness and regret for the rest of your life" his knuckles turned white as he fumed out his hatred.

Fake woman! Beyond evil! Heartless B*****! You played with my life. You humiliated me. You tricked me over and over again. You manipulated me. You took Kyoko away from me. You broke us apart. You tried to kill her! Because of your evilness and heated jealousy, Kyoko lost her father! How could I've been so mindless? No wonder you never showed any signs of pregnancy because you never had a baby! DAMN IT ALL! I'll make you regret for being born, you crazy woman!

He turned to glare at her father who stumbled backwards at the intensity of his steaming anger. "You raised your daughter to play with people's life? Shame on you!" Sho roared carelessly. "If she was burning in heat, you could have bought a dog for her. You're nothing but an irresponsible father!"

He didn't care if he was in hospital or if he had company. He didn't care when people around him stopped to throw him suspicious looks.

"Keep your voice down" the older man tried to calm him down but he shoved him away. "Mr. Nanokura, I won't be silent. I'll exploit your daughter and expose her in front of everyone. I wonder how Japan will react after I reveal her true nature?!" Sho smiled wickedly when he saw his ghostly face.

"H-How much money do you need to keep quiet? Don't ruin her reputation. I am ready to do anything to pay for her mistakes. Just don't hurt her." he offered Sho as he tried to make him sit down but he pushed himself away and growled in disgust. "Covering up your daughter's faults? No wonder she went too far because your reckless love turned her into spoiled kid."

"I..." he tried to explain himself but Sho brushed it off.

"You can't buy me Mr. Nanokura. It's payback time. Your daughter deserves to die but I won't kill her. I'll kill her desire to live. I will break her mask of innocence and let the whole Japan see who she really is. I'm sure they'll idolize their favorite actress properly." Sho smirked and turned to leave.

Mimori's father followed him. "Don't do this….I…" he swallowed hard but Sho didn't pay attention and pushed pass him as he continued walking away.

"It's too late old man. The trigger's already been pulled. You can't save her from my wrath. Wait for her destruction. Save your tears for later. So long!" Sho said over his shoulder and left the stunned old man behind.


Kyoko woke up from her sleep feeling suffocated. She was able to feel tremendous weight that was upon her. She attempted to push that crushing weight off of her but it didn't work. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked around and found herself wrapped in Kuon's arms.

His warm breathing tingled her face.

She blushed when she remembered how he'd consoled her all night gently and let her cry when they returned home. He truly was an angel in disguise of human being. She felt luckiest having him as her husband who stood by her unconditionally during her difficult times.

Blushing again, she tried to pull herself out of his strong grasp but he moved closer and nuzzled his nose into her neck. Her soft and slim frame was no match for his mountainous muscular form. Although she wanted to stay in his arms forever, but she had to get up and prepare breakfast.

After about ten minutes of wiggling and squirming, she was able to break free her arm that was trapped under his strong ones but it had fallen asleep due to lack of blood circulation. She waited for the feeling and coordination to return to her arm and made good use of it to shove herself out of his deadly hold but all in vain.

He grumbled and pulled her closer. "Where are you going?" he asked groggily, with his eyes still closed as he breathed in her scent.

Her cheeks turned hot. "Need to get up. Time to make breakfast. You need to leave for an early meeting remember?" she said softly.

"I don't want to leave you when you're so depressed. I am taking the day off" he said as he opened his eyes to look at her.

Kyoko smiled. "I'm okay. I am sorry I made you worried but I am fine now. You don't have to skip work. It's important." she said kissing his cheek.

"Are you sure?" he asked in concern.

She nodded. "Go freshen up. I'll make breakfast" she reassured him, smiling at him brightly. "I am perfectly fine. Thanks for lending me your shoulder to cry on" she sighed in content when he leaned in to peck her lips softly. "Anything for you Kyoko" he chucked enjoying her adorable blush. He rolled over and climbed off of bed as he dragged himself towards the bathroom to take a quick shower and start his day while Kyoko grabbed a nice pair of clothes from her closet and went to use guest room washroom.


