HI! It took a little while to finish this story, but here we are at the end. Thank you for reviews, likes, and dislikes. The use of the word "propinquity" I borrowed from Winston Graham's Poldark character Demelza from The Angry Tide. I felt the situation of Donna and Harvey merited it. Look further in the dictionary for a clearer understanding of the word. Enjoy! Love - Carebearmaxi.

Donna Meets Lily -


Harvey and Donna slowly opened the door to their house. They knew instinctively that the children were still not in bed. The lights were on and they could hear childish laughter.

"I'm glad this porch is finally finished," Harvey remarked in hushed tones silently stomping on the wooden floor of the enclosed porch.

"Yes. Tomorrow, Lowe's is delivering the wood burning stove we ordered. It will be great in the fall. We can sit out here on a cool night, burn the stove, and share a romantic glass of wine," Donna said also in hushed tones into her husband's closeby ear. She was not sure her husband heard her, but they had talked about it when they ordered the special stove a month ago.

"We can sit out here comfortably and watch the kids play," Harvey said continuing the thread of listing advantages of having the enclosed porch finally finished. It was a late August evening, so they were astonished that their little ones were still awake and jumping around.

They gradually and silently opened the door to the living room bending their heads to keep from disturbing the situation. Grandma Lily was sitting on a stool painting on a canvas. As she painted she told the children the story of their parents, how she helped in getting them together and then stating the best blessing was when their mother came home from California expecting a baby.

"It still wasn't smooth sailing because your mommy had to leave her movie star job in California and they did not like the way she left her job. She told them 'I'm having a baby and if you don't like it my husband is Harvey Specter, a super lawyer, and he'll come back and get you.'

Little Ariel, fours years old now, wrinkled up her nose looking just like her mom and said, "Mom was really a movie star, Mum-mum? By the way, mum-mum, Daddy's a lawyer. There's no such thing as a super lawyer!"

"Oh, yeah," Lily said turning around and looking at her granddaughter. "Ask your daddy. He can tell you how many times he has to put on his cape. Yes, your mom is a terrific actress and she was almost a movie star. However, she decided she had a much more important job to do," Lily said putting her arm around Ariel and kissing her little freckled cheek.

"Oops, looks like mum-mum got a little paint on your cheek," Lily remarked as she removed the spot of paint from Ariel's porcelain skin.

"Mum-mum, you're so funny," said Ariel's little brother of two and a half. If Ariel was the spitting image of Donna, Gordon Harvey Specter was mini-Harvey with blonde haired with big brown eyes that immediately brightened when he laughed.

Lily turned back to her picture and then told them about the day each of them was born.

"As you already know, Ariel, you were born right here in this you were born Ariel, your dad brought you in here and all four of your grandparents were here. We wanted to hold you, but your daddy held you so tight he wouldn't let us!"

"Me! mum-mum," Gordon shouted loudly pointing to himself.

"You, my little jellybean," Lily said pausing another moment in her painting to tickle her grandson's little bare belly. Little Gordon had pulled his shirt up and his Grandma could not help but blow on his exposed belly. This made him giggle. Ariel then joined in and hung her arms around her Grandmom's neck.

"Ok, kids, I was telling Gordon about his time," Lily said as she disengaged herself from the kids' all encompassing embrace. "You were a surprise! Your mommy didn't think she was having anymore babies. Then one day while your mommy and daddy were at work, Mommy came into your daddy's office and said she was in a lot of pain. Well neither one thought they were going to have a new baby, so they rushed your mommy to the hospital and then ten minutes later...Pop! Out came baby Gordon."

"Who was Gordon again?" Ariel asked.

"Your other Grandpop who lives in Heaven. He is your daddy's real father and he would have loved you two so much. But Grandpop Bobby loves you to pieces as well. Give Grandma another hug!"

Ariel and Gordon rushed onto their Grandma almost upsetting the easel with the unfinished portrait sitting on it.

Behind the door, Donna whispered in Harvey's ear, "Lily knows how to tell a story. If I hadn't lived through it I would have asked her to finish."

Harvey smiled. He looked at his children with their arms around his mother's neck and then wondered what she was painting. In fact he was rather surprised that his mother was painting at all. She still taught part time and helped at the Senior Center, but with her arthritis holding a paint brush or charcoal was painful. When Harvey and Donna had married, Lily had presented them with a beautiful portrait of their wedding picture. The portrait hung at the top of the stairs. The photograph portrait hung in their apartment in Manhattan.

Harvey and Donna listened a little while longer while Lily told them both how long their parents had known one another and how Lily was so excited to help their parents get together. By the time she finished the entire saga, Ariel had her head on a pillow laying on the couch and little Gordon had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor surrounded by his junior Hot Wheels.

Looking up, Lily spotted Harvey and Donna coming in the door.

"Just in time. They just fell asleep and I have finished the portrait."

"Mom, I thought you said it was painful for you to paint," Harvey said giving his mother a hug. "Thank you for taking them tonight. We just needed a date night."

"I totally understand. Well, look," Lily said as she turned the picture around to show Harvey and Donna.

"It's beautiful. You must have been working on this for a long, long time."

Donna gave Lily a hug and she said, "No, not really."

"I know exactly where to hang it. Should I let it dry a little?" Harvey asked. He wondered how he wound up in the law when his father had been a musician, his mother, an artist, and his brother, a cook and business owner. Harvey was just glad that his practice finally paid for a real life and not just hot cars, rich poker games, and hot women.

Donna watched Harvey as he set the portrait on the fireplace ledge.

"The story of Gordon's birth was a little over the top, don't you think?" Donna asked.

"No, not at all. I almost wrote into that show: "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". He was a surprise."

"Yes, it's true I did not know I was pregnant with him until almost the end. I just don't want Gordon to feel his birth was less special than Ariel's"

"I don't think you need worry about that, hon," Lily said turning around simultaneously with Donna and watched Harvey as he gathered his son in his arms and then bent down to kiss Ariel's little cheek. He signaled to his wife and his mother that he was taking Gordon up to bed and then he would be back down for Ariel. Donna nodded and then continued to talk with Lily.

Lily looked around at the renovated home where she raised her children and noted the similarities and the differences. The iron muscial staff with three quarter notes still hung by the front door. It was really a coat rack, but people seldom used it as such even now.

"I just think that if you never told Harvey to come to Boston and reconcile with us all those years ago, none of this would be in my life."

"I don't think Harvey and I would ever have come together if you had not extended the invitation to your 65th birthday celebration," Donna said putting an arm around her mother-in-law.

"Propinquity. That's what it was. By the way, you're welcome."

"Propinquity? What's that?"

"I think the meaning is a coming together of two people who are obviously in love and right for each other," Lily said as she watched Harvey descend the stairs and then kissing his daughter carried her up to her room.

"Thank you, Lily," Donna said quietly. Lily rubbed Donna's arm silently.

Harvey came up behind them and examined the portrait of his and Donna's children: Ariel with her red curls and lightly freckled skin and Gordon with his huge brown eyes and Specter smile like his father's.

Harvey took a step back and kissed his mom on the cheek.

"You are right. None of this would ever have happened if Donna had not coerced me into reconciling with you and the family," Harvey teased.

"For the record, I did not coerce. I coaxed very heavily."