Naruto woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring. He groaned as his body screamed in pain. On shaky limbs, he got himself sitting up in his bed and with a heavy sigh, stood up and began to get ready for school.

After finishing getting dressed, he made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He saw Iruka and Kakashi talking over the stove as they were making breakfast. He leaned against the doorframe. "Morning guys, uh, where's the aspirin?"

"Morning Naruto, it's in the-" Iruka stared wide-eyed as he realized the condition that Naruto was in. "Oh my god." He put down the spatula he was using and made his way over to the blonde. "Naruto, what happened?"

"You didn't sneak out last night, did you?" Kakashi asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Iruka gave him a glare. "What did we say about that?"

Naruto shook his head. "No. I didn't sneak out. It happened when I was taking out the trash. He wanted payback for me breaking his phone back in the group home."

Both Kakashi and Iruka looked at each other in bewilderment before turning to him. "Why didn't you say something to us?!" Iruka practically shrieked.

Naruto grimaced and turned away from them. "That's the thing," with a sigh, he turned towards them, gaze on the floor, as he held out his bare arm to them. "And this isn't from the fight."

"Your soulmate?" Kakashi asked solemnly, staring at Naruto's arm.

Naruto nodded silently.

Iruka pulled Naruto to his chest, holding him tightly. "I'm so sorry, Naruto."

"It just sucks." Naruto muttered, staring at the wall as Iruka still held on to him. "She's in so much pain and I can't do anything but be helpless here, doing nothing."

"I know it's hard," Kakashi walked next to him, placing an arm on his back as he looked at Iruka with a sad smile. "But all you can really do is just be there. You'll meet her when the time is right, when she needs you the most."

Iruka nodded and pulled Naruto away from him, gently. "That's right. So until then, stay strong, alright?"

Naruto nodded before giving him a grateful smile. "Thanks guys, I really appericiate it."

"Now, let's eat breakfast and head on out to school, shall we?" Kakashi clapped his hands together as Iruka rolled his eyes and Naruto laughed.

Sasuke groaned as his alarm went off, signaling it was time for school. Pain ached throughout his whole body, including his face. He hissed as he tried to rub the sleep out of one his eyes, the ache turned into pain. "Shit." He muttered to himself as he sat up in bed. He walked over to his mirror and sucked his teeth at what he saw.

His face was slightly swollen and red, but what really caught his attention was the dark, large bruise around his eye. He groaned, this was worse than the one from the other day. A hood definitely wouldn't be enough to keep it hidden.

He quickly got dressed and ready for school as a plan formed in his head on a way to hide the bruise. He finished getting ready in record time and sneakily made his way to his mom's room.

The nurse wasn't there yet and his mom was fast asleep. He quietly stepped in and walked over to her dresser that held her jewelry and make-up. It was organized neatly but covered in a tiny layer of dust from unuse.

He narrowed his eyes as he carefully looked over the names of the make ups that were lined up. His eyes widened as he spotted what he was looking for. He picked up the bottle that read "Foundation" and opened it carefully.

He poured some onto his finger before looking into the mirror and gently applied it to the area of the bruise, wincing at the pain. After applying the makeup, he took a step back and examined his handiwork.

Sasuke let out a frustrated sigh as he stared at the poor job he did. The color didn't match the rest of his skin and despite the fact that he applied a generous amount, it still looked like the bruise was there. He made his way to the bathroom where he decided to just wipe the makeup off.

With defeat in his step, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. He was greeted with the sigh of Itachi sitting at the table.

"Good morning, Sa-" Itachi's eyes widened as he finally noticed the dark bruise on his little brother's face. "What happened?!" He sat up straighter in his chair as Sasuke got closer to him.

The younger raven stepped to the table and reached for an apple that was sitting in the bowl of fruit placed in the middle. He mentally smirked as Itachi stared at him in disbelief for blatantly ignoring him. Without saying a word, he grabbed his bag and walked out the front door and headed to school. The walk didn't take long but as he got closer to the building, the feeling of dread grew bigger. He stopped in his tracks before he got too close. He took a deep breath before deciding to head towards the bleachers where Kiba and him normally skip.

On his way, he spotted Naruto in the distance and tried to quicken his pace, hoping to avoid his gaze. It was proved futile as he heard his name being called by the blonde.

"Sasuke, get over here! Or else I'll drag your ass over here!" Naruto shouted.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and looked around. It seemed safe enough, Naruto was alone anyways. He took in a deep breath, keeping his head low, hoping to hide his eye from the blonde as long as possible.

Naruto grinned as Sasuke began to walk towards him.

After being dropped off, as much as Naruto promised he wouldn't skip school, skipping first period should be okay. He gazed at his arm and the exposed scar from his soulmate. At first he wanted to be alone but as soon as he saw the raven, he wanted to tell him all about his soulmate.

He raised an eyebrow at the slow pace the raven was walking at, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Come on, what's taking you so l-"

Both boys stopped and stared at each other. Obsidian eyes scanned over the tan whiskered face and stopped on his eye that marred his own eye as well. His eyes widened as well as cerulean.

Realization hit Sasuke like a ton of bricks and he took a step back, his arm reaching up to rub at his temple. This must mean that Naruto was, he stared at the blonde who looked confused and he let out tired chuckle. Naruto hasn't figured it out, they were-.

"Hey Sasuke," Naruto narrowed his eyes. "Your arms bleeding." Naruto pointed at his own arm, to show the raven.

Sasuke quickly pulled his arm to his side, trying to hide it behind himself.

At the panicked movements, Naruto's eyes widened and he looked down at his own arm in suspicion. "Wait." He glanced at the raven before quickly reaching out and pulling the raven's arm closer to himself, causing Sasuke to jerk forward.

Without warning, Naruto yanked Sasuke's sleeve up, causing a hiss at the slight pain. His eyes widened as he saw old and new sets of scars that were on Sasuke's wrist. He lightly touched the newest and deepest one.

Naruto let go of Sasuke's arm and took a step back and taking off his wristband. "We're soulmates, aren't we?"

Sasuke did nothing but nod slowly.

The two were silent for a long moment, the new information soaking into their brains. Finally. After some time, Naruto broke out into a large grin. "Well, if I'm gay, I'm glad it's at least with you."

Sasuke stared at Naruto for a moment, the corner of his mouth twitching. Eventually, his mouth broke into an amused smirk. "Idiot." He said with a slight chuckle.

Naruto laughed along with him and threw his arm over Sasuke's shoulder. "You know, you always striked me being gay. I'm not surprised at all."

Sasuke glared at the blonde as he laughed harder, bending over, his arm causing the raven to bend with him. "Shut up." He growled out.

"But for real," Naruto smiled softly up at Sasuke and Sasuke's glare softened as well and he gave the blonde a half smile. "I'm really glad it's you."

Sasuke stared at Naruto and his heart beat faster. His mind was telling him to take a chance and he did. He pressed his lips against Naruto's.

The blonde's eyes widened but soon his eyes closed and he kissed the raven back, wrapping his arms around his neck.

They pulled away, looking deeply into each other's eyes. Naruto smiled.

"Me too."


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