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Chapter 1

September 3rd, 1944

The headquarters of Gellert Grindelwald.

Gellert Grindelwald had almost everything he had ever wanted. He had control over most of Europe and had an army of followers. His control over Europe expanded everyday, and he loved the power it gave him. He loved the dark magic that flowed through his veins, and made him one of the most powerful wizards alive. Very few wizards could rival his power, in fact only one, Dumbledore. But soon even Dumbledore would be no match for him.

He stood outside his bedroom on a large balcony, overlooking France. The witch inside his bedroom stirred causing him to turn.

What was her name again? Women! He thought. You only need to be a little bit famous, and they all throw themselves at your feet!

As he turned back to look out over the city he took a sip of the firewhiskey he held in his hand, and thought back on the events of the day before.

September 2nd, 1944

Gellert prepared himself for battle. He and some of his soldiers were infiltrating the French Ministry of Magic today. He needed information that he knew he would be able to find here. For three years, Gellert had tried to find a way to gain immortality, and now it would seem like his work was finally about to pay off.

Somewhere in the French Ministry of Magic, there was the name of a Potion Master who had created a potion that was said to gave the drinker immortality. It was something Gellert always had dreamt about. With immortality he would truly be unbeatable.

"Sir, we are here." One of his soldiers said. Gellert Grindelwald was pulled from his thoughts and stopped in his tracks, as looked up at the large decomposing gray building. From the outside it looked like an old, worn down, abandoned factory building, but Gellert knew that this was the French Ministry of Magic. He could feel all the wards and magic surrounding the place. He took a deep breath and smiled, soon. Soon he would be the most powerful wizard in all of Europe.

"Good! Are you all in on the plan? Any questions?" Gellert asked his soldiers.

"No sir!" They all said in unison.

"Good, then let's get in!" Gellert said. He cast a disillusionment charm on himself, and followed the others inside..

The plan was simple. They were to capture the French Minister, and then gain access to the Potions Lab. He was sure the name of the Potion Master would be found there.

Gellert and his men entered the Ministry swiftly, acting like they worked there. Gellert followed his men, still hiding under the powerful disillusionment charm. He was a wanted man after all, it wouldn't work with his plan if he were to be captured. Not that anyone would be able to capture him, he was powerful, and knew a lot of dark curses.

"Sir? The French Minister should be right up here, but it looks like there are guards watching." One of his soldiers said.

"Millard, you take out the one on the left, Bull you take out the one on the right. Everyone else, make havoc!" Gellert said and grinned as his men went to work.

The curses flew around, and Gellert ducked a pair of curses thrown by the Aurors. He removed his charm, and soon everyone was calling his name. They knew he was here now, but it wouldn't matter. By the time reinforcements would arrive, he would have the Minister and the name of the Potion Master.

"BOMBARDA!" Gellert yelled, and the door into the Minister's office blasted open. He calmly went inside.

The curses that were being thrown at him stopped before they were able to hit their mark. He had no need of shields or protection charms. He had long ago, created a necklace with his symbol of the three hallows, on which he had placed many very strong protection charms. It really came in handy when you were battling. He didn't need to deflect any spells, his charm necklace would make sure of that.

Gellert looked around the room. The Minister's office was clean, and impressive. The walls were filled with photographs of the minister with famous witches and wizards, awards and expensive artwork. Gellerts gaze slowly went to the small portly man seated behind a very large mahogany desk.

"You? Your Grindelwald?" the Minister mumbled, a look of confusion and fear on his face.

"The one and only." Gellert said, and moved into the room. He silently cast a quick Expelliarmus, and caught the French Ministers wand.

"Now Minister Duball, where are your manners? You should always offer your guest a drink!" Gellert said and grinned as he sat down in the plush chair in front of the Minister. The little fat man in front of him quickly hurried over and poured a glass of firewhiskey for Gellert. Minister Duball was shaking like a leaf.

"Don't worry Minister Duball, I'm not here to hurt you." Gellert said and placed his feet on the table in front of him as he folded his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair.

