"You better run Bells, The big bad wolf is gonna getcha." I squeal like a crazy lady and make a run for the bathroom with Jacob hot on my heels. He catches me right before I make it to the shower stall and pins me against the wall, kissing me hotly and deeply. I could definitely get used to this...


Day 7 cont.

We're cuddling on the couch after our first co-shower. I blush thinking about it. I never knew such a thing could be so intimate. Every time I close my eyes I see the way he pressed me up against the cold shower wall, the way his lips traveled across my shoulder and made their way down my chest. He looked sinful as he caught my gaze from the shower floor. The way he was knelt down, looking at my most intimate parts had me squirming. This was definitely uncharted territory and while I knew this was also another way to pleasure someone, I obviously never thought I would experience it. I shift slightly, hoping Jacob doesn't notice but lo and behold, he does.
"Why are you so squirmy, Bella?" He asks with an amused tone.
"Shut up, Jacob." I smack his arm. He laughs behind me, his hot breath against the nape of my neck and it gives me the goosebumps.
"I just never knew that anything could feel this good. I mean, aside from the physical part, just being here with you... it's so relaxing and it feels like... Like I've done this for years." I turn around in his arms so I can face him. He has such a serene look on his face and it makes me melt.
"I love that I can share this with you, Bells. I wish... I wish that we could stay here. I wish that we didn't have to go back and that I wasn't still dragging you into the supernatural world. I wish-" I cut him off with a kiss on the lips.
"You're not dragging me through anything. I want to be with you, no matter where we are. I want to be back home with you, I want to be by my dad and the pack and Billy and the forest... I'm proud of who you are, your heritage, your destiny as a protector..." His eyes were smoldering as he looked at me, flipping us so he was on top.
"Bells... I—thank you." He held himself up above me, strong and beautiful and kissed me hard. I could feel the love and power he exuded and it turned me on. I opened my legs so he could settle between them. I've quickly gotten addicted to the feeling of his weight pressed up against me. Using one hand, he pushed up my dress to my waist and rubbed his thumb against my clit through my panties.
"Mmm Bells... baby... is this all for me?" He said as he kissed up and down my jaw and neck. I couldn't even respond, instead I opened my legs wider and pressed my aching core against his wandering fingers.
"Please Jake... I need you..."
Not wanting to be so exposed in the living room, he picked me up from the couch, my legs wrapped tightly around his hips. I could feel him so hard and hot against my panties. Every step he took pushed his throbbing cock against my pussy and only made me hungrier for the pleasure that only he gave to me. Jacob's long strides got us into the bedroom and onto the bed in seconds. He pulled the straps of my dress down my shoulder and left a trail of kisses from my neck down across my collarbones to my other arm. I couldn't wait to feel his skin against mine so I sat up to pull my dress off. He works his way down my body, peppering kisses along the way. He reaches my panties and instead of pulling them down, he breathes me in and nips my thigh. I can feel his hot breath through the thin lace and it makes me throb in anticipation.
"You smell so good baby..." He continues to tease me, alternating between licking and nipping the sensitive skin of my thighs. I reach and grip his silky strands of hair between my fingers and pull him closer to where I want him most. He finally stops torturing me and pulls my panties to the side.
The heat, my god, the heat! My brain definitely exploded once again as soon as his hot mouth enveloped my lower lips. While it felt just as good as it did in the shower, I was actually laying down and could let my body succumb to the pleasure instead of trying to hold myself up. He slowly teased my entrance with two fingers while he flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue. I weaved my fingers through his hair and pulled harder. I needed him so much closer.
"Look at me Bella."
I raised my head from the bed and as soon as we made eye contact he shoved his two fingers deep inside me. My head snapped back as I felt the smallest pressure of him stretching me.
"Ohh fuck... oh my... Jake please..."
