Harry Potter and the Blessed Blood


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"Well Harry," Neville began, before handing him the potion, "that is two tasks done and you are doing pretty darn good. I think everything will be fine. After all, how much worse can the third task be?"


Luna Lovegood sat at a table going over what little they knew of the current Triwizard Tournament, and those of the past. They hadn't been very well informed about the second task, and had virtually no information on the first, which just meant that they needed to know something before the third began in a few months.

There had to be something that could help Harry. Despite his instance they had all seen the cuts and bruises he had obtained during the last fight. Her best friend didn't want to admit it but... the outcome had been far too close for comfort.

First a dragon, then a battle against stone giants... the tournament seemed to be getting more and more deadly as time went on, and if the prophecy given at the start of the year was any indication...

The blonde violently shook her head, no he was not going to die. Not during this Goddess forsaken tournament, not due to some arseholes who couldn't just leave him in peace, and certainly not before he could just live his life.

A life that Luna, not so secretly, wanted to share with him.

Yes, Harry would be living a very long life if she had anything to say about...

"Oh, hey Luna. I didn't know you were down here, sorry I just needed to grab some clothes."

Any other thoughts immediately fled from her mind as the boy who she had been thinking about made his way towards his wardrobe... wearing nothing but a very small towel wrapped around his waist.

Sure she had noticed his physique during the first task, but that was via a magical orb that simply zoomed in a bit. This was... he was...

There were no words, and suddenly Luna Lovegood began to feel very warm in her robes.

It was just the two of them... down in the chamber... for at least a few hours...

Neville wouldn't be relieving her until after dinner, with Hermione spending the night with him.

It would be so very easy to drop what she was wearing, walk forward and remove the covering from him as well. The bed was so close, and so very comfortable.

It would be sinfully easy.

The boy of her current fantasy seemed to have noticed her unusual demeanor, and took a few steps closer to her, much to her secret delight, "Uh Luna? Are you okay?"

Her eyes slowly made their way down his body, secretly hoping for an instance of 'accidental magic' that might remove his only shred of covering.

"Luna... hey are you..."

"Hm? Oh yes of course Harry, I was just... admiring the view."

His face furrowed a bit in confusion, oh Hermione and her were going to ruin him.

"Uhm... okay... well if you are sure you're okay..."

"Perfectly" the girl purred, licking her lips with realizing it.

"Well I'm just going to go finish up..."

"Do you need any... help Harry? I am sure it would be much easier for me to wash your back..."

This time it got a reaction, as the boy turned beat red, and there seemed to be a slight... discomfort at his waist.

"Uh no, no I'm okay thanks." with that he grabbed some clothing and quickly retreated to the makeshift bathroom Dobby had setup for them to use.

"Oh yes... we are going to have so very much fun Harry..."


"I cannot believe those arseholes. I mean what does he freaking need to do, defeat an army single-handedly before they will actually give him a decent score?"

"It does seem like your government is rather... how do I say it... pieces of shit?"

"Hey if I remember right your Headmaster was just as bad as mine was in terms of scoring."

Krum gave an annoyed grunt, the other boy was right after all. Other than the French Headmistress all of the judges had given Harry exceedingly awful scores yet again.

The large woman had given him a perfect ten, not only for saving someone he wasn't required to, but also for doing so at great personal risk with no thought of reward.

"So what do you think the next task will involve?"

"We already know it is going to be some sort of 'gauntlet' according to the representative of your Ministry. Considering we had to face dragons in the first task, and giants in the second I can only assume we will be battling some sort of horrible monsters in the end as well."

The Hufflepuff gave a nod, thankfully there was another 'champion meeting', as he had begun calling them, later that day. Neither had seen Fleur or Harry since the task, with the witch going off to spend time with her family and Harry, once again, disappearing.

"Regardless of what it is I think we all know what is at stake now. Not only do they seem hell bent on getting us killed in this stupid Tournament, but endangering those we care about as well."

"Hopefully Harry will have some suggestions for how to fight whatever we will be going up against. Lord knows he is the only one who has had a good track record thus far."


Hermione Granger had a bit of an issue. The young girl loved to learn and absolutely adored reading, and for the longest of times she considered these two facts to be the defining features of her life. When her magical life had begun she had been more excited about new information rather than all of the wonders that magic could do. What did she care if you could levitate a chair or not, it was far more interesting to learn about the reasons behind the levitation.

