Legolas followed the wizard to Lord Elrond's study and spied the elf lord sitting at his desk surrounded by books.

            "Mithrandir! I was not expecting you back so soon from your council," Elrod said as he stood up gracefully from the chair.

            "I hurried back once the council was over. So it is true?" he asked and looked over at Legolas.

            "It is Mithrandir. Sydney has passed on but her fäe is residing in Legolas."

            "I thought so. I felt it while I traveled back."

            "I believe it is time for Sydney to tell what happened in the town," Elrond said as the door opened to let Elladan and Elrohir in.

            'Oh yippee, story time.'

            Everyone spread out around the room and waited for Legolas to start. Sydney gave him everything that happened and let him find his own words.

            "The young boy was not in control of his mind. Another Meaji was in control and the person had plans to assassinate everyone close to Aragorn. The assassin is out to hurt Aragorn; physically, mentally, and emotionally. He is going after everyone close to Aragorn before going after Aragorn himself. The young man tried to kill Elrohir but Sydney got in the way," Legolas said and saw Elrohir flinch at the memory.

            "Did Sydney get a name?" Elladan asked with a faint twinge of hope.

            "Nay, she did not. I think it best if some of us ride to Minas Tirith," Legolas suggested as Elladan nodded.

            "I agree with Legolas. We need to warn Estel about the Meaji, he could be in extreme danger," Elrohir said as Elrond slowly nodded.

            "Estel will already be wary once the rider gets there."

            "But who will guard the guards? They will be human and the Meaji can control anyone of them," Legolas stated with worry.

            "Legolas is correct. A Meaji can easily overcome any human mind and control it."

            "Aragorn is human. Why can the Meaji not take over his mind?"

            "Aragorn's blood is the preventive factor. He has the blood of king's, he is stronger than most. If the assassin went directly through Aragorn it would destroy his thrill of the chase."

            "The assassin is playing cat and mouse game. He wishes to make Estel squirm a bit," Elrohir commented as Elrond nodded slowly.

            "Any comments Mithrandir?"

            Gandalf was looking out the window while he smoked his pipe. He had been listening quietly while everyone talked and exchanged ideas. When he heard his name, he turned slightly before extinguishing his pipe.

            "I believe it best that we ride to Minas Tirith as soon as possible. Several theories have come to my knowledge but I wish not to reveal my ideas just as of yet."

            "So it is settled; we ride at first light," Elrond said as everyone stood to leave the room.

            Legolas walked down the hallway towards his room as he thought of the situation.

            "What will happen?"

            'I do not know. It is impossible for anyone to see the future clearly.'

            "What will happen to you when this is over?"

            'I assume that my fäe will travel to the Halls of Mandos. You will be rid of me soon enough, do not worry.'

            "I do not wish for you to go. You are missed here, I can feel it. Elladan and Elrohir miss you greatly."

            'They will survive this as long as they have each other to lean on.'

            "I hope you are right Sydney; now if you do not mind, I wish to rest," he said and stepped into his darkened room.

            'And what would you do it I did mind?'

            Legolas stopped to think how to answer that question when he heard Sydney chuckle.

            'Go to sleep Legolas. I will be here when you awaken.'

            Not replying, he slipped under the soft covers and allowed himself to slip into Elven sleep.

            Early the next morning the five elves and one Maia set out from Rivendell towards Minas Tirith. Legolas rode in the middle of the pack with Elrond and Gandalf on either side of him and Elladan a few horse-lengths ahead and Elrohir a few horse-lengths behind the group. Sydney entertained Legolas and herself with making random comments and singing a few songs from the twenty-first century. Legolas was appalled at some of the songs she sang to him but enjoyed a few. When the sun was high in the sky, the group rested by a stream and ate a small bit of lembas and dried meat while taking in the beautiful day.

            Gandalf came over to Legolas and sat down next to the relaxing elf. Legolas opened one eye and looked at the wizard before sitting up.

            "Pardon me for interrupting your relaxation Legolas but I wish to talk with you and Sydney."

            "What about, Mithrandir?"

            "Do you have any of your powers still Sydney?"

            "She is not sure; she has not tried anything since she passed on."

