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Chapter 9

Julian Crane sighed as he walked toward the wing of the Mansion reserved for Crane Couture. As the acting head of the Crane Empire, Julian couldn't deny that he was happy with the way the division was running. After all it had blossomed into an empire all it's own and the money it was bringing in was astounding. The line even rivaled Gucci as the top designer brand. Fancy was coming into her own as a business woman and with Fox dead & Pretty & Vincent unstable, she, Endora, Sheridan & Marty were the only recognized heirs to the Crane empire. Reasonably he wanted his daughter to run the empire after he was gone but he also wanted her to enjoy her life and have children. He frowned as he walked into his daughter's office.

"Fancy Elizabeth Crane what are you doing here?" Julian asked wearily.

The beautiful businesswoman rolled her eyes at the sight of her father and continued working on her designs.

"Father if you're here to lecture me please don't", she said. "As you can see I'm busying work on the grand opening of Crane Couture in Paris. I don't need any distractions."

"Having a life and a family isn't a distraction Fancy", the businessman sighed.

"I lost my family 4 years ago Dad," Fancy snapped bitterly.

Her father visibly bristled at her harsh tone.

"You still have a husband Fancy, don't waste your youth here. They'll be plenty of time for you to run Crane after I'm gone."

Silence was his daughters reply as she continued sketching.

"Very well darling", Julian said straightening his tie. "Since fatherly advice won't work let's try threats."

Fancy raised her eyebrows. Since finally winning the love of his life, her father had unquestionably changed for the better, it'd been a years since the heiress had heard this tone.

"Yes Fancy, I said threats & Eve's not around to hear me", Julian said looking over his shoulder. "Since I thought you'd refuse to listen to me I've taken the liberty of calling your mother to deal with the situation."

Fancy visibly stiffened at the mention of her mother. While their relationship had improved tremendously over the years. The thought of an angry Ivy Crane could still strike fear in her heart like few others.

"Yes dear, your mother will be here shortly and there's no time for you to escape", he said noticing her rising panic. "So don't even try"

"Father I don't need my parents interfering in my life" the blonde snapped. "I'm an adult!"

"Then goddamnit act like it!" Julian roared finally losing his temper. "We're sorry about that accident, even more so that you lost the child but you can't keep holding onto this bitterness. It is eating you alive Fancy! Now it's time for you to either fix your marriage or end it & move on but I will not stand by and watch you torture yourself anymore!"

Fancy gasped stunned by her fathers' rare display of emotion. Before she could say anything, he turned and stormed out of the room.

"Father!" she yelled getting up to give chase but Julian Crane was gone.

By the time the Ivy heels clicked into the office the bitter facade Fancy had put up for the past few years was crumbling.

"Oh darling, everything's going to be fine", she said sympathetically as she sat next to her daughter. "I'm here".

Even Ivy was surprised as Fancy leaned into her arms and cried.

"I wish that were true Mother", was her daughters muffled reply.

Ivy simply stroked her daughters' hair as she cried.

"I know it's hard but trust me darling", she said. "It's better to keep our secrets to ourselves. Telling Luis the truth would only push him back to Sheridan. Trust me everything will work out fine."


Marty's summer baseball team was warming up to play one of their final games and as usual, the young man's family turned out in full to see him play. The Winthrop's, The Harris-Cranes, Gwen & Jonathan and of course Marty's parents were all at the baseball field watching the game.

"I wonder where mama is." Theresa said checking her watch. "She never misses Marty's home games."

"I'm sure she's fine Theresa", Whitney reassured her as she munched her popcorn. "She might've overslept."

Theresa stood up from the bleachers where they were sitting and looked around.

"I guess so"

"Hey mom we're going to get more popcorn", Miles yelled up to his mom.

"Ok sweetie", the tennis coach said ignoring her sons glare.

"We're going to have such fun embarrassing them huh Theresa".

The brunette laughed and relayed the story of her son walking in on her and Ethan earlier. She was so busy talking to her best friend that she failed to notice the urgent text messages from her mother.