"Kuon, breakfast is ready hurry up" she called out once she was done setting the table but her stupid husband used his meeting as an excuse to skip meal again.

"Sorry, Kyoko don't have time. I'll eat something in the office. I Promise. Got to go now" He kissed her head and before Kyoko could say anything he ran off and was out of the door in a flash.

Kyoko stared after him in surprise.

"This man! Always trying to skip meals! I don't know how he gained so much weight with his current eating habits." She shook her head and smiled then sighed when she saw that she forgot to give him his bento.

"He'll turn me crazy. Now, I'll have to visit his office and feed him lunch myself." Kyoko thought as she sat down and dug into her breakfast.


"Drive fast" Sarah ordered her driver as she leaned against her back seat and sighed deeply.

"Yes Ma'am" the older man in his early 40s nodded and picked up the pace.

"I'm back. I can't wait to see you again Kuon. My heart is pounding madly." She said to herself as she looked out the window and let her thoughts drift to Kuon.

"He'd be shocked to see me again. I can't wait to see that surprised look on his face"

"We are here Ma'am" She heard her driver's voice as he stopped the car in front of the huge building.

She got off hastily and shut the door behind her excitedly. "Go back to hotel and wait for my call. I'll tell you when to come and pick me up again okay?" she ordered and gestured him to leave.

He nodded and drove away, leaving her outside the Hizuri Corp.

She went inside the building with a racing heart. "Kuon, I've come to see you. I can't wait…."

After an elevator ride, she walked down the hallway and reached the receptionist's desk. "Is Mr. Kuon Hizuri available?" she asked the receptionist who eyed her from head to toe suspiciously. "Who are you Ma'am? Do you have an appointment?"

Sarah looked at her irritated for being so inquisitive. "My name is Sarah Williams. I am his childhood friend. Tell him I want to see him"

The young receptionist gawked at her awkwardly then gestured at her to take a seat and wait.

Sarah dropped herself on the nearby couch, crossing her legs as she grabbed some random magazine to pass her time while the receptionist busied herself in informing her boss. After a moment, she put the receiver down and turned her attention back to blonde woman.

"I'm sorry Ma'am; he's busy in an important meeting right now. You'll have to wait" she said politely. Sarah grunted. She threw the magazine away and stood up annoyed.

"Then I'll have to go meet him myself" she said and ran off, leaving stunned and shouting receptionist behind. "Wait! You can't go there! Stop!" she yelled as she pushed the buttons to call for security but she was already gone.

Poor girl bit her nails in trepidation. "I'm going to lose my job." The receptionist thought miserably, pitying herself.

She ran faster checking each closed door and pushed it open to get a peek inside until she found her desired one.

"Kuon…." A familiar voice echoed before his office door was pushed open.

He flinched and the file he was holding in his hands fell down. His mouth was agape.

"Sarah…." He whispered in horror. His eyes went wide in shock as he saw an unexpected person after a long time.

What is she doing here? When did she come to Japan?

Sarah practically ran as she entered his office and saw Kuon's face for the first time in years. She flung herself into his arms and hugged him tightly who was too shocked to respond at the sudden appearance of his ex. His eyes popped out of his head and his jaw hit the floor as his arms remained jammed to his sides.

"I missed you so much Kuon. I wanted to see your face. I just couldn't help it. When I heard the news of your marriage, I just couldn't hold myself back and decided to visit Japan because I wanted to come and congratulate you personally" She pulled away and grinned at him with her arms still wrapped around his neck.

Kuon cringed inwardly at her friendly behavior. He had a bad feeling about her sudden unannounced arrival.

"What? No reaction? I came from far away to congratulate you and you aren't even returning my hug. You're so mean" she pouted at him playfully.