            'I am terrified that I would become a wandering fäe if you desire the truth.'

            "You would not be a wandering fäe unless Legolas refuses to let you back into his body."

            "Does that mean that she could be a wandering spirit for all eternity?" Legolas asked with a slight twinge of horror.

            'Oh bloody hell no.'

            "Sydney would decide when she would go to the Halls of Mandos. Until that time, she would remain here on Middle-Earth, a fäe without a body. Could you possibly try to test your powers?"

            'Only if Legolas will allow me admittance again.'

            "I do Sydney," Legolas said without pausing to consider.

            A moment later, Legolas suddenly felt light headed and an unexplainable emptiness. Holding his hand up to his forehead for a moment, he shook his head and looked up at Gandalf.

            "I do not sense her anymore," he said and looked around the small camp at everyone.

            "Are you here Sydney?" Gandalf asked as he too looked around.

            Before either could question further, Legolas was knocked backwards a few feet and fell flat on his back. He gasped suddenly and curled into a ball to protect his burning chest. Gandalf hurried next to him and gently touched him on the shoulder.

            "Are you well Legolas?" he asked worriedly.

            "What did you do to me Sydney?" Legolas ground out into the dirt.

            'I am not doing that again!'

            "What happened Sydney?"

            'That was just like the shadow world. I almost got lost amid the shadows and almost lost myself. I caught a glimpse of Legolas and dove for him. I am terribly sorry Legolas.'

            Legolas nodded instead of speaking before slowly pushing himself up to his knees. Gandalf held his arm and helped him to stand, noting how the elf flinched in pain. Legolas carefully put his hand to his chest and winched at the painful burning.

            "Are you wounded Legolas?" the wizard asked seeing the flash of pain across the elf's face.

            "I am not sure," he replied and carefully stripped out of his tunic.

            Legolas gasped in shock and Gandalf mumbled under his breath as he viewed Legolas' chest. The center of his chest looked like it had been burned by an intense heat. Small blisters marred the pale skin and the skin was bright red from irritation.

            "That was very interesting indeed," Gandalf muttered before calling Elrond over.

            Legolas flinched occasionally as Elrond rubbed a salve on the burns and instructed the young elf on care for it. Elrond handed Legolas his shirt back to him and stood as Legolas carefully pulled his shirt back on. He flinched when the material brushed against the burn. Moving cautiously, he lay back down on the ground and slowly relaxed.

            'What happened to you Sydney?' he thought and waited for a reply.

            'I felt myself be pulled away. The strength was greater than I anticipated and did not prepare myself. I would need to concentrate harder next time.'

            'Next time? For what reason would you have to do it again?'

            'I can sense other spirits more accurately when I am free. And I highly doubt that you enjoy my commentary on your thoughts at every turn.'

            'It does not bother me much. I feel sorry for you and the position in which you are in.'

            'How so?'

            'You are only a fäe and have no body to return to. You are trapped inside my mind; not here or there. It must be very frightening.'

            'It is, I admit. But I am not frightened of death when it comes. The possibility of remaining as I am is what frightens me.'

            'Why do you not fear death?'

            'There are far worse things than death to suffer. You have an idea of what I speak of.'

            'I do.'

            Legolas sighed and closed his eyes to the warm sun light as his thoughts drifted. He had seen many things throughout his life as a warrior and prince that would make others cringe. Many battles had been fought and much blood has been spilt; some by his own hands. He had seen what war did to families and lives. At Helm's Deep he had been witness to young men; no, he corrected, boys sent to fight a war that had begun long before their birth. He had heard the cries of the mothers as their husbands and songs were sent to a premature death. Some met deaths that would make the hardest warrior experience sorrow and pity. At times he grew tired of war, death, and even life but it would always eventually pass. He knew that to achieve peace, it needed to be fought for and to keep it was even harder.

            Hearing someone call his name, he slowly sat up and paused before standing up. The group was ready to start traveling again as he called his horse to him and mounted. They started to ride again while keeping a wary eye on the surrounding forest for any hidden dangers.

            'Did you find the answers for which you were searching.'

            'In part yes; but not entirely.'

