Conversation 05: Kirby (05/58)

Melia: That's a rather cute fellow that Shulk's fighting.

Riki: Kirby may be squishy and soft, but Riki softer! ...Riki not squishy, by the way.

Melia: Oh, hey, Riki. Tell me what you know about Kirby.

Riki: Kirby hail from world called "Pop Star". Kirby's hobbies include eating and sleeping. Just like Riki.

Melia: Oh, really? I wonder how Kirby can fight well, then?

Riki: Kirby have special ability, to copy other fighters' moves!

Melia: Oh? As in a Copy Ability?

Riki: Melly right! For example, if Kirby copy Shulk, Kirby gain Monado and Monado Arts.

Melia: Riki, are you serious?!

Riki: Riki hear all information from Chief Dunga.

Melia: We've got to inform Shulk about-!

Riki: Melly, no need be hasty! Be happy! Melly free to stroke Riki's fur for match while cheering Shulk.

Melia: I suppose you're right, Riki. ...It's like whenever the opportunity presents itself, I always go for it. Good luck against Kirby, Shulk.

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