Kuon flinched as he recovered from his shock and pushed her away. "What do you want? Why did you come here?" he asked glaring at her.

"What? I'm your guest. I came here all the way from America just to see you and you're being mean to me. You're horrible" she made an odd face and dropped herself on the chair.

"Don't play dumb with me. I'm not fool to walk into your trap blindly all over again. WHY HAVE YOU COME HERE? Why all of a sudden?" he emphasized, his expression remained emotionless.

She looked at his rocked face and shivered. "I came to congratulate you and apologize for my past mistakes" she whispered.

Kuon grimaced. This woman isn't good. She must have come here with an evil motive. I have to drag her away from me. I can sense her demonic aura. She's pure wicked.

"Thanks but you didn't have to trouble yourself to come here. You don't owe me any apology" he replied solidly.

She jerked at the coldness of his voice. "Are you happy?" she asked staring at his face.

His heart bounced in alarm. "I'm very happy Sarah. I've never been happier before" his answer was toneless, his face didn't exhibit any emotion but his heart was shaking. He could foresee a heavy storm coming to his direction. This was just an alarming silence before the storm could hit him.

She looked down and chewed her lower lip. "Can't we be friends again Kuon?"

Kuon shot her a deadly glare. "We can't be anything." He said pressing his lips. "You and I are through. I don't trust betraying sloppy seconds." He said harshly earning deep gasp from her.

"I am sorry…please forgive me. Can't we just be friends again? I have changed."

Kuon laughed at her sad pleading.

"I'm not foolish anymore Sarah. I've grown up. I'm aware of your deceptive nature. You can't trick me again. Since you're my guest, let me serve you some tea and then you can go back to where you came from" Using his intercom, he pressed some buttons and ordered a cup of tea before turning back to her.

"Can't we have a cup of coffee somewhere else alone? Please Kuon. Aren't I your childhood friend? Please…?"

You can never change. Trying to hit on me again? You've got some nerves. Shameless woman! I don't know why I was so blindly in love with you when all you ever did was using me for your benefit while sleeping around with other guys. Trying to play innocent hun? You false pretending slut! I'm not your pet to obey you all the time. You can't trap me anymore. I can see right through your mask of fake innocence.

He looked at her with blazing eyes. "Don't try to enrage me Sarah. You are nothing to me. Don't try to force me for being harsh" his throat felt sour while talking to her. He didn't want her around him. He felt sick to the core.

"Please… for me. Just once? For our old relationship..." She gulped thickly when she saw his vicious expression and paused.

"I just want to be your friend again, to have you in my life, to feel your presence around me, to make you feel happy, to repent my misdeeds… please Kuon. Am I really out of your life completely? Do you really not feel anything for me to be my friend again? Have I lost that soft corner in your heart?" She murmured and Kuon's eyes turned murderous.

I knew it! She came here to steal me away from Kyoko. She's garbage gut! I will punch the life out of her if she even tried to get close to me!

"I knew it! Your mind is filled with nothing but filth. Again trying to use cunning deception to make me believe in you and walk into your venomous trap? Well think again! I'm not blind anymore. Keep that offer of 'forged friendship' in your pocket. I don't prefer to have friends like you. You can't break me apart from Kyoko! I know what you exactly want and why you're here out of nowhere so drop it!" He roared and she jumped up in panic as if she got caught red handed for her theft.

"I-I didn't mean… I just…." She lost words to explain herself. Her face turned red when she saw how dangerous he looked, ready to kill her any moment.

"YOU WHAT?! You thought I'd let you fool me again? I'm not an idiot anymore. I know what's hidden behind this generosity of yours" his temper raised and he had to inhaled and exhale repeatedly to calm himself down again.

She worried her lower lip again as she shuddered feeling chilled to bones.

"Do you really love her that much?" she asked, holding her breath while Kuon looked at her as if he was going to eat her alive.