            Sydney did not comment and remained silent for several hours as the group traveled. It remained uneventful for those hours while they moved further from Imladris and the safety of the Elven land.

            'Is something wrong Sydney?'

            Legolas could sense Sydney's nervousness as he slowed his horse a bit.

            'Something is here. Neither elf nor human and definitely not Halflings.'

            "Gandalf! Sydney says that something is here and does think it friendly!"

            His horse suddenly stopped and visibly tensed under the elf. The others stopped and eyed the forest while drawing their weapons. A howl caught everyone's attention as the horses shuffled in fear.

            "Wolves, can we out run them?" Gandalf asked and looked towards the direction that they needed to go.

            "I would not chance it. The pack may be large and the path has many hidden dangers for the horses," Elrond said as the wolves neared.

            The howls dwindled and were replaced with growls as the bulky gray bodies slowly emerged from the thickest part of the forest. The riders were quickly standing on the ground with bows drawn towards the wild animals. The groups were at a strand off, waiting for the first to move. The wolves were salivating as the pack spread out and started to circle the travelers.

            "Which one is the alpha male and female?" Legolas asked and targeted the nearest wolf to him.

            "Why would we know?"

            "With no leader there will be chaos in the ranks. Easier to kill," he said as he saw the pack shift slightly. "Ready!"

            The first wolf leapt, signaling the others as all hell broke loose. Shooting as many as they could with arrows, the elves quickly switched to their knives or swords. Elrohir dropped to the ground as a wolf leapt at him as he thrust his knife into the unprotected belly. He shoved the wolf aside and slashed the throat of another while he quickly stood. Something brushed by him in a rush and he turned to see a wolf rushing towards Elladan.


            His brother spun just as the wolf leapt and hit him center in the chest. Elrohir watched horrified as his brother disappeared under the massive bulk of the wild wolf.

            Elladan struggled against the powerful wolf as he tightened his grip on the thick fur. Glancing to the side at one of his discarded knives, he released one hand and grappled for the knife. The snarling jaws came closer and Elladan had to put both hands to the task of keeping his throat where it was intended to stay. He had a fleeting thought that this must have been the alpha male that Legolas had asked about.

            Several yards away Legolas staggered slightly under the weight of a wolf and a sudden bout of dizziness. Quickly clearing his head, he killed the wolf and turned to help Gandalf.

            The wolf bearing down on Elladan had just succeeded in getting his jaws around Elladan's throat as the elf sent a quick prayer to his family and the Valar. The sharp fangs were just pressing against his jugular as he closed his eyes tightly and waited for a quick death. A few seconds later, he cracked open one eye and watched the face of the wolf as the jaws remained on his throat. He heard a gasp to his left and slowly revolved his eyes to look in that direction to see his brother just barely standing in shock and horror at the sight before him. The others stood behind him in similarly shocked states as the wolf slowly pulled away from his neck and released it from its grasp and shook its head forcefully. The claws slowly retracted from Elladan's shoulders before moving off the elf. Elladan watched as the wolf stepped away a few steps and shook its head again with a growl. Elrohir dropped next to his brother and pressed against the bleeding shoulder wounds as Elladan watched the wolf in confusion. The wolf turned suddenly and faced another wolf that was sneaking up to the other travelers. The smaller wolf stopped where it was, not us to seeing the pack leader turned away from a meal. All the other wolves were dead except the last two that now circled each other with hackles raised. Teeth were bared in full out aggression as Legolas pulled up his bow and readied to shoot.

            "Daro!" Elladan yelled to stop the fellow elf from firing.

            Legolas glanced over at Elladan and lowered his bow in compliance but kept it ready. The wolves suddenly lunged at each other and went for each other's throats in a fit of primal rage. The elves and wizard stepped away from the two animals and the battle continued. With a ferocious snarl, the larger wolf finally killed the small one with a savage bite to the throat.

            The elves tensed when the wolf turned to them and looked at all of them. They watched in shock as the wolf slowly moved to sit on its haunches and looked calmly at Gandalf.

            "I can not believe it," the wizard mumbled and stepped forward.

            The wolf slowly lowered itself to the ground and looked up at the wizard.



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