"Wha...what.. can… I do… fo.. for you, Mr. Grindelwald?" Minister Duball stuttered.

"Now that's much better, don't you think?" Gellert grinned, and took the glass and drowned the whiskey.

"I have searched for quite some time now for a man. A Potion Master. Everytime I get close to getting the name of the Potions Master, it slips away and it kills me. So now, I thought, Gellert, why not go straight to the top! Get the Minister on your side, and get the name! And I must admit, it really was the best plan. So here I am! Now Minister Duball, you are the French Minister, and therefor, you know whom I seek. I suggest you give me the name and whereabouts of your Potion Master, and then we will be on our way." Gellert happily said, and got up and began pacing behind the Minister..

"I don't know who you are talking about." the Minister mumbled and his body tensed as Grindelwald leaned in closely.

"Ah come now Minister Duball, both you and I know that is not true! Now you will tell me the name, or I can get some of my men to pay a visit to your lovely family." Gellert said, as he reached past the minister and picked up a framed photograph that was sitting on his desk.

"Is this your wife? And then, this must be your lovely daughter? Am I right?" Gellert said and pointed to the picture.

"Please, don't hurt my family, please, I'll do anything, just don't hurt my family!" the Minister sobbed.

"I'm not sure, your daughter is really a beauty. You know, I have always preferred blondes. There is just something special about them, makes them almost like angels! It would fit well don't you think? They call me the devil himself, and a devil should be with an angel." Gellert said and sat the picture down.

"Please! Don't hurt them! I'll give you the name, I promise!" Minister Duball said.

"See now we're talking!" Gellert exclaimed.

"His name is Abraham Léon, he can be found at this address." Minister Duball said, and wrote down a note.

"See? That wasn't so hard now was it?" Gellert grinned at the man.

"Now please, go on your way and leave the Ministry!" Minister Duball said.

"Minister Duball, why do you think people call me the devil himself?" Gellert asked, while pocketing the note.

"I don't know sir." The Minister mumbled.

"That's because I am the Devil!" Gellert grinned, and pulled the door open. Outside the door stood some of his men with the Minister's wife and daughter.

"DAD!" the young blond woman yelled.

"No, please not my family, I beg of you!" Minister Duball said as he ran to his family and fell to his knees before Grindelwald.

"You know I quite like it, when people get on their knees freely. You should be happy Minister Duball that you figured that out, but surely you must know, that in order to keep your family safe, you have to give me something more in return. A note on a man is not enough, what can you give me that no one else can?" Gellert asked and knelt down in front of the man.

"What do you want? I'll give you anything! Just don't hurt my family." Minister Duball said.

"Pull your aurors back, let us leave this place, and for the next 48 hours, no one is to come near me or my men, no matter what happens, no aurors! Or you pretty daughter dies, do I make myself clear?" Gellert said.

"Take me instead, please not my daughter!" Minister Duball sobbed, while his wife yelled in french. Gellert rolled his eyes, and nodded at one of his men. The man sent a silencing charm on the french woman.

"No, I'll take your daughter, and when the 48 hours is up, you get her back! If you followed my orders, you will get her back alive. If however, you do not follow my orders, you may not be so pleased with what I return to you." Gellert said and went over to the Minister's daughter.

"I'm going to enjoy the next 48 hours, don't worry Minister Duball, my men will not harm her!" Gellert grinned, and pulled the young women into his arms. He took out the necklace and mumbled, portus.

Gellert and his men then left the Ministry leaving the Minister and his wife behind.

They immediately arrived at their headquarters, and Gellert didn't waste any time. He dragged the young woman down the corridor and pushed her inside his room warding the door before he turned to rejoin his men. Bull came over with the woman's wand in his hand, a smirk playing around on his otherwise controlled face.

"Thank you Bull, you all did great! The next 48 hours is yours, do with them as you please. I intend to have some fun with a beautiful young blond!" Gellert said as he twirled the foreign wand between his fingers.

"Sir, what about Abraham Léon?" Bull asked.

