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FAGE 9: The Last Ride
Title: Lost and Found
Written for: Eternally Cullen
Written By: WitchyVampireGirl
Rating: M
Summary/Prompt used: Two lost souls struggling to find the light after horrible tragedies, find solace in each other.

I used the prompt of lost and found- but in a more metaphoric way! *winks*


The rain seeped through my hoodie as I ran across the street towards a non-descript building. Lights burned brightly, beckoning all to its promised warmth and shelter. As I bolted up the steps humming, I threw open the door, shaking away the excess rain. The familiar scents of vanilla and lavender greeted me as I walked deeper into the room.

Carmen was bustling around setting out chairs and moving tables to the outskirts of the room. Coffee and water were already set out as well the boxes that contained the sweets she never failed to bring. Wordlessly I started to push a table out of the way of the circle of chairs she was building in the center of the room. It took a few moments to realize she had stopped moving and was just staring at me.

"What?" I asked as I moved a few more chairs into the circle.

"You're whistling," she replied with a glint in her eyes.

"Was I? I didn't realize. I can stop if it bothers you." Glancing up I saw her lips curl into a smile.

"Bother me? Not in the least. It's a great to hear."

My face heated up as I ducked my head.

"Oh no, don't hide, Edward. It's just proof of how far you've come in the last year. It's a beautiful thing to see you happy. Do I dare ask what or should I say who it's about?" She gave me a knowing smirk causing my blush to deepen.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Carmen."

Laughing she said, "Oh Edward, what have we said about denial?" We laughed at her joke and in silence continued to set up the room.

Ten minutes later the room was filled with people talking softly before the meeting started. I held a warm cup of coffee in one hand and two pastries in the other. My eyes scanned the room looking at who was present. I couldn't deny that I was looking for someone in particular or how my heart raced just a bit at the idea of seeing them. There was also a tinge of guilt that accompanied those feelings. I hadn't felt anticipation or happiness in over a year and here they were, bubbling up inside me.

Tanya and I had spent the whole session on them when we met a few days ago. She noticed, like Carmen had, that I seemed happier and as we talked about it, out came other feelings and desires. Of course, there were tears and guilt that I was happy as well. It was a double-edged sword and I wasn't sure how to deal with all these overwhelming feelings. Sadness and grief had been my companions for so long that anything new tended to throw me for a loop.

Carmen calling the meeting to order broke me from my thoughts as I scrambled to find a place to sit. A tug at my arm made me pause and then smile as the person I was looking for appeared by my side.

"Is one of those for me?" Bella asked as she pointed to the pastries.

"Of course!" I held my hand out and she took the chocolate donut I saved for her.

"Thanks," she whispered as we sat down.

"Anytime," I replied and for the first time I realized how much I meant it.

"Welcome! It's so nice to see everyone. If you're new to our group we have a few rules … "

Carmen's familiar way of starting the group played in the background as I leaned to whisper in Bella's ear.

"Everything ok? Normally you beat me here."

She smiled and then rubbed the slight bump she was sporting. "Doctor's appointment went late."

Fear gripped me. "Is there something wrong?" I prayed she couldn't hear the slight hysteria that crept into my voice.

Her warm hand covered mine. "Oh no, everything is just fine. It was just a routine check-up." She gave my hand a squeeze and I breathed a sigh of relief. My eyes strayed to the swell of her abdomen and was confused by the wish that I could touch it.

Turning my attention to Carmen and away from my thoughts, I focused on what Carmen was saying.

"I always like to start the meeting off by asking one of the regulars if they would like to speak." Carmen's eyes touched on everyone in the circle, but stopped on me. I knew she wanted to know what's been going on with me after our earlier conversation.

Giving her a smirk, I raised my hand.

"Edward, thanks for volunteering." Her lips twitched in a brief smile.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Edward. I've been coming to this group for just over a year. My wife Alice and infant son died in July 2015 due to complications of a placental abruption."

"Hello, Edward," everyone intoned.

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