Even after being rescued, and meeting two people who would help define her existence, Hermione still placed her life's emphasis on learning. Recently, however, that seemed to have been pushed aside for a far more enjoyable pass time.

Waking up with Harry.

She had regained consciousness over an hour ago, and her old self would have been complaining about getting up and ready, preparing for the day ahead, and the homework she was assigned, maybe even doing some light casual reading. Instead she was lying in bed, enjoying the extremely pleasant sensations of Harry's gentle breath on the back of her neck as he laid behind her. His arms were wrapped firmly around her midsection and their legs were intertwined.

The only thing she could possibly find wrong was the setting, that being the Chamber of Secrets. Oh how she longed to be doing this in a warm bed in a far off cottage. Just Harry and her, lying with sunlight peaking in through the windows. For birds to be chirping out the window, and knowing that there was absolutely no reason to get up until they were good and ready.

'And maybe' a quiet voice whispered in the back of her mind, 'for a little bit less clothing between us, to feel his skin against my own, to experience...'

Hermione Granger bit her lip a bit too fiercely in order to purge those thoughts from her mind, now was not the time, nor the place, for such ideas or actions.

'But maybe someday... maybe someday soon...'


"Gabby, what are you drawing?" Fleur inquired as she walked over to where her younger sister was busy with one of her sketchpads. Few, save for her family, knew that the youngest Delacour was quite the aspiring artist, and would frequently spend her afternoons sketching whatever came to her mind. She was particularly skilled at drawing individuals.

"Oh nothing, just a few ideas I have been having recently."

Coming up behind the young girl the older witch glanced over her shoulder at the paper, her eyes widening as she did so. It was an incredibly detailed drawing of two young adults in a passionate embrace and sharing, from what she could tell, was a romantic kiss.

The girl was wearing a beautiful wedding dress while the male was in a rather exquisite set of groom robes.

However it was the man's face that caught her attention most of all, it was somehow familiar with the messy hair, the glasses, the lightning bolt scar...



Trying to hide the blush forming on her face Fleur cleared her throat just a bit, "um Gabby... who is the woman that Har... I mean the boy in your drawing is kissing?"

"Me of course, who else would I get married to other than Harry?"

For the briefest of moments the thought flashed through the French champion's mind that she would look far better in the dress... but thought better of it. Let her sister have her fantasy wedding after all, so long as it was Fleur who ended up with the boy what did it matter?


"Cedric, Victor" The raven-haired boy greeted as he entered the small clearing that had become their unofficial training ground. "Have either of you seen..."

His question was interrupted by a blonde woman throwing herself into him at full speed.

"Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!"

"Guess we found Fleur..." Cedric muttered, while the Bulgarian chuckled nearby. The witch had practically wrapped herself around the boy in a 'death hug' while chanting her thanks through tear filled eyes.

"Uh... your welcome but..."

"Fleur I think he needs to breathe at some point."

Reluctantly the girl let her sister's savior go, allowing him to draw breath once more and pick himself off of the ground. It was then that all three noticed the cuts and bruises still present.

"Mon Deiu Harry I am..."

"Don't apologize, a few cuts and bruises are nothing compared to your sister's safety. How is she doing?"

"She is... okay. Mama has not let her go more than ten feet from either her or Papa though, and I am glad... if you had not been there..."

"Then I am glad that I was."

"Harry... we cannot thank you enough for..."

"Then there is no reason to thank me. Besides she helped me enough as is."

The three blinked in confusion, "how did an unconscious girl help you Harry?"

"I..." the boy-who-lived violently suppressed the memories of his home life that threatened to form in his mind, "I was doing badly in the fight until I remembered that I couldn't lose. Knowing I had something to fight for is what allowed me to win."

"Speaking of winning, can you believe that those... bastards gave you such crappy scores again?" the Hogwarts champion exclaimed, throwing his hands up into the air for extra emphasis.

"Doesn't really matter to me, I don't even know what my score is to be honest. As I told them, all I want is to live through this with my magic intact... and now for all of you to survive as well. Other than that I could care less what happens."

"I agree, to hell with the prize money and fame, it isn't worth losing our lives, or the lives of our loved ones over."

"So what now? There is no big clue for the next task just that it is some sort of test of endurance."

"Then we need to be ready for anything, which got me thinking the other day." Fleur interrupted, before pulling out a small scroll. "During the second task I became overwhelmed with grief and emotions which certainly did not help the situation at all. If I had been thinking more clearly I might have found a way to help Gabby. I retrieved this from one of the portable libraries that we brought along, maybe we can get some aid from it?"

