'Stay awake, don't rest your head. Don't lie down upon your bed,' Mary sang gently as she sat next to her daughter's bed late one night and she ran her fingertips slowly through her soft brown hair as her eyes began to droop and she nuzzled into her pillow. 'While the moon drifts in the skies, stay awake don't close your eyes.' She shushed Martha's soft whimpers as another tear trickled down her porcelain cheek, wiping it away slowly with the pad of her thumb before kissing her temple warmly. 'Though the world is fast asleep, though your pillow's soft and deep. You're not sleepy as you seem, stay awake, don't nod and dream.' Finally, when Mary reached the second verse that she had sung to every child she had been placed with before she married Bert four years ago, her three year old daughter was fast asleep with her hand resting by the side of her head, her handkerchief peeking out slightly beneath her pillow. 'Goodnight my darling,' Mary whispered softly as she kissed her hairline and blew the candle out that rested on the bedside table. Then, she stood and quietly made her way out of the bedroom before closing the door behind her and making her way downstairs to the sitting room. 'She's settled at last.' She giggled softly as the fatigue was clear in her eyes when she saw Bert reclined on the settee, smiling lovingly at him when he extended his hand out to her as he sat up. She slowly made her way across the sitting room towards him before he lowered her down into his lap and she curled up, resting her head down upon his chest as one of his arms wrapped around her slim waist, bringing his other hand up to stroke his fingertips through her silky brown tresses. He pressed a tender kiss to the crown of her head as she sighed against his shirt, her eyes fluttering closed of their own accord.

'I love you, Mary Alfred,' He hummed softly into her hair as he breathed in her natural perfume, sighing as it intoxicated him and had the same effect on him that it had always done. 'So much.'

She slowly lifted her head to look into her husband's eyes and she cupped the sides of his neck gently, stroking her thumbs against his warm skin. 'I love you too, Bert Alfred,' She kissed his lips delicately before sucking softly upon his lower lip and resting her forehead against his, nuzzling the tips of their noses sleepily. 'You and the beautiful little girl we've created who's now sleeping soundly upstairs,' He chuckled lovingly as he tucked a strand of loose hair back behind her ear, allowing her to lay her head back down upon his chest before she buried her head beneath his chin. 'You don't have any regrets, do you? I mean about the life we've pursued together? I know that my powers can become quite overbearing some of the time, and I know that we won't be able to know if Martha's inherited them for a few years yet, but I don't want you to-' He shushed her soothingly as he laced the fingers on one hand with hers and stroked his thumb over her wedding ring, bringing her hand to his lips and kissing the back of her palm before she looked up at him from where her cheek lay against his collarbone, her gentle blue eyes filled with uncertainty.

Bringing his palm up to her cheek he gazed lovingly into her eyes, a soft whimper escaping her as she nuzzled into him and he dipped his head to brush his lips against hers. 'I couldn't have any regrets,' He spoke lovingly to her as he so much as cradled her in his arms, her eyes fixed upon his. 'No man could regret loving as I have loved you, I mean that. Your powers are just one of the many things that I find endearing about you, and it's the thing that had me so drawn to you when we were children. Even if Martha has inherited your powers, I'll still love her just as much as I do now, and if she hasn't, it won't change how I feel about her. You're my wife, Mary, and she's my daughter. You're both the two most important things in my life, ain't that the truth.' They let their gazes remain locked for several long minutes before she cupped his neck and brought him down into a tender kiss, sighing against his lips when he let his tongue caress hers as it explored her perfect mouth. She sat up once they had parted with a gentle smack, wrapping her arm around his neck as he ran his palm leisurely up and down her spine.

'How about a cup of tea before we go to bed?' She asked softly as she teased the hair at the nape of his neck. She then drew her lips against the sharpness of his jawline before slipping from his lap and straightening her skirt somewhat, making her way out of the room as she patted down her hair on the way to the kitchen. It wasn't long until she was stood at the kitchen counter with two teacups resting atop it, a soft sigh escaping her when she couldn't resist the urge to snap her fingers in order for the small jar of sugar cubes to travel over to her. As she carefully placed one in each cup, she felt a pair of arms wrapping around her middle from behind as a slow kiss was placed to the back of her neck. 'Sometimes I wish I was a normal person,' She admitted when Bert cuddled up against her back, his chin resting upon her shoulder as she carefully placed some tea leaves into the teapot followed by the hot water. 'I feel as though my powers control my life and I'm not free to make my own choices,' She was then turned around to face her husband, his arms wrapping around her waist as he brought her flush against him and her hands rested upon his chest. 'Please don't tell me I'm perfect in your eyes, Bert.'

'I wasn't going to,' He chuckled as he caressed slow circles into her lower back with the palms of his hands. 'I was going to ask you something. Do you remember that winter's evening 'bout three years back? When we were upstairs with the doctor and I was holding your hand because you told the doctor that you needed me whilst you were in labour?' She nodded slowly with a slight crease in her brow, her hands trailing slowly up and down his chest as he looked down at her. 'You didn't use your powers then, did you? You didn't use your powers to make the pain subside, or for those nine 'ours to pass faster, did you? Everything that happened that night was out of your own strength, and your own bravery. Your powers din't even come into question, darling.' She cuddled against him with a loving smile as he stroked her hair gently and kissed her head, revelling in the way she nuzzled her face into his shirt.

'Thank you,' She murmured into his chest, her hands upon his sides when she pulled back to look into his face. 'What would I ever do without you?'

'Well hopefully,' He tapped the tip of her nose gently and she gave a beautiful giggle. 'You never have to worry about that again, because I ain't letting you get away so easily anymore. Now, we ought'a get this tea drank so that we can get to bed. I love cuddling with you, but you know how Martha loves getting into bed with us before the sun even has chance to rise in the morning.' Mary went up onto her tiptoes and brushed her lips softly against his once more before placing the teapot and teacups onto a tray, and following Bert into the sitting room once again.

Bert watched carefully over his wife that evening as she lay next to him in their marital bed, her soft hand resting by the side of her head upon her pillow whilst he caressed the side of her face lovingly. Her eyelashes fluttered delicately as her lips were slightly parted and her chest rose and fell gently in time with her slow breaths, Bert unable to resist the urge to leave a slow kiss to her temple. Every time he measured her height for her at the same time that Martha insisted he measure hers, it always read 'Practically perfect in every way.' He never could argue with the measuring tape, because in his eyes, his wife was the most perfect woman who had ever lived.

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