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Nal Hutta, Nemro's Palace, Story Area

"Unfortunately…I already gave the Great Hunt sponsorship token to someone else. The sponsorship is just a token, a small holo with my authorization given to its bearer." The Hutt boomed at the young hunter. "Someone fierce and deadly on Hutta has the sponsorship token. If you want it so badly, find him and take it. Ha!"

The young hunter clenched her fist tightly as she glared at the Hutt. This Nem'ro guy really pissed her off. "Don't think I won't do exactly that." She retorted darkly, her eyes glowing in rage.

Not to her surprise, the Hutt waved his hand in nonchalance. "Yes, yes. If you succeed, I win. If you fail, I still win." The Hutt joked in his native tongue, "Either way, the toughest man on Hutta goes to the Great Hunt with my name! See Juda for compensation regarding the whole beastmaster business. Come back here, present your token to the representative, and you can go to your Great Hunt!"

Furious, the hunter stormed out of the throne room, her shoulders tense and her face red with rage. She only calmed down when she reached the friendly Twi'lek receptionist. The woman gave her a relieved smile. "Nice to see you alive and well. That was really rotten what Nem'ro did to you."

The pink haired hunter cracked a small grin. "Aww, were you worried about me?"

"Well, those pits are brutal." Juda added before pulling up a large briefcase. "Well I got a large payment here for you, but it doesn't say what for. Apparently that's between you and Nem'ro."

"Cha-ching!" Lizbeth fist pumped as she happily accepted the case. "This does wonders for my affection level. Money, money come to mama!"

Juda chuckled, "Here you go. One large payment for mysterious reasons. Don't spend it all in one place."

"Oh don't you worry," Liz replied, tapping the case with her finger. A moment later, the case disappeared as the credit sum rose. "I got plenty of plans for this baby." The hunter began making her way to the exit when she noticed a familiar young woman dash into the hallway.

She wore an old crimson jumpsuit but what often attracted attention to her were the small strips of metal adorning the left side of her face. She greeted Liz with a worried look. "Hey, girl, we've been had! Nem'ro's already sponsored someone for the Great Hunt!"

"Oh yeah, guess how I feel? Horrible!" Liz retorted, "Tell me something I don't know."

Mako frowned, "Yeah? Bet you didn't know who it is, though. I know who got Nem'ro's sponsorship token and how to find him. I'll tell you everything, but I've got a price."

"What is it?" Liz huffed, a tad bit impatient. Honestly, as eager as Mako was, she did tend to be a handful, especially when it came to demands like this.

"Braden taught me how to fight, and you know I'm great with information. Take me with you—on this hunt and whatever comes after." The girl demanded in a serious tone.

Liz gave the girl a good look over. Sure, she had been pretty useful so far, plus Kirito needed her to be leveled up soon…by the way, where was he anyways? You'd think she'd run into him or one of the friends that had joined the game together by now. Finally, she shrugged. "Sure, why not? I think we'll have a lot of fun."

Apparently, Mako hadn't heard her as she continued, "I'm good with a blaster, and Braden was like a father to me. It's not fair that—wait did you just say yes?"

"Welcome aboard the girl power train Mako!" Liz offered her hand to the woman, smiling brightly.

"Thank you. Braden was sweet, but he always treated me like a child. I'm not a child. So thank you." She put her hands on her hips as her pride swelled. "I want to be there when we find Braden's killer. I want that more than anything. So let's go find Nem'ro's bounty hunter."

A speeder ride later, the two ladies stormed the gates of Fa'athra's Palace, a more fortified version of the town Liz had started with. Within the grimy walls of the compound, dozens of mercenaries, commandos, and their tougher counterpart, the enforcers patrolled the area…at least into a series of explosions caught their attention.

Liz grinned as she unloaded a stream of rounds into a palace mercenary before raising her left wrist to launch a rocket into a group of commandos. "Oh yeah, take this!"

"Hunter, they got back up coming in." Mako interrupted.

"Right," the pink haired hunter jerked her head to find another mob dashing their way. "Just keep me healed. I got an idea."

