Conversation 01: Mario (01/58)

Dunban: Shulk, do you know who that Homs is that you're fighting?

Shulk: Of course! That's Mario, is it not?

Dunban: From what we've heard about him, he's the most popular of all the Smash Bros. fighters. In fact, he's actually very, very famous outside of Smash, as well.

Shulk: Heh. To fight the most famous of all the Smash fighters. Glad I decided to do research on him first.

Dunban: Indeed. The idea of fighting someone like him would certainly give his opponent the opportunity to become a celebrity themselves.

Shulk: C-Celebrity?!

Dunban: I'm sorry, but did I get you flustered? If so, then my humblest apologies. I didn't think you would react like that, Shulk.

Shulk: No, I'm fine, Dunban. I just didn't expect to hear that word from you.

Dunban: Even if I was hailed the "Hero of the Homs"? You'd probably have a better shot at Mario than I ever could.

Shulk: Okay. But if I was to get the Smash Ball, I'll call you and Riki to the scene.

Dunban: In that case, I'll gladly help you.

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