The boys crowded around, taking note of what had been written, "uh Fleur..."

"It is a scroll on controlling one's emotions through meditation. I have been told that it also helps focus an individual's magic. Any advantage we can get might help."

"Okay, how do we start?"

The half-Veela smiled at the young Potter heir, who was immediately ready to learn something new.

"Okay, first sit down in a comfortable position and close your eyes, then take some deep breaths."


A rather annoyed House Elf opened up the paper that had been delivered to the castle several days after the end of the second task.

Potter the Kidnapper

In a move that has, unfortunately, surprised none of us here at the Prophet Harry Potter has once again spat in tradition and general morality. During the second task of the Triwizard Tournament, which he entered through deceitful methods earlier this year, the child found himself in a situation where he was able to interfere with another Champion. The French champion had been defeated soundly but rather than allow her to lose with grace and honor the boy decided to take her hostage as his own, not only forcing further humiliation on the poor girl, but also kidnapping her sister in the process.

What will this mean for future French-English relations? Is Harry Potter trying to bind innocent young girls into life debts so as to build some sort of slave harem? Will the English and French governments step in to stop this madness? We will keep you up to date on any future updates as we become aware of them.

Another article written by 'Rita Skeeter'... but this one had gone too far for the helpful creature. Something would have to be done, and if the Great Harry Potter would not defend his own honor... well Dobby would just have to intervene for him.


"Harry it is okay, this isn't an easy task to master by any means." The French witch gently whispered as she watched the boy try, and fail, to relax into a meditative state.

They had been at it for weeks and the other three had managed to move past the basics and onto the more advanced stages, such as focusing one's magic, and allowing for silent spells. Harry still hadn't managed to even begin the basics of the first part to this.

"I feel as though I am letting you down" the boy muttered in a defeated tone, every time he had attempted to relax his mind and simply be at peace he had found himself back there, in that horrible house with those... monsters. Stuffed back into the darkness that had consumed his life for so many years.

"You could never let us down Harry. It was only through you that we all made it through the last task. It was only through your actions that my sister is with us today. I just wish that I could help you with this."

"It isn't your fault Fleur, I just... it keeps bringing back bad memories..."

Silence fell on the two for a few seconds, as Cedric and Krum took part in a friendly duel nearby. Once again the boy's friends had wanted to be with him but their classes were interfering.

"Do you want to talk about them? I know that can help. After the second task I had a hard time falling asleep at night until I spoke to Madam Maxime. She said that the reason I was suffering from nightmares was because I had never truly confronted the truth about what happened, that it wasn't my fault and that I hadn't failed Gabby. This helped me move past that part of my life."

Harry nodded, before feeling the nervous tension in his chest emerge once more, just like any other time he was debating talking about his life. Even his closest friends hadn't be told about this...

"I... had a bad childhood."

Fleur blinked in surprise. The legendary Harry Potter had a rough upbringing? She knew that his parents had been killed but surely there was a line of thousands of people willing to raise the savior of the wizarding world.

"What do you mean?"

"I was placed with my aunt and uncle. They hated my mother, father, and magic in general... I was..."

Fleur could see the hesitation, the pain in the boy's eyes. She had seen this reaction once before, in one of her classmates who also had suffered a 'bad childhood'. "Harry... did they hurt you?"

The answer she received was him turning his head away, trying to hide his shame.

He was engulfed in a hug not a second later.




Rita nodded, "so Dobby, I hear you have quite the story for me."

"Oh yes Dobby does, Dobby knows so many things about the Great Harry Potter."

The woman nodded, hiding her shark-like grin as she did so. Reporters loved House Elves, they often overheard things that no one else did, and more often than not their presence was ignored in even the most secret of meetings. Better still was the fact that they were so often abused and neglected that quite a few were willing to give away information to get back at those who tormented them, especially if they were not magically bound in the proper manner to prevent such things.

"Please go on Dobby."

"Dobby knows so many things, so many secrets."

Secrets? This could be the story of the century, and the perfect one to elevate her career to even greater heights.

"Secrets..." she muttered as her quill wrote furiously.

"Secret places, in the deepest of darks."

"Are things... kept in these places?"

"Oh yes, all sorts of things are kept there. Things that Dobby should not talk about."

"Go on..." Although her mouth answered Rita's mind was elsewhere. Secrets about Harry Potter? This could earn her awards and fame at unprecedented levels.