"On it!"

Liz charged the line of mobs, a smirk on her lips despite her brow scrunched in concentration. She had encountered this ability upon leveling up a while back but had never really found the right time to test it out. "Ahh!" she shouted, a battle cry reminiscent to her experiences in SAO. She quickly scoped out the 'Elite' in the group, a Fa'athra Enforcer, and leaped forwards, fist extended. Upon reaching the Enforcer, she willed her jetpack to life, causing her to jerk up suddenly. With the sudden boost in speed, she struck the Enforcer with a boosted uppercut, knocking the enforcer off his feet. Before the rest could react, Liz pointed her left gauntlet and smirked. "So long suckers!" she cried manically as a cone of red and white flames erupted from her gauntlet, quickly engulfing the mobs.

Once the deed was done, she turned back towards her companion and smirked. "How'd I do?"

"Quite well girl. But next time, try not to let your health go down so quickly. I can't always heal you all the time." Mako commented.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Aww come on. That was pretty badass right, with the flames and all? We don't need healing, we've got two things: Girl power and credits!" She declared.


A sudden shot flew past her. Liz froze in shock as she spun around towards the source of the attack. Less than thirty meters from them, a young woman crouched behind a barricade. The woman had pale blue hair complimenting her indigo eyes, though Liz couldn't see her face that well behind the barrel of the dark grey rifle she was carrying. A small woman with pale skin with purple tattoos highlighting her eyes stood next to her, admiring the woman's work.

"Nice shot agent." She complimented, whistling in admiration.

"Thank you Kaliyo." The agent replied, her tone monotonous.

Liz bristled at the two women, "Why you…" she grunted, "who do you think you are, taking my kills?"

The agent stared at the hunter for a moment before disregarding her. "…I was trying to help you Liz."

"Eh…Sinon?" The hunter cried out in disbelief.

"Of course. Who else would save your sorry bottom? Now excuse me, but Kaliyo and I have business in the palace." The woman holstered her rifle and strode right past the stricken pair. "Come Kaliyo."

"Right behind you agent." The Rattataki purred as she followed.

Liz and Mako watched the pair continue down the path towards the palace. "You know her?" Mako asked the hunter, but the woman merely watched them, flabbergasted.

"S-so…cool…and calm…" Liz muttered before realizing her current posture. "Oh sorry there Mako. Yeah, Sinon's a friend of mine. We'll probably run into them later."

"…I see…well I think it would certainly be worth working with someone as cool as they are." Mako remarked.

Liz nodded in agreement. "Right with you girl."

Tython, Ancient Forge, Story Area

Asuna stood before the ancient forge, awed at the beautiful workmanship of the workbench. It was a weird feeling, standing before the forge. She could literally feel the power coursing through the marble and stones of what should have been just a piece of carved rock.

The 'Force' system was a unique system to SWTOR-O and Asuna had to admit it had at first been a bit unnerving, especially for her specific class: the Jedi Consular. She had chosen class simply since they looked interesting and none of the other classes seemed to fit her style. She by no means was a gun user and preferred swords over projectile weapons, however there was no rapier user in the Jedi classes. Plus, she had plenty of experience playing healer and mage for her friends and so choosing the ranged mage seemed like the best choice. Anyways, she thought the robes were neat. Back to the 'Force' though, she had quite some difficulty with the new range of emotions and sense that constantly barraged her. It was as if her mind had somehow gained a whole new sense. With some exercise, she had managed to channel this new ability into her primary tool of trade…telekinetic attacks aka chuck a boulder at targets. With a flick her wrist and a tug in her mind, she could rip a large chunk of the ground up and hurtle it at a mob or she could send a stream of smaller bits that would slow targets during its channel. As weird as that seemed, she found herself getting quite addicted to the power she had gained. Never had she had such a direct connection to her in-game abilities. Though originally, she had been skeptical when her husband had invited her and their friends to try out this new game, but now she could barely hold in her own anticipation for each new segment of her story. It sort have had reminded her of SAO except with the story driving the gameplay rather than an ultimate objective.