He continued to finger fuck me slowly, curling his fingers every time he withdrew. My legs shook from the pleasure that he was giving me. He sucked on my clit particularly hard and nibbled while his fingers twisted and my body arched off the bed. My mind was going a million miles a second. All I could think about was Jacob. Jacob, pleasure, Jacob's cock, his mouth, etc, etc. I swear he could go on forever. Alternating between licks and sucks and nibbling and probing with his fingers and tongue. I felt a strange twinge in my belly and panicked when it got more intense as Jacob continued his torture.
"Jake... I don't... what.. Oh my god..." I whimpered. So good, so good, so good, so good!
"Ahh! Oh yess, Jake! Oh my god!" I screamed as my body twitched. Hot liquid poured out of me and I couldn't stop what was happening to my body. My legs shook and my body tried arching away from his mouth but he latched onto me, driving his fingers harder and longer.
I was exhausted. I lay there, boneless, satiated. I felt the bed dip beside me and saw Jake with a sheepish but salacious grin.
"What the fuck was that?" I panted out.
"That was just one of my biggest fantasies. I always thought Quil was lying to me when he said he saw a girl squirt on a dirty movie once."
"I did that?" I asked incredulously. "I thought I peed."
"Definitely not. You were incredible, Bells. I can't wait to feel you cum that hard on me..."
I grinned and threw myself over him, wet spot and all.

We were back on the porch swing where it all started; our life changing conversation. There was a warm breeze swaying the palm trees as the insects sang their evening tune. My head was on Jake's shoulder and we were silent. No words were needed to express how we felt about each other. We were simple, end of story. But that was here in Florida. Nothing would be this easy back home. Or at least in Forks. La Push was another story. That was my second home, a place where we could be open about the supernatural world.
"I think we should tell Charlie about us... about everything." I said, breaking the silence. He hummed against my head and sighed.
"I know. I've been thinking about it too. It's gonna be hard when we go back home."
"I don't think this is what my dad had in mind when you said you'd come with me." I snickered.
He scoffs, "He loves me, Bells. This'll be a piece of cake. I can have my dad there if it makes you feel any better."
I nod. I'm scared to tell Jake that I think my dad will flip and forbid me to see him anymore. I don't think Charlie would do that but I can't imagine he'd be so open about it. Especially since he's gonna see a whole lot more of Jacob at the house. I couldn't imagine not seeing him for more than a couple days at a time. We still didn't talk about the whole 'Edward' thing. I knew that I was going to have to deal with it when I got back home but I'd secretly hoped that he got the jest of it and took the hint and kept his distance. I was thrown off my thoughts by a trail of heat on my neck. I giggled, his breath giving me goosebumps but awakening that desire deep inside of me. Giggles slowly turned into moans as his lips went from playful kisses to licking to soothe the bite left behind by his teeth. We still hadn't crossed that line but I knew that it was coming. I'd been waiting for it to come up but we were still unsure and partly innocent with our bodies. We were discovering and uncovering parts of us that we never knew we had. But god damn it I wanted him so bad. There was no one else in this world, normal or supernatural that could make me feel the way he did just by looking at me. It was something completely different and other-wordly that made me weak in the knees. I turned my head and captured his lips, entangling my fingers in his thick, black hair.
"Jake... I want you so bad..." I breathed out. He stilled, resting his forehead against mine.
"I can wait, Bells. I don't wanna rush you. I finally got you and I don't wanna fuck it up."
I laugh.
"Jacob I'm about to fucking explode. I've never felt like this before and you make me feel like I'm on fire. I love you and you love me and I need you."
His eyes locked with mine and that was all the encouragement he needed. He stood up from the swing and grabbed my hand. The house would be empty till late tonight and I wanted to take advantage of this moment alone with him. I knew when we got back home, it would be hard to find a moment alone between our families and especially pack duties.
My heart was pounding as he guided me to the bedroom and stood in front of the bed. He let out a shuddering laugh.
"Why am I so nervous?" he said between a shy grin.
"I'm nervous too. But I love you."
His breathing accelerated as he gripped my waist harder.
"I love you too, Bells. With everything I am and everything I will be."