"Yes, Dobby is in charge of these places and what is placed in them. Places that no one else can find, places where Dobby can hide things."

"Hide all sorts of secrets..." the woman whispered with a maniacal grin forming.

"Hide things such as people..."

"Hiding people..." Skeeter repeated, not knowing quite what she was saying.

"People such as nasty reporters"

"Nasty repor..." The woman froze, before slowly glancing up from the notes she had been taking. She almost wish she hadn't. Rita Skeeter had seen quite a few odd things in her lifetime. Scandals of unprecedented scales. Secret meetings, debauchery and sin that would make even the strongest of constitutions waiver, but never in her life had she ever beheld such a hate filled glare.

The witch wasn't even aware that House-Elves could snarl.

"If the nasty reporter does not leave Master Harry Potter and his friends alone Dobby will take her to one of these places... and then forget where Dobby left her."

"I... uhm..."

"Dobby will be watching"

With that the creature faded from the room, and Rita took wiped away the nervous sweat that had been forming on her forehead.

Perhaps she was a bit overdo for a vacation after all.


"Ah Fleur, you wanted to see me?"

"I did, thank you for speaking with me Madam."

"No problem at all, what can I do for you Fleur?"

"I was hoping you could help me with something. A... friend of mine has a rather bad home life and needs help but I do not think I can do anything by myself."

"Your 'friend', he wouldn't happen to be English would he?"

"He is, which is why I cannot help him much myself."

The larger woman hummed, before a sudden realization dawned on her. Perhaps Fleur's 'friend' was more obvious than she thought.

"He wouldn't happen to be a young, handsome, green eyed hero... would he?"

The young Delacour fought against the blush that threatened to form on her face, and replied with a slight nod.

"It does seem that Mr. Potter is in a rather bad situation, not only with his school but his government as well... I am afraid there isn't much I can do for him if he remains here..."

"I... understand, thank you for your help Madam."

As the half-Veela turned to leave, her Headmistress called out once more, "Fleur, perhaps there is something I can do, but it will take a bit of political manipulation and time as well. By the end of the tournament we should have a way of helping him though."

The champion's smile brightened the room.


'Breathe in'

'Breathe out'

'Relax your body'

'Focus your mind on nothingness, just on the breathes themselves.'

'Allow your senses to expand to your surroundings, but pay them no mind.'

'Be aware of everything but focus on nothing but yourself.'

Harry pushed aside the dark thoughts that, once again, threatened his peace. He would not allow those memories to control him anymore.

He was stronger than that.

Soon he became aware of everything. The birds in the nearby trees, the water flowing in the river, the earth beneath him, the sky above.

Cedric and Fleur were dueling nearby. Cedric was acting tough but was beginning to sweat, he smelled of nature and firewood.

Fleur smelled sweet, like chocolate and something else he could not quite put his finger on.

Krum was returning with lunch, his footsteps were always a bit louder than the others, more forceful in his march.

The light upon his face.

The shadows in the surrounding trees.



And so much more


"Uh guys..."

The two champions paused in the spar to look over to the third, who gestured slightly towards the youngest of them seated nearby.

But it wasn't the fact that he appeared to be at peace. It wasn't the calm expression on his face nor the slight shimmer in the space around him, both of these had occurred with the others when they had achieved their meditation as well.

No it was the fact that the rocks around them were beginning to rise into the air.

"That... isn't supposed to happen... right?"

"Meditation allows one to tap into their magic in ways not thought possible before. The more effect that it has on the world around them..."

"The stronger that they are." Krum finished, wide eyed as he watched as the influence began to spread further out.

Soon the water remaining on the leaves from the previous night's rain began to rise into the air as well, this was joined by dirt, and even small insects.

"Mon Dieu..."


"Ah Hogwarts, it is so good to be back... alright Moony it is time for our dramatic entrance."

"Sirius, we were back last year I don't think that..."


The occupants of the main hall turned towards Sirius, and a very embarrassed Remus, before turning back to their conversations without so much as a single clap.

"The... hell..."

"Padfoot I told you that..."

"I swear today's youth... no respect..."

"Ah Sirius and Remus, so good to see you both again. What brings you back here? Completed your task already?"

Remus ignored the sudden urge to rip the man's eyes out by taking a deep breath... and letting his friend answer instead.

"Oh we're done old man. We are so done it isn't even freaking funny. Done with these stupid errands, with hunting down these bloody cursed items of yours. With being at each others throats due to dark magic and God knows what else."

"I understand you are a bit upset Sirius but..."