Now staring back at forge, Asuna let those exact senses spread over the alter.

"Forge. Yuon has spoken of. Is maker of weapons, arms Jedi." Her companion, a scaly green cross between a lizard and a human, commented before sniffing the air. Asuna wasn't too sure of how to deal with her companion. It definitely wasn't the cute chubby little droid like Leafa had gotten…oh how much they doted over the little thing. But he seemed to be loyal, dedicated, and a battle nut just her husband. So she had taken the hunter as her ally and friend, and what a friend he had turned out to be. His NPC composition had defined him as a melee tank, the perfect foil to her own battle composition, giving her the freedom to chuck boulders all day long while he kept them off of her. "Hmm…no scent, no track. Nalen is not here, but should prepare. Perhaps is time enough to build your weapon."

The chestnut-haired woman cringed slightly before nodding. Nalen had been a terrible pain in the ass. She had tried time and time again to reason with him, appealing as a fellow leader and commander, but he was deadest in his ways to achieve dark power. Finally, she had had enough of the stubborn Twi'lek and was ready to confront him in battle. "Right then, I'll do as Rajivari instructed me. I think I'm ready."

"Shall watch path, small hunter. None shall interrupt your work." The hunter declared, turning to face the entrance, "Go. Make your weapon. You have earned."

Asuna laid out all the pieces for her lightsaber. To be honest, she was giddy at the idea of acquiring a lightsaber. Kirito had told her about his adventures using a photon sword back in GGO and ever since then she had secretly craved to wield one for herself. And this time, she was going to be building it herself rather than just buying it at some market. But wait, she needed to be calm for this to work.

She knelt a few steps back and let her newfound powers wash over the pieces. Slowly, one at a time, the bits of metal slid over the green crystal that would make her new weapon's heart. Asuna grit slightly as one of the pieces jarred off course slightly but managed to fit in correctly. After much concentration, the hilt and ends twisted into place with a satisfying click. The swordswoman smiled as she called the saber to her hand. She let her hands move up and down the hilt, admiring its beauty before pointing it outwards.


Asuna gasped in surprise at how beautifully the weapon fit in her hands, how the green blade seemed to spring to life. As an act of completion, she raised the saber high, basking in the moment of success.

"Small hunter, he is here." The voice of her companion snapped her out of her reverie. Sighing, the woman deactivated the saber as she watched it disappear into her inventory. A few swipes later, she replaced her training saber with her new lightsaber. "Let's meet him."

"Listen to your people. This is not what they want." Asuna pleaded, "Nalen you're a leader. It's important to leader that you listen to your people. Can't you see they don't want this violence?"

The Twi'let hunter frowned as his eyes darkened. "It will make sense when you're dead."

Asuna sighed, there was no reasoning with this man. He was just like those morons in the Army back in Aincrad. And when it came to those nuts, sometimes you just needed to show them who is boss. She reached for her new lightsaber hilt, ready to fight when her companion interrupted her.

"Does not fight alone. This is fight of honor—you owe blood, dark thing." Qyzen tried to interject.

"That's not necessary Qyzen." She smiled. "I appreciate you wanting to help but I think I got this covered big guy. I have my reputation as a swordswoman on the line here."

The Qyzen raised a brow of surprise but made no move to stop her as the woman took her own battle stance, her senses focused around her opponent's stance. Nalen ignored their banter as he drew his own sword. "Let's have this done!"

But before he could even take a step forward, he found the woman already dashing towards him, lightsaber raised with its point aimed at his throat. He barely blocked the sudden strike, stumbling backwards clumsily. "What the hell?" he cried in disbelief.

Asuna's eagle like eyes tracked his sword as she launched into a series of fast stabs at the Twi'lek warrior. The warrior could barely his sword up, much less strike back from the fast moving woman. Within a series of seconds, Asuna had managed to cut down his HP by several good chunks, her green blade dancing brilliantly in her skilled hands. A few moments later, Nalen's avatar dropped to the ground, a bare sliver of his health remaining.

"I'd forgotten…the smell of my own blood. I…yield." Nalen managed to sputter out between pained pants.

