A group of men shuffled quickly through the city streets. They all wore identical business suits, keeping their heads down and swiftly striding toward a single apartment building. One of the men rang the doorbell of Room 413. A young, fourteen-year-old girl with strawberry blond hair and striking golden eyes opened the door. "Hello? How may I help you?" she asked.

The men held up a paper. "We are private investigators, and we have reason to believe there is a murderer in your home."

The girl panicked. A murderer!? "W-what? I-I wouldn't do such a thing, nor would my family!" she exclaimed.

The men didn't care for her words, however, shoving her aside. "Move it, we're on a busy schedule," they growled in unison. The young human stepped aside. A strikingly beautiful woman was working in the kitchen. "Rosie! Who's at the door?" she asked in her sing-song voice.

"M-Mom, we have a problem!" Rose exclaimed, running to her mother. The men had gotten to her first. Before Rose could react, a scream pierced the skies.

In one of the men's hands was a blood-stained knife. Rose was mortified. The man grinned devilishly. "I told you there was a murderer in this household," he told the girl, closing in on her. "And it was me."

One stab to the gut was all it took to make Rose fall.

Next came her father.

The police had managed to lock those men away and set up a proper funeral for Rose Golde, Kelly Golde, and Matthew Golde.

But Rose's soul would not rest. While Matthew and Kelly Golde slept in their eternal slumber, Rose could not seem to sleep like they could. Hades was easily able to take her parents' souls, but somehow, she evaded detection.

"My child..." a voice called.

Rose stirred. She didn't know who it was, but she simply wanted some peace.

"I will give you that peace if you could only listen to me."

The voice sounded feminine, adult-like, but more melodic and calm, less cheerful than her mother's. Rose looked around. She was in a black abyss. Her astral form felt like her real body, which felt like it was falling. "Who's there?!" Rose finally called out into the darkness.

"It is I," the voice said. A woman with long, curly blond hair that reached her knees, beautiful sapphire eyes, and Greek robes or white silk with pink and gold trim, resembling that of hearts, covered one leg and her torso, the other revealing a pair of high boots, part of the robes still covering her waist and moving diagonally toward her left leg. It had a somewhat sexual appearance on her legs but otherwise was gorgeous and regal. Rose's eyes widened in awe. "Aphrodite," her voice echoed.

Whoa... Aphrodite was gorgeous! Also... How did the Goddess of Love find her? Wasn't she busy helping young humans find love and make babies?

Wow, that sounded way worse than Rose intended.

Aphrodite chuckled at Rose's thoughts. "I understand your concerns," she told her softly. "But I am here for you, Rose Golde. I want you to be my pupil as an angel who serves my purpose and helps bring peace and love to all of the humans. For this, however, you must forget your past, clear your mind, and focus on the future. I will allow you another chance at life, a chance to come back, not as a human, but as an angel who soars the heavens, shooting love arrows at those who seek it. Do you, Rose Golde, accept this task?" she asked her mortal pupil.

Rose's eyes lit up. A second chance? A new life? But then... she'd forget her friends and family. Her favorite people... However, she'd remain dead forever. Perhaps along with giving humans love and hope, she could also protect them.

It would be better than what happened to her.

Rose agreed.

"Then it is done," Aphrodite announced. Rose's vision faded to white.

That day, Rose Gold was born.

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