Albus released a deep breath, knowing that the news wouldn't be taken well. "He is on Hogwarts grounds."

"Well that's good, at least you are..."

"Where on 'Hogwarts grounds'?" the werewolf continued, knowing a misdirection when he heard one.

"I am afraid I cannot answer that."

"Can't or won't?"

"Can't, I have been unable to locate Mr. Potter since his departure from the school."

"Oh you mean when you kicked him out!?" The Lord of Black growled.

"It had to be done, the rules clearly stated that..."

"I swear to all that is holy or unholy in this world old man if you finish that statement you will find out what your own arse tastes like!"

"It is bad enough that you insisted we go on this stupid little quest of yours instead of being here for him, but now you are keeping us away from..."

"I am not keeping you away from him Mr. Lupin, and this 'stupid little quest' is quite important I assure you. Unless one of you would like to try and figure out a different way to finally kill Voldemort?"

Both men fell silent, having been filled in on the man's 'immortality' over the summer.

"I thought not. Now how far are we on this?"

"We destroyed three, this means that with the diary and the one we have just located we will only need two more."

"Very good, my sources point at Nagini, Voldemort's former familiar, as being one of them which means we only have one left to try and locate. So what brings you two back here, and where is Ms. Nym... Tonks?"

"Well one of the objects is located in the castle somewhere, Tonks is checking in with the Aurors and her family, and also we have this." Remus pulled out a small black stone, holding it aloft for the old man to see.

"It was attached to one of the Hocruxes but it isn't evil. We only brought it back because... well we have no idea what it is... except for very old magic."

"Hmm, for it to be stored with a Hocrux means it must be very valuable. I will do research on it when I have the chance, but for now we will store it in my office where it will remain safe. If Voldemort becomes aware of our meddling then he may very well have a way of locating the stone, which would put you both in far more danger if you kept it."

The two men nodded, before handing the artifact over and continuing on to try and locate the next cursed object. Neither of them noticed the gleam in the elder wizard's eyes when he took the stone into his hand.


"Dobby, why don't you take the night off. You have done so much for me that I will never be able to repay you."

The House-Elf's jaw almost hit the ground. Everything that his hero had done, both for him and the world, and he still believed that he had to repay anyone?

"Master Harry Potter, Dobby does not need any time off, no no no. Dobby enjoys working. Dobby would not know what to do if Dobby had 'time off'."

"Well, what did you do before you worked for the Malfoys?"

The creature blinked in surprise, before trying to recall a time where he wasn't bound.

"Dobby... was young back then. Dobby would spend time with his family..."

"When was the last time you saw them?"

"Dobby... doesn't remember..."

"Then why not take the evening and visit them? Trust me when I say that family is important Dobby. If mine were here..." It was a rarity for Harry to be completely alone, but with Neville having been given a detention in potions earlier in the week he was unable to be with his best friend. Hermione, Luna, and Susan all had class for the evening.

Emerald eyes stared off into the darkness for a moment, before the owner shook his head to refocus his thoughts.

"Anyway... go and relax Dobby, spend some time with them."

"Dobby will... thank you Great Master Harry Potter!" with that, and a snap of his fingers, the Elf disappeared leaving Harry alone.

It wasn't that he didn't enjoy having someone to talk to but for what he was planning he needed to be alone. It was too dangerous otherwise.

Sitting down onto the stone floor Harry crossed his legs and closed his eyes once more.


'Breathe in'

'Breathe out'

'Feel the magic inside of you'

'Embrace it'

'Then release it'



"Hermione I will be fine, I promise."

The bushy-haired girl looked up into the eyes of the boy she cared for. Tomorrow was going to be the final task, all he had to do was complete it and he would be free. No more death defying situations, no more monsters lurking in the shadows, no more stress filled nights of five teenagers trying to figure out cryptic clues.

"Have you thought about..."

He shook his head gently, "not yet... I don't know if I can stay in England anymore, there is just too much..."

"I understand. I just... I know this is selfish but I don't want you to leave me behind."

"Hermione, I will never leave you behind, you know that." The boy swept forward, pulling her into a hug and gently kissing her forehead.

It was sweet, tender, loving...

When he pulled back to look back down at her the teenage girl could see nothing less in his eyes. He cared for her, even if he didn't realize it yet. Hermione Granger wasn't quite sure who started it, although in her deepest hopes she wanted it to be her, for that Gryffindor courage to finally find its way into her heart. Regardless her eyes were closed and a second later their lips were touching.

