Nan stood perched on the telephone wire, arguing with another bird.

"Chirp Chirp! Chirp Chirp Chirp!" she tweeted.

Now this may seem just bird talk to some people, but Chelsea understood it. Nan seemed to be rejecting the other bird from a love confession. After all, the other bird held a flower in its beak.

Concerned for the little bird, Chelsea walked over, and began chirping to the 2 birds.

"Chirp Chirp Chirp!" she said. At least, she tried to say "calm down, you two".

Nan immediately jumped of the wire, and perched onto her shoulder. Hiding behind Chelsea, Nan snuggled in her hair.

Before the male bird left, it called out, "Chirp. Chirp Chirp."

Nan screeched angrily, and turned red (or whatever birds do when they're embarrassed). Chelsea, who had understood what the other bird had said, laughed.

"He likes you…." she said, teasing Nan.

Onlooking, Lance and Ocean observed Chelsea.

"Hey…. Why is Chelsea like that?" Lance asked.

Ocean joked, "She's in love with me."

Lance snickered. "Then why don't you say what that bird said to Nan?"

Ocean blushed red. Lance sighed, and said, "Thought so."

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