"Tell Millard I would like to speak with him." Gellert said, and went over to his cabinet where he stored several bottles of the best firewhiskey. He poured himself a small tumbler of the amber liquid and sat on a plush sofa to wait for Millard, while his thoughts went to the blond witch currently in his chambers.


"Bull told me you wanted to see me?" Millard said, as he stood directly in front of Grindelwald with his hands clasped behind his back.

Gellert looked at the younger wizard. He was the youngest in his army, but one of the best duelist he had ever seen. That and his ability to track down Wizards and witches, was what Gellert liked about the man.

"I have a task for you." Gellert asked.

"Of course sir." Millard said as he slightly inclined his head.

"I need you to locate Abraham Léon. Find him, and bring him here. Unharmed, I need to speak with the man." Gellert said, as he finished the tumbler of firewhiskey.

"Of course sir. You'll have his whereabouts in 24 hours." Millard grinned and bowed his head to his commander.

"Excellent! You are one of my best men, now go. I have a pretty blond witch in my bedroom, so I've sure got a enjoyable night ahead of me!" Gellert grinned.

He watched as Millard left the room before he got up off the sofa and went back to the liquor cabinet in the corner and retrieved a bottle of wine and two glass. Then he went back to his chambers.

As he walked through the door Gellert quickly scanned the room looking for the witch. He soon spotted the young woman sitting in the corner of the room, with her legs tucked underneath her.

"What do you want with me?" she asked in quiet shaky voice.

"What do you think sweetheart?" Gellert grinned and poured some wine in the glasses.

"You want to give me to your men, and let them have their way with me. Then you'll kill me when I'm not fun anymore!" She replied as she began to cry.

Gellert took the glasses and went over and sat down beside her, handing her one of the glasses of wine.

"I won't give you to my men, I'm not like that. I'm only going to keep you here until the 48 hours is up, then you'll get back to your father. No harm will come of you." Gellert said and took a large sip of wine.

"Why do you do this?" the young witch asked, and took a small sip of the wine.

"Do what? Try to gain power over the world? Try to get rid of everything and everyone in my path?" Gellert asked.

"All of it?" the young girl said and quickly drank the last of her wine, Gellert quickly refilled the glass.

"There are many ancient laws regarding the use of magic. Laws that are there to restrict and control the use of magic." Gellert said as he looked out the window with a far away look on his eyes. Immediately his eyes turned hard and cold as he looked at the woman in front of him.

"Never use magic front of a muggle. Why? Why must I hide away, concealing my best qualities? Why should we conceal our magic and hide it when facing a Muggle? Hmm? Yes they say the laws are there to protect us, but why do we need protecting from those who are underneath us? We have powers they'll never know, are the laws really there to protect us? Or just to control us?"

"I… I don't know, I've never thought about it like that." the girl mumbled.

"Why should you keep your magic at bay? Conceal it? What would you do if you went into the Muggle world and were attacked by those filthy creatures? What would you do? Can you fight like Muggles? Or would you use your magic?" He said, his voice rising higher as he went on, "You would use your magic! And then a team of Obliviators and Aurors would come, everyone would soon know that the Minister's only daughter had to expose her magic in front of Muggles. It wouldn't matter why you used magic, the only thing that would matter is that you did! What would they do to you? Your father would probably lose his job, and then what? What have you gotten from it? Nothing. All because you mustn't show your true colors. Those Muggles would have killed you after they had their way with you. Those laws are not there to protect us. They never were. Those laws are only there to control us, restrict our magic!"

"I didn't realize that. Your right! Why should we hide away and be afraid of using our magic?" the girl said and drank all her wine. Gellert happily refilled her glass.

"Can you now see, what it is that drives me?" Gellert asked.

"I can. I've never thought about it before, but I understand why you're doing this, and you're right." the young woman said and looked at him.

Gellert brushed some hair away from the woman's face, and tucked it behind her ear. He looked straight into the girls bright blue eyes, and used legilimency on her. He was easily able to see all of her mind, she had no barriers in her mind and didn't seem to notice as he sifted through her thoughts. He was pleased to see, that his words had a huge impact on her. He was quite excited that they might be able to use her later on. Gellert saw how she had been treated those few times she ventured to the Muggle world, and how her father had dealt with the incidents. Sweet and innocent, he thought, just how I like them.

