FAGE 9: The Last Ride

Title: A Touch of Kismet

Written for: Everleigh Allen

Written by: blueeyedcherry

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt Used: Edward surprises Bella with an anniversary she'll never forget. Sometimes fate takes us to new, unfamiliar places. Other times, it brings us right back to where we started. (Prompts used: I combined two prompts - 1. surprise me with a fun/funny, magical, whatever etc. love story, and 2. meeting on a train, plane, or automobile, etc.)

A/N: Happy FAGE Day! twirls around, tosses confetti, and uncorks the bubbly

It's been forever, yet again! I swear I'm still writing, just not as much as I'd like to.

Anyhow, this is the last FAGE ever, so I had to get involved, because you all know how much I love it.

Shout out to beegurl13 for making a beautiful banner (you can see it on Facebook or my fic blog). I unfortunately did not have a chance to enlist a beta for this, so any mistakes you see belong to me and me alone.

Thank you to Elizabeth Kloos for organizing the last ride! It's been a fun stretch, and you have no idea how sad it is to see this tradition come to a close.

There is a playlist for this one, containing a bunch of songs that I found inspirational when writing. Since I can never get links to work here, even when I physically write them out, shoot me a PM if you'd like to listen to it.

As with previous years, this is a short, multi-chapter story, that will post every hour today until complete. With the exception of the prologue, all of this is in BPOV.

Annie - this one is for you! I hope you adore all of the fluff inside. :)

I'll see you all soon!

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Characters belong to SM. Recognizable places, songs, films, etc. belong to their respective owners. The rest is mine.


-August 1994-

"It's a fwog!"

"Gwoss! Get it out of hewe, Masen!"

"But wook—" The boy from the cabin next door moved toward her and held his hands out. The brown-haired girl took a cautious step toward him, peering down in wonder at the disgusting amphibian. As if on cue the toad jumped, landing smack dab on top of the girl's head.

"Hewp!" she shrieked, hands flailing in the air. The little boy's laugh started out small, but soon turned into loud, excited whoops.

"It's just a fwog," he choked out, trying to grab it from her hair. Ten minutes later the toad was back in the lake and her cries had stopped, but silent tears continued to course down her now-rosy cheeks.

"I'm sowwy," Masen said, his own eyes welling up with tears.

"You'we a jewk!" Bella stomped off toward the dock, flopping down on the end of it and hugging her knees to her chest. Masen stared helplessly before deciding what to do.

Circling the cabins a few times, he rounded up as many white daisies as he could find. He remembered the first day he'd met Bella, two weeks earlier. She was sitting on the shore of the lake, tying daisies together. When he asked her what she was doing, she told him she was making a crown from her favorite flowers. He teased her about being a princess, and they'd been an inseparable pair of six-year-olds ever since.

Masen knew it was their last day at the cabin, and he didn't want Bella mad at him when his family left in the morning.

After he had a good collection of flowers, he trudged down the grassy hill and out onto the dock. He took several tentative steps towards his friend, and when she didn't tell him to leave, he sat down beside her.

"I weawwy am sowwy, Bewwa."

She looked over at him, raising one hand to her brow to shield her eyes from the sun. Her eyes were red and puffy and red and white splotches covered her cheeks.

"Why'd you do it?"

"I thought you wanted to see the fwog."

"I hate fwogs." Bella turned back toward the lake, kicking her foot and splashing water onto them.

"I didn't know that." Masen shoved the flowers at her. "These awe fow you."

One look at the flowers and Bella's face lit up. She grabbed them from his hand and shoved them against her nose, taking a long, loud sniff. "I wuv daisies. Thank you."

Seeing his newfound best friend happy was enough to make Masen happy. He looked out at the lake and grinned. Orange, red, and pink streaks swirled around the sky near the horizon, signaling the start of yet another beautiful Northern Minnesota sunset.

Bella looked over at Masen and grinned. 'You'we the best fwiend evew." She smelled the daisies once more, then rested her head on his shoulder,

Masen was going to miss this; swimming all day, running around while their moms shopped, and roasting marshmallows over campfires each night. What he'd miss the most though, was the girl sitting next to him.

He reached down and grabbed Bella's hand in his. "I wuv you, Bewwa."

She sighed. "I wuv you too, Masen. Even when you put fwogs in my haiw."