Down closer to the field sat Gwen, Jonathan and Sheridan, who'd brought their own chairs.

"Why do you have on those shades Sheridan?" Gwen asked. "You don't usually wear them."

"Oh", Sheridan faked a cough. "Just a little tired & didn't want anyone to see my bags"

Gwen shifted a drowsy Jonathan on her lap & raised her a skeptical eyebrow at her best friend.

"If you're tired what's with the coughing?" she asked skeptically as she looked around for Luis.

The blonde noticed him standing much farther away than necessary, as soon as he saw her staring he turned away. Gwen frowned, something was up.

"Sheridan you wouldn't be keeping anything from me would you?" She asked turning her sharp gaze toward the heiress.

"Um of course not", Sheridan replied her eyes locked on the game. "Marty's up to bat!"

Gwen sat back and tried to enjoy the game while fielding text messages from Travis asking when they could get together. She occasionally got up to grab Jonathan snacks and go for bathroom breaks. All the while, she made sure to keep an eye on Sheridan and Luis and she made note of the way they steadfastly avoided one another. Oh, something was definitely up and the former businesswoman was determined to find the underlying cause of it.



Charity & Elijah Standish were on their way home from the movies when the blonde felt a strange pounding in her chest. Charity gripped the wheel tighter and willed it to go away. It had been happening often lately and though she had no idea, why it scared her senseless. It had first started after Rebecca Hotchkiss had recognized her at the ice cream shop. While the redhead had seemed polite asking simple questions, Charity knew how dangerous she could be and made sure to be careful. It happened again when she picked she'd up Elijah from daycare that Friday. The young teacher had had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching her & she'd been having the same feeling all weekend.

Maybe it's time to move again she thought. I hate to move Elijah around like Mom did me. But I have to do what is best for him. Oh, I wish I knew what to do. As she arrived home and put her son down for a nap, the blonde was almost in tears with frustration. After she and Miguel had found each other again almost 3 years ago and finally made love, she'd panicked.

Still remembering the deal she made with death to save Maria, she had fled not wanting any harm to come to the child. After discovering she was pregnant Charity had mixed feelings. She didn't want her son to grow up without a father but she couldn't risk Maria's life either. She would never be that selfish, she knew Miguel must hate her & that hurt more than anything. Nevertheless, she'd learn to live with it... she didn't have a choice.


Jessica Bennett McCoy sat rubbing her belly and watching TV with her niece and son Sammy. She had been surprised when Kay announced she and Maria were coming to visit almost two months ago but she was glad they had come. It have given her a chance to bond with her niece, who reminded her so much of her own mother.

"Come sit down with us Kay", she called to her sister who was staring at her phone.

Her sulky older sister did as she was asked.

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked quietly not wanting to disturb Maria and Sammy.

"It's Miguel, we've been here for more than a month and he hasn't made any effort to get us to come home", Kay said.

Jessica sighed, as she hated the subject of her sisters' marriage.

"No tell me what you think", Kay said. "You're in happy marriage what should I do?"

The younger brunette considered how honest she should be with her sister. She was happily married to a wonderful man named Matthew McCoy and they were expecting a daughter but her marriage was a lot different from Kay's. Jessica and Matthews's relationship had been built slowly and on honesty and trust like her parents while Kay and Miguel's marriage had been built on betrayal and schemes similar to her Dad and Ivy's.

"Kay, I think you need to be honest with Miguel and with yourself. Be completely honest", Jessica finally said. "That includes telling him every bad thing you've ever done to keep him and Charity apart".

"What", the older brunette yelled. "Are you crazy, he'd never forgive me!"

"And that'll be his choice Kay, you need to make him feel like he's in charge of his own life", Jessica said. "Lay all the cards on the table and see what he does. He forgave you for what you did to our parents; maybe he will forgive you for the rest. Dad forgave Ivy didn't he and look how happy they are?"

Kay stiffened at the memory of her parents' marriage; to this day, she still felt a tremendous amount of guilt at the role she had played in ending it.

"And what if he doesn't", she whispered torn.

