This wasn't how it was supposed to go.

Charlotte looked down at the three girls who held her aloft. The moon shone down brightly, illuminating the moon pool and beginning the magic. Any second now, they would drop her, she would fall into the pool, and she would lose everything of she didn't think fast enough.

Her heart beating fast, Charlotte swept her arm across the air, turning their wind back on them. They were shoved back against the wall of the cave, and Charlotte began to fall. Thinking quickly, she redirected the wind so that she landed on the sand. Lewis looked at her in shock, but she ignored him.

Just a few more minutes until the moon's passed, Charlotte thought. Then, I'll...

But Charlotte didn't know what she would do then.

"What are you doing, Charlotte?" Lewis asked from behind her.

"Not letting them take what's mine," she snarled. They were starting to move, but slowly. She still had time. Out of the corner of her eye, Charlotte saw Lewis start to move toward her, and moved away from him. "I'm not letting you do it, either," she continued.

"Charlotte, I'm sorry, I didn't want it to be like this," Lewis said, and Charlotte heard in his voice that he meant it. She almost wanted to ask what he didn't want: this fight between all of them, her even getting her tail, the two of them meeting at all?

"I didn't either," she instead said quietly. The moon finally passed, and the pool quieted. The magic had passed, there was no danger of any of them losing their tails. Careful not look at any of them, Charlotte dived into the pool and swam away.

The water was dark, but Charlotte had no problem seeing. She swam as fast as she could, in no particular direction except away. She didn't want the others finding her and trying something else.

Away from the light of the moon, her mind was clearing somewhat.

If she could, she probably would've started crying.

Charlotte flicked her tail harder and swam faster.

Oh god, what have I done? What have I done?What was gonna happen when she got back home? Or when she saw the other girls or Lewis?

I need to get away from here.Ahead of her, Charlotte saw a bright flash of light, the water began to swirl around her, and before she could stop, the world went black.