His two companions stood flabbergasted at his defeat as well. "You…beat Nalen Raloch? Please—you're not going to kill him?"

Asuna shook her head. "I won't kill him. He can go to the Jedi Temple until his fate is decided."

The other Twi'leks didn't move. "But we still lose him. The village needs Nalen's help. How are we going to keep it together?"

Asuna smiled. "If you need me, I'll do whatever I can."

"Thank you. We'll remember that." The two friends picked up their fallen and left the room. Asuna sighed in relief.

"Well, I'm glad that's over with." She declared, stretching her arms out. She walked into a field of flowers, swaying gently in the wind. A small ping went off in her mind as she turned to face her companion.

"I have been fool. Spoke false. You are no small hunter." The Trandoshan remarked before turning his scaly eyes on her. "We must duel sometime. You are strong swordswoman. Move like no other."

"Why thank you Qyzen." Asuna remarked, "After all, I am a swordswoman first then a Jedi."

The green hunter met the woman's eye for a moment before chuckling heartily. "You add Herald of Scorekeeper to that too." He remarked before making his way towards the exit.

"Ehh?" the young Jedi asked in confusion. "Herald? Scorekeeper? What's that supposed to mean? Come on Qyzen, please tell me!" She cried out, following the Trandoshan.

Korriban, Tomb of Naga Sadow

"Jedi…monsters…nothing can stop us now…"


"That's right…I am darkness…the shadows that encompass us shall overwhelm all who oppose us!"


"I am…lightning…the very…embodiment of true power."


"Peace is a lie, there is only strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The Force shall set me free! Nyahahahaha!"


A series of groans and grunts echo from deeper in the cave. "Aww…Khemmy, I don't understand a thing you're saying, but just work with me here okay?" The low grunts and groans echoed once more in response.

"Now where was I? Oh right! The Force flows through me! I feel its power for I…am…Sith… nyahahahaha!" The trill of cute laughter echoed off the walls of the tomb, giving a young Twi'lek woman a headache.

"Argh! Can you shut up already?" The blue skinned Twi'lek shouted at the voice. Seriously, her master was counting on her to open this chamber door and now she had to deal with this annoyance. Vette reached for her twin blasters, ready to meet any foe that approached. What she found…was not what she had been expecting. She had not been expecting a small girl clad in dark robes that barely fit her skipping down the hall. She definitely hadn't been expecting a small pink feathered creature perched on the girl's light brown hair. Nor was she expecting a giant…well…monster of a beast, clad in nothing but a belt and loincloth. The girl stopped and stared at the Twi'lek. "Who are you?"

"Who am I?" Vette spat, "Who the hell are you? What's a little girl doing in a dangerous tomb like this one?"

The girl's face scrunched up at the word 'little', "Hey, I'll let you know I'm sixteen and my no means am small." She pouted, hands on her hips. "I'm Acolyte Silica, the all-powerful apprentice to Darth Zash herself. This up here is my faithful familiar, Pina." She introduced, pointing to the creature on her head, "And this is Khemmy, my new retainer!"

"And I'm supposed to believe you?" Vette inquired, not buying one bit. "All I see is a bunch of freaks and a kid who's pretending to be Sith. Why don't you go back home?"

"I am a Sith! Fine I'll prove it to you!" the girl raised out her hand and focused. A moment later, a stream of lightning erupted from her fingertips and struck the ground in front of the woman. Vette, quite well attuned to the tempers of Sith, stepped back instinctively. "See, the will of our willpower gives us strength, which gives us power, which gives us victory, and thus our chains are set free."

Vette wasn't sure if she should be fearing this little girl or whether she should be laughing…so she chose laughter. "Oh my gosh, that was so cute right there! You're just the cutest thing aren't you?"

"Ehh?" the girl cried in disbelief. "You're not scared of me?"

"Of course not. You're too chibi and cute for something like that! Wait till I tell my master about you!"

Silica pouted cutely as she ran off. "Wah! You're so mean! Come on Pina, Khemmy, Lord Zash is awaiting us." The dragon perched itself on the Desharde's head.