"It's none of your business Sarah"

"Does she know about me? About us? Does she know that you slept with me in the past?" she asked holding his eyes and he tensed.

"Does she know how madly you were in love with me?" she asked again and he turned stiff like a wooden board.

"Does she know that you killed your best friend Rick?" she asked with a smile and Kuon paralyzed.

"She will leave you…."

Kuon froze, feeling pricking stab of pain creeping through his heart.

"I'll never leave him Sarah. Get this thing inside of your thick head" Sarah turned her head to see Kyoko walking in Kuon's office, holding bento box in her hands.

Kuon turned into stoned statue. "Kyoko…."


Next Chapter Preview: Made For Each Other-Chapter 25-Unbreakable Trust:

"You think he'll be happy with you? His mother forced him to break up with me. He never did it intentionally. You are my substitute because he couldn't have me." Sarah smirked looking at Kyoko while Kuon stared at her jaw dropped.

Kyoko laughed. "His mother didn't do anything. You threw a pure gem away in lust of money. I pity you Sarah. You don't know what you've lost. He's pure and priceless treasure. Poor you for losing him because of your own stupidity" Kyoko shook her head.

She clenched her jaw. "Do you think you can replace me in his heart? He's slept with me! You'll never be able to please him the way I did." She said through screeching teeth.

Kyoko sighed. "That's why you failed your relationship Sarah because you think being in a relationship means having sex only. My relationship with him is deeper than that. I respect him. I respect his desires and give him his needed space and comfort. I don't treat him like an animal. Even animals don't behave like you. I've read in books that animals like wolves, even birds like pigeons tend to have one mate throughout their lives. They don't cheat on their mates." Kyoko indirectly slapped the blonde woman whose mouth was snapped shut.

Silence fell around them as no one uttered a single word.

"Do you think he's yours? I'll never leave his memories. His mind. Never! No matter how hard you try to get me out of his head!" she shouted, purely petrified at Kyoko's calmness. Kyoko had soothing smile on her face which mocked her to the core.

"For God's sake Sarah, grow up. He's not mine. He doesn't belong to anyone. He's his own man. He's given free will to choose. He's wise enough to make his own choices. He doesn't need a tag to belong to anyone." Kyoko laughed when she saw how horrified Sarah looked.

"He's coldblooded murderer. He killed his best friend. He isn't gentle at all. No one can put up with him except me." Sarah pulled the trigger and fired the bullet right at Kuon's heart.

Kuon who was listening to them restlessly turned pale when he saw disappointment in Kyoko's eyes.

Kyoko shook her head. "You don't know how to love someone. You only have command on humiliating others. You're still insulting him when he loved you so deeply? What kind of woman are you? How can you be so cruel? I really feel sorry for you Sarah. You aren't straight. You need mental counseling. Come back to your senses before you lose everything. Open your eyes widely and look at him. Does he look like a murderer to you? His eyes are not cold but full of warmth. If he were a murderer then he wouldn't have wasted even a single moment to kill you. Stop badmouthing about him because no matter what you say, I'll never leave him. NEVER! You know why? Because he's someone I live for"

Sarah gasped, totally defeated.

Kuon's chest swelled in joy. He felt so proud to be in love with Kyoko.

"Are you satisfied now? Did you get your answer? This is the woman I love, not you. You know why? Because she's nothing like you. She doesn't treat me like an object or her obsession. I am her husband and her presence makes me happy. I'm not only a sex mate for her. She completes me. You're not eligible for being anyone's wife or even friend Sarah because you think of people as toys but I am not someone you bought from market. I belong to Kyoko only. Now if you don't mind, let me have lunch with my wife and close the door before leaving. Don't come to disturb again. You're not welcomed here" Kuon flashed his fake smile at her. Feeling mortified at her insult, she glared at him.

"Leave or do I have to call security to throw you out?" Kuon said returning her glare.

Feeling humiliated, Sarah stood up and left the room with a loud bang.

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