FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: Collusion

Written for: Speklez

Written By: TheDarkestFallingStar

Rating: M

Summary: An Undercover cop and a notorious crime family, what could go wrong?
Prompt used:
Mafia/Organized crime

Author Note: Uh, there will be violence and swearing... just a heads up lol

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Third POV

Seattle- where the summers are warm and the winters grey. It rained more than not and the people drove everyone else insane. It was a high, bright tourist spot, well that's what everyone would make you believe. But the shining city was tarnished with greed and corruption, the nightlife deadly like a viper's den.

It was ruled by three ruling families: The Whitlocks, the Pack and the Hunters. But if you ask, you'll hear a whisper that it is the Whitlocks who owned the city, their reputation more brutal than the other two. Oh, some would say that James Hunter was the most ruthless or that Billy Black was stuck in the old ways but was still most effective. Yet it always came down to the Whitlocks being the ones they feared above all else in the underworld, they were an unconventional mob family.

Jasper and Peter Whitlock ran the family business, one dealing with the legality of it all while the other dealt with all the under-the-table business. They were known to be merciless, quick tempered and cunning, but polar opposites of each other.

Oh, don't be fooled, though. Jasper, though the more empathetic of the brothers, was just as cold-hearted as his brother, he just liked to lure you into a false sense of security, treat you as a friend until he got what he wanted and then that's where the true emotions would shine through.

Family above all. That was their motto and it was because of that motto, they were on the top of the most wanted in Seattle.

"Swan, my office now!" Carlisle's voice echoed across the bullpen, his gold hair, usually neat and tidy, was in disarray and it informed everyone that today was not a good day.

Bella got to her feet and ignored the others around her as they began to whisper. It wasn't often she was called to Carlisle's office and when she was it was with a smile, what on earth had she done to earn Chief Cullen's wrath?

Her eyes strayed to Emmett, her brother who was two desks from the office door with a raised brow, her stomach sinking when he shook his head and shrugged. She paused briefly at the door and, taking a steady breath before entering, her eyes taking in every item that was in disarray around the room. Images and case files tacked up onto the boards, taped to the glass windows. Coffee cups sat haphazardly over a few items, the desk piled higher and higher with more case files.

"You wanted to see me Chief?" She asked after a few moments, letting him finish what he was writing.

With a tired sigh Carlisle lifted his head from the file before him, his face tired and unshaven. He hadn't been home in two days, the case loads were coming in too quickly and soon he would be swamped with work. It didn't help that the Whitlocks seemed to have avoided another police raid and destroyed some of the downtown warehouses that were in part of the Pack's territory. The last thing he needed was another turf war on his streets.

"You're one of the best officers we've got and a fresh face to Seattle. I've been told that you have been trained in undercover operations and tactics by Benjamin Amunson and that you are very observant." He started off while gesturing for her to sit.

Isabella Swan, three years out of the Academy, worked her way to the top with dedication, having decided to follow her brother's and father's footsteps after college. It gave her a good recommendation to Seattle's finest and here she was now, moved up from small town precincts to the special task force. She was older than most recruits but excelled beyond their scores, his own son having nothing but praise for the petite woman before him.

A frown pulled at her brows. "Yes, Sir."

"What I have to say will stay between you and I. It's not unknown to all in this precinct that my goal is to dismantle the Whitlock Empire but everything we have done so far has failed or the charges didn't stick." He saw the spark of something deep within her eyes and he took it as a good sign. "In a few days you will be going undercover, I need you to gather information and as much as you can. We need locations, times, holding areas and if you can… those in the inner circle."

"Who will be my handler?" She asked slowly, her dark eyes boring into to him.

"Edward will be, he's got the experience to provide any answer or advice you may need." Yes, there were more capable people like her brother or even Makena Wayfarer… and though he knew he shouldn't, he still paired his son as Edward had confessed his attraction and it had been so long that he and Esme had seen him like that.

Bella seethed slowly and quietly, her hands clenching in her lap at the news. This is what she wanted in the beginning of her career but she was still new to the force even though she had experience in the field. So she forced out a smile, all teeth and gums, and thanked him for the opportunity.

He waved her off. "Come to my office tomorrow morning and we'll go over the details and information. Cheney will build you a new identity tonight, you'll get a few days to memorise everything and we will work out all the kinks as well. That is all."

At the sudden dismissal Bella rose to her feet and straightened her shirt before making her way back out into the bullpen. Nothing about that seemed right, but she couldn't speak out about that to her Chief's face, she was not willing to get a reprimand and lose the chance to do this. He was right about one thing, everyone knew about the obsession he had with the Whitlock family and the lengths he would go to to take them down.

"Bells?" Emmett asked, his hazel eyes glinting with worry but the dimpled smile on his face concealing it well.

"Tell ya later Em." The words were no higher than a whisper but he caught them anyway and the concern dropped. She was ordered by her Chief to keep it between him and his son but she wouldn't trust Edward as far as she could throw him and that wasn't very fucking far.

He was too fake, too full of himself. He thought he was God's gift to mankind and threw a fit or purposely sabotaged them if they didn't agree.

Her brother Emmett was in the same boat, he didn't trust the slimy snake either.

It was all too sudden, too suspicious and if she didn't play this all right then she could seriously get hurt because her Chief –though one of the best – was a little too narrow-minded and narrow-sighted when it came to the Whitlocks.

She needed to plan.

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