"Tulak Hord never ran from small woman. Worried I am."

Vette watched the interesting trio leave the catacombs in interest until a set of footsteps brought her out of her reverie. She turned around to see a young man clad in grey with black shoulder pads. "Just finished off that Vemrin dude. Man, he was strict. He didn't even let me let him live, if you get what I mean."

"I get you daddy!" a small girl's voice chirped from a small astromech following him. "I observed that he had issues with attachment, wanting to please Overseer Tremel and earn his affection but out of jealousy he decided to attack you. I wish he had taken the time to listen to my counseling. It might have saved his life."

"Heh, heh, sure Yui." The black-haired warrior chuckled, "I don't think that's how it works here. Did you get that door open yet Vette?"

"Uhh…yeah, sure did Master." The woman nodded but the man chuckled.

"Remember, I told you to call me Kirito. Now come on, according to Darth Baras, there supposed to be an ancient lightsaber in those chambers." The black haired bishounen gestured to the Twi'lek. "Thanks for getting the door open by the way."

Vette fought the urge to blush as she put her hands behind her back. "Uh…yeah you're welcome. It's n-nice to be acknowledged."

The two entered a small hall with hundreds of statues lining either side of the catacombs. But at the far end, Vette could make out a series of steps leading up to a single sarcophagus, guarded by two dim torches. Kirito made his way past the statues and climbed the steps until he stood right before the closed coffin. With a swift swing of his arm, the coffin's lid slid off easily, revealing an old skeleton, its head and body adorned with an ancient headpiece and breastplate. But what caught Kirito's eye was the light silver metallic tube placed inside the tomb. The dark-haired warrior raised his hand out and called the weapon to him.


The bright red blade sprung to life in his hands. Kirito gave the blade a good spin in his hands, testing its weight. "Hmm…it's lighter than the warblade." He muttered, as he pulled longer grey training saber from his back to compare. Finally, he unequipped his sword and equipped the hilt to his side. "I guess I can work with this for now." He decided, making a note to find a heavier weapon later.

Vette watched in confusion when a sudden sound alerted her to danger. Kirito turned back towards to coffin, his hand reaching for his newly retrieved saber. The corpse seemed to glow dark red, then streams of blue flew out of the ancient sarcophagus. Vette watched in horror as the blue spirits flew into the dozens of statues lining either side of the chamber. "Umm…Kirito, this doesn't look good." She warned her master.

Kirito nodded, igniting his new lightsaber; letting the hum of the glowing red blade fill his mind. "Vette be ready."

Moments after the blue hazes settled within the statues, their rocky shells exploded as dark figures clad in black leaped out of their cages. Each one drew his own shadowy blade, wisps of dark energy dancing around their very being.

"Right then, let's do this!" Kirito declared, dashing to meet the attackers. Vette took cover behind a still standing statue, pulling out her twin pistols and letting out a series of shots. Thankfully, ghouls were not immune to blaster bolts, much less lightsabers.

After a few minutes, the ghouls had been cut down. "Whew, that was a lot." Kirito declared. "Yui was that the last of them?"

"Yes daddy! You and Auntie Vette have cleared four waves of attackers and have completed the mission objectives."

"Thanks Yui!" Kirito congratulated the droid…err daughter when he noticed the Twi'lek had collapsed on the ground. "Vette are you alright?"

The blue skinned woman stared at him in a daze. "…Auntie…?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Yui calls our partners Uncle and Auntie, I thought it would help her better associate with people." Kirito explained.

"Wait…I'm your partner?" Vette asked in disbelief, her cheeks slightly reddening.

The man nodded. "That's right. What do you say we continue this game together?"

Ord Mantel, Savrip Island, Heroic Area

"So this is the world boss huh?" A scruffy looking soldier observed a large brutish beast with grey reptilian like skin and a pair of large ram's horns poking out of its head.

"Apparently so sir." To the soldier's left, a tall man with dark skin and cat-like eyes acknowledged. He gestured to the large brute known as the Savrip Champion. "Are you sure it's wise for just the two of us to tackle it sir?"

