Traitor's Reward

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Note: This is a remake of Ch. 42 of the Hana Yori Dango Manga Series. It is recommended that you read the chapter before you read this fanfic.

"Do you know what you're doing right now?" Tsukasa asked silkily. His broad frame filled the doorway, Tsukushi's only way out.

The air seemed to still between them as they stared at each other from either end of the opulent room. Tsukushi's eyes widened in panic and her breath quickened to match the thundering beats of her heart. She tried to speak, to explain that nothing had happened with Rui, but her voice had stopped working.

"You can't complain after you suffer the consequences!" He roared suddenly, stepping further into the room. His eyes were alight with violence and cruelty and Tsukushi shrank back, her shaking grip on the chair tightening.

"Wait- listen to me," Tsukushi entreated tremblingly, finally finding her voice. "I beg you!"

A foot kicked away the chair she had been so desperately clutching, leaving only her huddled form to face her tormentor. As she stared in shock at the broken chair, lying in an irreparable heap, the violent figure before her became very still. Tsukushi's eyes slowly made their way from the wooden carcass up to Tsukasa's unwavering stare. What she saw made her recoil in horror.

Tsukasa's eyes were frighteningly empty. They looked down at her with no emotion. No, that wasn't true. There was disgust too, she thought. A disgust that denoted her as nothing more than sickly vermin, of no use to the world.

"You shouldn't come and go in other people's houses as you please." He spoke softly now, but with deadly menace. With a violent motion, he swept a vase of flowers off the table at Tsukushi.

"Kyaa!" She shrieked, frantically shielding her face from the hard vase. Water splashed over her clothes and the drowning flowers landed defeatedly at her feet and on the lower skirts of her dress.

"So, how do you like going from one guy to another?" The cold voice spoke above her. "It should be fun for a girl like you."

Tsukushi said nothing, her eyes glued to his in fear.

His lips twisted as he said snarlingly, "You looked at Rui with those eyes, didn't you? And you kissed him with those lips," Tsukasa drew closer, snatching her arm up in his relentless hold.

"Didn't you also hold him with those arms?" He shook Tsukushi's arm as he spoke, bringing himself down onto one knee. She paled, seeing his face only inches away from hers, his eyes searing a hole into her soul.

"You find it entertaining playing with other people's feelings?" He roared, magnificent in his rage. His face, a plethora of emotions swiftly became blank and his features rearranged into a disdainful mask.

"It's a pity, though. I already forgot what happened between us," he pronounced smoothly. "After all, you're just a plain weed."

Tsukasa's words hit her with a painful blow, as she stared fearfully into his face. She tried to scramble back but Tsukasa's grip on her collar was stronger, pulling her body towards his, so that they were face to face. Releasing her shirt, he placed both hands on either side of her face and brought her lips in to meet his.

She gasped as he kissed her with reckless abandon. She shuddered in fear, but also anticipation, at the explosive passion that sparked between them. Unlike his other kisses, this one was hard. He punished her with his mouth while one hand came down to roughly tear the soft material of her dress, revealing her slender shoulders and small chest. Tsukushi gasped as he roughly groped at her scantily clad breast through her bra.

Scalding tears forced their way to the back of her eyelids as Tsukasa continued to ravage her mouth with violent kisses. Was this what it would come to? A quick toss in the bedroom and then… what? Her whole body shuddered as Tsukasa moulded her body to his, sliding one arm around her waist and the other hand still on her cheek, tilting her face to his.

Tsukasa groaned as he tasted Tsukushi's sweet mouth, her soft lips and her intoxicating scent driving him mad with pleasure. This was what he needed. As he deepened the kiss, he felt moisture on his hand. Opening his eyes, he noted guiltily the tears streaming from her eyes and her trembling body.

Suddenly, unbidden images of Rui appeared in his mind. Rui, kissing Tsukushi tenderly. Rui and Tsukushi's bodies wrapped around each other. Rui and Tsukushi's limbs intertwined as they embraced each other lovingly. Rui and Tsukushi-no!

He looked down at the shaking girl before him and clenched his jaw. How? How did this girl arouse so many emotions from him? She had taken his heart and smashed it into a thousand pieces. She had cheated on him with Rui, commoner whore that she was.

He roughly pushed her away from him and stood up.

"Go. Get out of my sight," he stated flatly, looking away from Tsukushi. "I want my first time to be with someone special. Someone who is worthy of me. Not Rui's leftovers."

Tsukushi flinched back, shattered from her overwhelming emotions and Tsukasa's biting words. She tried unsuccessfully to cover herself with the tattered remains of her dress but it was ripped beyond repair. A fresh sob welled up in her throat but she ruthlessly covered it with the back of her fist, fighting to regain control.

Tsukasa took one last hard glance at the girl who had spurned his love before striding towards the doorway, resolute and unwavering. He stopped at the doorway, looking straight ahead. Tsukushi stared at his unrelenting back, unable to move from her sprawled position.

"Don't come here again if you value your life," He kept staring ahead. "Get the hell out of my life." He strode out of the room without looking back.

It seemed like hours before Tsukushi finally raised herself on wobbly legs, barely managing to stand. With every step she took, the room swam heavily before her, and stars appeared in brilliant flashes. She made it to the hallway before everything started spinning.

"There you are!" Tsubaki strode towards the small figure. "I thought you had left when you disappea-" she stopped talking as she noticed the girl's ripped dress and her quivering figure.

As Tsukushi tried to turn to face whoever was talking to her, she felt her knees go weak and the stars exploded into a multitude of blinding fireworks.

Hello! I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter of my fanfic. Initially, I had intended that Tsukasa would, hem hem, go further with Tsukushi and do the unforgivable but I didn't see a way that he could redeem himself and that just didn't really go along with his character. What do you think? Should I continue this and make it a series? Please feel free to review as this is my first fanfic and is probably very rusty both grammar-wise and in terms of flow.