The two women moved their conversation into the kitchen away from the children.

"Then he just doesn't Kay", Jessica said grabbing her sisters hand. "But at least you won't be stuck in this limbo, drifting in a marriage, wondering if your husband loves you or not!"

"Miguel does loves me", Kay snapped as she snatched her hand away. "When he came back he fought so hard to be a family with me and Maria!"

"Was he fighting for you and Maria or was he fighting to convince himself that he was over Charity?" her younger sister asked softly.

Kay turned away and laughed bitterly." Charity, Charity, Charity it always comes back to her."

"I'm sorry okay, I'm not trying to hurt you", Jessica said hugging her sister. "Even after everything we've been through you know I just want you to be happy."

Miguel's wife returned the hug then pulled back and stared at her little sister.

"I'm really proud of you Jess, you pulled yourself together, got away from Harmony & made a really great life for yourself here in Texas," she said as she reached out and picked up a photo from the kitchen counter.

The photo feature a laughing Jessica, eyes closed as her husband kissed her cheek and a Sammy a young looking up at his parents.

"Your family is beautiful", Kay said replacing the picture.

She smiled as she rubbed Jessica's growing stomach.

"And now I have to go fix mine."

Jessica's face fell as Kay turned away and headed upstairs. Kay you will never have a happy family while your husband is in love with someone else. She thought. The pregnant woman sighed as she sent her husband a text message. If Kay was going back to Harmony, she and Sammy were too. Someone had to be there to clean up the train wreck that was surely coming.


Ivy Crane Bennett had had a day full of surprises. First Pilar dropped off Joseph with her and then she'd actually had a bonding moment with her daughter. While she was happy about being close with Fancy, she was also worried about her daughter. She still felt Fancy had done the right thing by keeping the secret about the accident between them. There was no need for Luis to know that Fancy could never have another child. Ivy shook off the sad thoughts and entered her home.

"Sam?" she called cheerfully as she walked into the house. "Are you home?"

Ivy felt her improving mood evaporate as she laid eyes on Rebecca Hotchkiss seated on her sofa.

"Afraid he's not here Ivy" Rebecca smiled as she fluffed her hair. "But I was waiting for him; I think we have some things to discuss"

The blonde felt her blood run cold as she flew over to Rebecca and snatched her off the chair.

"You stay the hell away from my husband," she yelled.

"Now now, Ivy no need for hostility," the redhead smirked as she removed the blondes hands. "I was only going to ask Sam if he knew how I could get in touch with his daughter. I ran across something in Castleton a few weeks ago that would absolutely rock her world."

"And what would that be Rebecca", Ivy questioned nonchalantly.

"Don't play coy with me Ivy", the redhead snapped. "This particular situation has your dirty little fingerprints all over it. I wonder if Sam would think it's a coincidence that Charity was suddenly offered a teaching position at a school chartered by your father, when no one's heard from her in years."

The blonde felt her heart sinking like a stone.

"Would he chalk it up to chance", Rebecca continued. "Or would he start to question his adoring wife who's already wrecked one marriage-"

"Enough Rebecca" Ivy snapped. "What do you want?"

"Really Ivy, you've no sense of humor these days," she pouted. "But you already know what I want. I want my grandson"

"Not on your life!" the blonde huffed stalking away from the redhead. "You go ahead and tell Sam your suspicions because that's all they are. But I am not going to let you rip my grandson away from his parents!"

"Gwen is his mother!" Rebecca roared back finally losing her temper.

She took a deep breath and struggled to calm herself.

"I'm going to give you some time to think things over Ivy, because you really have a lot to lose here", she said as she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.

"I mean what would your precious son and daughter in law think if the saw Charity's son with those gorgeous brown eyes and realize you kept Miguel away from his son." The redhead gave her rival a triumphant smirk. "They shouldn't be too shocked, I mean it's not like you haven't kept a son from his father before."

Ivy snatched a glass vase from the coffee table and flung it towards a laughing Rebecca as she shut the door.

That bitch! Ivy fumed. What am I going to do now?

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