Klein paused, rubbing his chin in thought. "You got a good point Sergeant. He does look pretty tough, though I've heard there's a large chest hidden behind him and the only way to it is through him."

"I guess so sir." Jorgan replied, un-holstering the large blaster cannon from his shoulder. "Whenever you're ready sir."

"Right then," Klein's brow narrowed in concentration as he raised his rifle. Just then, a faint chuckled interrupted his thoughts.

"Nihihihi!" The duo turned around to see a young woman wearing a white V-neck under a brown leather jacket and dark tan pants. She had short blonde hair that barely reached her neck with bright green eyes. "What'cha got there Klein? Trying to go after the world boss? That's more Ki-bou's thing than your thing."

"A-Argo is that you?" The soldier asked in surprise. "I mean, I heard you had entered the game, but I didn't expect to see you here."

"Nihihi! But of course Klein, I'm a Smuggler, the second class that starts here on Ord Mantell! Now I was hoping to loot the crate behind that Savrip Champion." She commented, peering past the large brute standing before them. "It'd be pretty tough to handle, even with Corso by my side."

"Right with you Cap'n!" It was then when the scruffy haired soldier noticed a young man standing in the woman's shadow. He had tanned skin with braided brown hair that was tied up in a tight pony tail. He wore a tan outfit with a blast vest covering his vitals. "Cap'n here is one of the cleverest women in the galaxy."

"That's right Corso!" Argo smirked, alike a Cheshire cat. "I've got my reputation as an info broker on the line here. Now I assume you're after the chest as well right?"

Klein nodded, "Yeah, why do you ask? Would you like to join us fighting the boss?"

The woman chuckled darkly, "Well that's the thing Klein…you don't need to." She pressed her body against the side of the wall and made her way around the boss, completely undetected. "Now, all I need to do is open this chest and wallah! I just got a boatload of creds!" she gave the flabbergasted pair of soldiers a cheeky grin as she pointed her blaster at the large beast. "Now, I'll be nice and let you have that little piece of knowledge for free. Oh, and thanks for taking care of him!"

Before the pair could protest, she pulled the trigger and dashed past the trooper. "Have fun beating the boss!" She called as she skipped off; her companion watched the two soldiers trying in vain to fend for themselves. "Cap'n, you're a truly devious woman, aren't you?"

"It's called Rat'eous. I wouldn't be an info broker if I didn't know how to manipulate a deal to my benefit." Argo replied, petting the man's head. "Now, I think we have a ship to get back don't we?"

"Right with you Cap'n."

Klein finally lowered his rifle, panting. "Damn, that guy was pretty tough. You alright Jorgan?"

The Cathar nodded, "Everything's fine here sir."

"Damn that Argo, there's a reason why she's known as the Rat." The man muttered, before a series of claps interrupted his chain of thought.

The two soldiers look up to see a man wearing bulky white armor with purple markings. He had a realistic looking blaster cannon mounted over his shoulder. "Well done, that was some top notch fighting right there." He applauded the pair as he dropped down from the cliff side. "I'm Colonel Fukushuu."

"Colonel Vengeance?" Klein raised an eyebrow.

"You know Japanese?" The soldier asked in surprise.

He nodded, "Yeah, I'm from there."

"Neat. Anyways, I'm Colonel Fukushuu or just Colonel will do. I'm with the 442nd Regional Combat Team, we're probably the strongest trooper guild in the game, maybe one of the strongest guilds in the server. You've got a lot of potential and I couldn't help but notice your skill. So what do you say?"

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By the way, we got everyone so if you missed it:

Sith Warrior: Kirito (black + swords = Kirito)

Sith Inquisitor: Silica (loli + lightning = cuteness)

Bounty Hunter: Lizbeth (money…)

Imperial Agent: Sinon (sniper rifles + being general badass)

Jedi Knight: Leafa (sword master)

Jedi Consular: Asuna (Berserk Healer)

Republic Trooper: Klein (Self-proclaimed hero guy)

Smuggler: Argo (Money and info…sounds right up her alley)

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