(I'm sorry if anyone noticed my spelling mistake when I first posted this up. I'm not a good speller, I know it, and my English teacher knows it aswell. If you see anymore please feel free to let me know, and I will correct it. So, reposted, all spelt correctly this time (I think) here is my poem.)

This poem came as a sudden inspiration while I was watching The Two Towers (for the 7th time). It is set in Osgiliath, the scene where Frodo is being hypnotised by the ring, and for a brief instant you see things through his eyes, when Sam is talking, but Frodo can't hear him. It's from Frodo's point of view, but there is one and a half verses where it is Sam talking.

Disclaimer: All I own is the poem. Not the characters, not the story, so please don't sue me.
Sam your lips are moving

I can't hear what you say

We shouldn't even be here

But there's no other way
His eye is almost on me

The ring it seems to grow

It can feel him searching

To him it wants to go
The Nazgul are attacking

There's chaos all around

You tell me it will be all right

But I can't hear a sound
My mind the ring takes over

The old Frodo has gone

I'm ready to give it to him

To let him have The One
You run up and you stop me

For that you have to die

My blade is drawn across your neck

"It's me" I hear you cry
And finally I hear your voice

"Don't you know your Sam?"

What's wrong? What is the matter with me?

I no longer know who I am
"I can't do this Sam," I say

"I Know" you sigh "its all wrong"

"You're not the same Frodo I used to know

You've carried the burden too long"
"The ring has taken hold of you

You lie in the shadows of fear

But in the end, the darkness will pass

The sun it will shine out more clear"
I feel better for listening

And though my path is grave

I'll fight for the goodness in the world

I'll fight for my Samwise the brave.
Let me know what you think, I love to hear from everybody!