The bookworm could practically feel the love and warmth flowing from her from just one small chaste kiss. One kiss that lead to another, and another, and another...

At some point they had ended up back on the bed, their lips struggling to find an awkward rhythm, with his body covering her own, and her fingers weaving through his hair.


As her mind began to shut down her body and instincts took over, she wanted more. More of him, more of them. She needed him just as he needed her. In this one moment there was a connection between them not shared by any other person on the planet.

Need, desire, love

The first time that she felt his hips thrust forward, his body acting on its own just as hers was, she knew exactly where this would lead them. Then the fears began to slowly make their way back as her mind restarted, and she came to one conclusion.

"H-Harry... wait..."

If she didn't know any better Hermione would've sworn she had given him an electric shock with how fast he jumped off of her and to the end of the bed.

"Sorry, sorry I didn't... I didn't mean to..."

"Harry it's okay, you didn't hurt me I promise. Actually it was... really good" wonderful even "but I'm not... we're not ready for... that..." and they weren't, she had just turned fifteen this school year, and he was still only fourteen. Neither of them were ready for that yet.

The raven-haired boy hurriedly nodded his head trying to catch his breath, and if he was anything like her, slow his heart rate down.



Said boy paused in his voyage towards the starting point of the third task, he had heard from his friends that the three adults were at Hogwarts but he hadn't seen them yet. Part of him was beginning to think it was better that way.


The man's gleeful running slowed to a walk as he heard the response... one that he wasn't expecting.

"Harry there you are, we are so glad to see you."

"Tonks" the boy replied, again his tone lacking any sort of joy or tone at all.

"Is... everything okay cub?"

"Indeed, I am on my way to compete in the final task as we speak."

"Oh yeah that reminds me! Pup you are so grounded for..."


Sirius Black froze at the response. His own 'demand' had been playful but Harry... the Lord Black could almost feel the anger in it.

"Harry, I know that you've been having a rough year so far but we are your godparents."

Apparently, Remus Lupin's response had been the wrong one. "Oh? You two are my godparents now? So tell me then godfather where have you been since last summer?"

Tonks could see what was happening, and from the letters Remus had written she knew that the end wasn't going to be pretty. If she was being honest it was also well deserved.

"I... we..."

"Had things to do right? A vacation to go on, girls to chase after, sunshine to enjoy?"


"So then after you blatantly ignored me last summer... then what did you do? Surely you came by to see me at least once during the school year right?"

"We... we couldn't..."

"Ah yes, because you had things to do right? A trip to take? So where were you when I was entered into this tournament? Where were you when I needed help? Where were you when I was exiled!?"

"Harry..." Sirius almost whined out. The boy's teeth began to grind together at the tone, how the hell could either of these two 'adults' even pretend to be his guardians when they couldn't even act like anything more than spoiled brats themselves? "We... can't tell you."

"But you can tell Tonks right? Because you are responsible for her correct? Because clearly I can't be trusted with whatever you were doing. Clearly I was not important enough to even bother checking on. CLEARLY I AM LESS IMPORTANT ONCE AGAIN!"

At this point Harry was practically shouting at the three, whose heads dropped as the truth was pushed in their faces.

"Pup... this summer I prom..."

"Don't! Do not waste your breath on stupid promises that you will pretend to keep. I am beyond tired of hearing them from everyone. I am tired of being ignored, of being kept in the dark, of being acknowledged only when something is needed from me. Neither of you have even tried to act like a guardian to me, so why the hell would I act like someone under your care now?"

"Harry please... this isn't how this was supposed to go, we..."

"Tonks, stay the hell out of my life."

"Hey! Harry that isn't fair she's just trying to..."

"Oh I'm sorry, perhaps I should be more understanding to the 'guardian' who didn't bother showing up until I was thirteen, and then took the entire school year to even acknowledge that he knew my family."

Remus winced as if struck.

"Now if you would excuse me, I have a deadly tournament to complete." With that he stormed off, leaving three adults, and their tears, behind.


"Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome you all to the third and final task of the TriWizard Tournament!" Ludo's voice announced, rolling over the stands like thunder. "The four champions will put themselves on the line one last time to navigate a massive maze full of creatures and challenges. Only the bravest and most worthy will find the Goblet of Fire at the center, and claim it along with the rewards. Without further ado... LET US BEGIN!"

A loud bang sounded, before all four students entered the maze, each thinking no longer of fame or fortune... but only survival of their friends and themselves.