His hands guided my top over my head and tossed it to the floor. We took turns discarding each layer of clothing, each layer revealing more than skin. It was revealing our whole lives up until that moment. Every freckle (me), every ridge of hard earned muscle (him), every scar (from us both),all revealed within minutes of shedding our clothes. Both our breaths were shaky as we got down to our underwear; him in black boxer briefs and myself in grey boy shorts.
"Are you sure?" He asks me once more. I nod my head and tip-toe to meet his lips in a hungry kiss. I lay backwards as he follows me, scooting me up the bed until my head hit the plush pillows. I spread my legs around his hips and feel him hot and hard against my core. I whimpered against his mouth. He broke away from me, kissing me down my throat, between my breasts to the hem of my panties. His eyes found mine as he hooked his fingers below the fabric and pulled down. My legs were shaking as he took in all of me.
"Oh... Bells..." He eyed me hungrily and gave me a very wet, hot, open mouth kiss on my pussy. I gasped and tried to arch away from his ministrations but it was no use. He lapped and sucked and nibbled on me like his life depended on it. Like he was a starving man and I was the illusion of a waterfall in the distance.
"Ohh fuck... Jacob.. Jake! Please..." I tried to comprehend and grasped onto his head trying to bring him closer. I needed him so bad.
"Jake, please..."
He pulls away from me and kisses my inner thigh and back up my body. I smash my lips to his once again and feel so dirty and thrilling to taste myself on his mouth.
"Do we need...?"
"No, I'm safe. We're safe. I trust you."
He stays positioned at my entrance and inhales and exhales once and slowly pushes the blunt head of himself inside. I grab his face and bring his lips to mine. He swallows my whimper as he pushes on forward, stopping at about halfway.
"Are you okay?" he asks when he pulls away from me.
"Yes, please... I want you.."
With my final approval, he slides forward, hips meeting hips. I throw my head back and gasp in alarm. Burning heat stretches me as he breaks through my barrier. My hands grip his shoulders as he kisses my furrowed brow away.
"Bella... you feel so..." his thought trails off as he moans deep in his throat. Minutes pass as he slowly thrusts in and out of my heated pussy. The unpleasantness of the burn turns into a pleasurable one and I can't imagine why people deny themselves this pleasure. We kiss, our mouths welding together like an unstoppable force. The feeling of his body sliding against mine, rubbing me in all the right places has my head spinning. I arch my back, wanting to feel more of him, more of this and gasp as he hooks his arms under my knees. My legs spread wider and higher and my vision blurs as I feel my pussy spasm and grip him tighter.
"Jacob... Jacob, please... I need... I need more." I am breathless. His hot chest repeatedly rubs against my nipples, making them tighter. My entire being is on fire. My fingers grip his sides as I push our lips to meet again. We moan into each others mouths, all lips and tongue and teeth.
He pistons his cock, building a harder and sharper thrust into my heated core. I tear my lips away from his and push back into the pillow. His mouth attaches to my neck and collarbone, nipping gently with his teeth and sucking the sting away.
I feel hot all over.
I feel dizzy with want and need.
I feel like I'm spiraling up towards a powerful release and I tense.
"Bella... I'm so close... I'm sorry I can't..."
I feel it now.
The pending release that's about to hit me.
"It's okay, Jake.. Just please... don't stop."
He finds new rhythm; uncontrolled and unforgiving. His fingers find my hot center and rubs my clit with purpose. I arch my back and throw my head into the pillow feeling the first of many pleasurable waves hit me.
"Fuuuck, Bells... Oh fuck... So good.." Jake moans into the crook of my neck as his teeth find purchase of the skin behind my ear.
He bites.
The dam breaks.
Scorching liquid fills me with an immense sense of peace and fulfillment as Jacob cums for me, with me. My legs shake as pleasure consumes my being. I'm exhausted but in a good way. As soon as his thrusts stop, my legs fall limply to the side with Jacob still between them. He shakily raises up on his hands and looks at me with a newfound light.
I had a feeling that we'd definitely be doing more of that later...

A/N: It finally happened! I'm sorry it took forever to post! As people say, shit happens.