Arashi Pov

*I walk into his house, he was suppose to pick me up thirty minutes ago, and drive us to school, he suggested it, so we could talk about some new designs he came up with, but he didn't show, so I ended up walking here, I tried the knob before I knocked, and to my surprise, the door opened, so I strolled in, taking in the "rich" boys big loft apartment,
I hadn't been here often. We were always kinda friends, but we only used our hangout to meet, and the occasional picking someone up for school, never had I had a tour in his place, I had to admit it was massive* Pov over Arashi clutched his bag as he walked through the place, then he put his book bag on the shiny floor, looking in slightly jealous awe,
Arashi wasn't one to want for lots of flashy things, but having the means to get them, would be nice, after wandering for a while in search, he finally stumbled upon who he was looking for, a bathroom door was open, and he saw him bent over face in the sink. "Washing your face takes this long?!" Arashi shouted, causing George to turn around suddenly, "Its only you" George said in his cool manner, "Only me, huh? You were suppose to drive me to school long ago! Where were you?" Arashi asked frustrated, "Here" George said, Arashi walked up to him, "Don't be smug,
I was waiting I should have went without you!" Arashi said, "But instead you came to shout at me?" George asked,
a small smile on his face, "Uggh, You're imposib- Hey what's with your face?" Arashi suddenly asked, as if it sparked a memory, George quickly turned away, moving his face out of Arashi's eyesight, "Nothing, if you wanna wait in the car you can" George said. "But your face-" Arashi was saying, but George interrupted, "It was nothing, just wait in the car"
George said giving him his keys, "Alright, but hurry, or I'm taking your car, to leave you here" Arashi said in a snapish but joking manner, George just chuckled, Arashi soon left the bathroom, hearing the door shut and lock behind him, after getting lost for a bit, he finally went out, and unlocked George's car and sat in the passenger seat. *I know I saw something there, by his temple and eye, were they stitches?* Arashi questioned in the car,
*But why the heck would someone like George have stitches? He doesn't seem the type to get into a fist fight,
maybe he'll tell me when he gets here* Arashi thought, soon his thinking was interrupted when George got into the car, he held out his hand to Arashi, and he gave him his keys, which he started his fancy car up with,
starting down the road, in his speedy manner like normal. "Hey George" Arashi said, "Yes?" George said eyes on the road, "Do you have stitches?" Arashi asked, as George stopped at a red light, George turned to look at him, pulling his sunglasses off, "Where?" George asked, Arashi gasped, seeing they were gone, *Did I imagine it?*
Arashi thought, "You must be hiding them!" Arashi said, George shrugged, and put his shades back on, "Let me drive, you want to make it to school in one piece right?" George asked, "Whatever" Arashi mumbled,
now highly curious if his friend/"boss", was hiding some sort of a violent past.