With a sigh Sydney moved under the powerful stream of water as it washed over her, soothing her achy muscles with its steamy heat. She had just gotten back from the gym and immediately jumped in the shower before doing anything else. A trail of clothes led to the bathroom from the front door of her apartment showing her haste. Running her fingers through her short hair, she rinsed out the last bit of shampoo and for a few more minutes stood under the hot spray. Some days she just wished that she could stay in the shower for all day and let it sooth away any pain or ache she had. Would have been a great way to ignore the world too. Cursing to herself she turned off the shower with a quick flick of her wrist and the final drops echoed in the bathroom. Grabbing the towel from the rack she wrapped it around her body before stepping out and onto the rug. Grabbing one of the smaller towels she dried her hair a bit as she moved into her bedroom to find something to wear. Quickly skimming across the selection she selected a few things and was soon dressed in a pair of track pants and a tank top. Running a brush through her hair she picked up a small packet of papers and slowly walked towards the living room. Without taking her eyes off the papers she scooped up a piece of clothing with her foot and flung it towards the bedroom. Doing the same with the other articles of clothing she frowned at the papers in her hand before groaning in frustration.

            "Why must we read theses papers when they have no importance to the topic?" she asked out loud as she tossed the hairbrush into the bedroom.

            "If they are making you read it then it must be of some importance."

            Sydney screamed in surprise at the voice and spun to face the kitchen where the voice had come from. Before she could look at the face her bare feet tripped on the corner of the rug and sent her falling to the ground. Her papers slowly flittered to the ground as she groaned from the floor where she was flat on her back. Pushing up a bit and leaning on her elbows she looked to the old man who sat on one of the bar stools smoking a pipe and slowly flipping through a newspaper.

            "Damn it Gandalf! You shouldn't sneak up on people like that!" she snapped as she rolled over and picked up the scattered papers.

            "Wizards do not sneak my dear. We have no need to," he said as she pushed off the floor and stood up.

            "Could have fucking fooled me," she muttered and set the papers on the table before facing him. "Now that you've succeeded in giving me a bloody heart attack; what are you doing here?"

            "Can't an old wizard come and see his favorite god-daughter once in a while?"

            "Only god-daughter unless something has changed in the past hundred years that I should know about," she said trying to keep up the glare.

            After a few moments of glaring, her face finally broke into a bright smile and she hugged Gandalf. With a laugh he hugged her back and released her.

            "It's good to see you Gandalf. I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me," she smiled as he sat back down and she walked into the kitchen.

            "No my dear I didn't forget about you. I've just been busy, that is all," he said as she started to fix some tea for Gandalf.

            "So…what's going on I middle-earth since I left?" she asked handing the mug to him.

            "The most notable is the ring was destroyed."

            Sydney's movements stopped and she slowly turned back to face Gandalf. Her eyes were wide with shock and she braced her hands on the counter behind her.

            "You mean Sauron's ring? The one ring was destroyed?"

            Gandalf nodded as Sydney jumped and sat on the counter and faced him. "Well come on; I wanna hear the story."

            She blew on the tea too cool it as Gandalf started to recount the entire story to her. When he spoke about Legolas' and Gimli's friendship she laughed at the concept of an elf and a dwarf being good friends. He told her about the Balrog in Moria and being reincarnated as Gandalf the White and of the courageous hobbits. She asked questions here and there to clarify parts of the story for her knowledge. Once the entire story was told they had gone through several mugs of tea and it was already late in the evening.

            "Damn…I've missed a lot," she said looking into her empty mug.

            "That's partially why I'm here. Do you want to come home Sydney?" Gandalf asked seriously as she placed the mug into the sink.

            Sydney sighed as she looked out the window to Charleston from her apartment. She was happy where she was; much happier than in Rivendell or Mirkwood. She could easily think of several elves that would not be happy if she returned but there were a few she did miss. But she knew that she had to leave the city. She had been there too long and people were starting to wonder why she seemed to never age.

            "Why should I Gandalf? You know why I came here; I needed to get away from those close minded elves before I did anything I would regret."

            "What about the whole Arwen episode?"

            "Ha! I don't regret that; she had it coming to her," Sydney chuckled remembering that incident.

            "Elrond still has a sore spot about that," Gandalf admitted as Sydney brightly smiled.

            "He should be over it by now. It was well over two thousand years ago when it happened," she replied flippantly with a wave of her hand.

            "Elves have long memories Sydney. You should know this."

            "Gandalf, I haven't been an elf since in left. And that was almost fifteen hundred years ago. I'm not even sure I remember how to be an elf," she said throwing her arms up.

            "It's like riding a horse; you never forget."

            "Riding a horse and leaping from tree to tree are two totally different things Gandalf."

            "At least come back for a visit. Your mother and father miss you," he said pulling out the ultimate playing card.

            "You mean they haven't traveled across the sea to the west yet?" she asked shocked.

            "Neither will leave until they can say farewell to their only daughter Sydney. You don't know how badly it pained them when you came here," Gandalf told her as she massaged her temples.

            "Do not try and make me feel guilty Gandalf! Don't you dare!" she snapped getting off the counter and moving past him.

            Sydney kept her back to Gandalf as she pressed the heels of her hands against her temples. Thousands of ideas and thoughts ran through her mind as she weighted the pros and cons of going back. She did miss her parents and the friends she had back in Rivendell, Mirkwood and Lothlorien. Actually thinking about it, the idea slowly became more appealing to her.

            "I'll go back if you promise me one thing," she said as she turned to face Gandalf.

            "And what is that my dear Sydney?" he asked warily seeing the glint in her eyes.

            "We continue our lessons from where we left off when I came here," she said with a smirk.

            Before she had left, Gandalf had been training her as a Meaji. A Meaji has the ability to release their spirit from their body and travel outside the host body and travel across great distances. It could also enter into another person's body and mingle with the other spirit but only if the other spirit didn't put up shields. If the other spirit wouldn't allow it then invisible shields went up and blocked out the visiting spirit and wouldn't allow entrance. The spirit could forcibly get into someone's body but it took great patience and strength to succeed. Just before she left she had perfected traveling but was just learning to 'merge' with other elves.

            "If that is what it would take then yes; we will continue your training," he agreed as she brightly smiled. "But you must assure me that you have better control over your spirit."

            One of the reasons she had left Middle-Earth was because of her lack of control. It took great concentration to direct your spirit into a specific person and hers often darted into unsuspecting elves, which needless to say can be a great shock. And the majority of elves did not like to have a strange spirit mixing with their own spirit and having the ability to view their memories.

            "I have much better control now Gandalf. Have no worries."

            "When do you wish to leave?"

            "Not till tomorrow. I must do some things before I leave here. I very well can not just get up and disappear," she said as she rubbed her face tiredly.

            "Very well then Sydney. Tomorrow we depart."

            She nodded while she yawned and moved towards the bedroom to crawl into bed. With a grunt she fell onto her pillow and snuggled deeper into the comforters.


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