"Now Isabella, what will you do with this knowledge? Still follow your father in his belief and his laws, or would you follow me and become one of my followers? I could use a spy in the French Ministry." Gellert said, all the while still carefully observing her features and reading her mind.

"How do you know my name? I never told you?" Isabella asked innocently, as she looked at Gellert with wide eyes.

"Don't you worry your pretty head about that, just answer my question." Gellert said softly, while his hand gently touched her cheek.

"I'll follow you." Isabella said without hesitation. Gellert watched as the girl made up her mind, and was happy with what he saw.

"Good, that is good. Of course I need an unbreakable vow from you, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind." Gellert grinned.

"No, of course not." Isabella said, and that was enough for Gellert. He crashed his lips down on hers, and kissed her fiercely. Isabella kissed him back as a soft moan escaped her lips, and Gellert thought to himself,

This night keeps getting better and better.

Several hours later, Gellert stood on his wide balcony overlooking France. He could see fires in the distance from the muggle war that was currently going strong in Europe. He stood there for several long moments lost in thought as he watched the black smoke curling up into the sky, blocking out the stars.

He knew his men would be enjoying themselves, doing what they wanted with their free time. His men were good, loyal to the cause. Suddenly Gellert was pulled from his thoughts as the woman stirred again, Isabella! That's her name! Gellert thought as he turned and went back inside.

He walked over to his bed and looked down at the partially covered naked witch lying peacefully in his bed. His lips turned up in a smile as his eyes roamed her form and he remembered the sound of her moaning, the feel of her skin. He sighed and turned to leave the room, he needed to go over his plans in the conference room.

He slipped his hands into his pockets and casually walked down the short corridor that led to the conference room, the last few hours still replying in his mind, as a smile again broke out across his face. When he reached the conference room he noticed that it was empty, his men still out enjoying themselves. Gellert slowly walked to a large low table in the middle of the otherwise empty room and began to sift through the many pieces of parchment that lay scattered across the table. He didn't know how long he stood there reading the various reports and looking over the blueprints on the table, but when Millard walked into the room Gellert was ready to hear his report.

"Sir, I found the man. Do you want me to bring him in?" Millard asked.

"Yes, that would be perfect. Bring him in tomorrow morning, and then enjoy the rest of your day with your brothers. Lock him up in the basement." Gellert ordered.

"Yes sir!" Millard said and bowed his head in respect before he abruptly turned and walked out of the room. Gellert watched the man leaving before he too left the conference room.

May as well enjoy sweet little Isabella, before the 48 hours is up.

The morning after their visit to the French Ministry, Gellert had breakfast for himself and Isabella sent to his room. Last night had been a surprise, Isabella was very uninhabited and very willing to please him in bed. He had expected resistance and so he was pleasantly surprised when she had crawled onto his lap and began undoing her robes. After that, he happily shagged her senseless. He would definitely have to repeat that today, he mused.

He had just poured some orange juice for Isabella, when there were a knock on the door.

"What?" Gellert shouted angrily.

"Sir, I have the man you seek." Millards rough deep voiced boomed through the door.

"Good, I'll be there in a moment." Gellert said, "Sorry darling, have to go, but please eat!"

Gellert retrieved his robe and with one last glance at the beautiful blond witch, he turned and left his room. He quickly walked to the basement, and as he entered the large damp space he saw Millard standing behind an old wizard. The elderly wizard sat in a chair and looked around scared.

"Ah! So you must be Abraham Léon. You have no idea how long I've been searching for you." Gellert said and conjured a chair to sit in front of the older man.

"Me? What do you want with me?" Abraham asked with a hoarse voice.

"A man who gets straight to the point, I like that!" Gellert grinned.

"I see no reason to make small talk with you, obviously you want something from me." Abraham said.

"As a matter of fact, Yes! I do want something. Something that only you can give me." Gellert said.

"You seek the potion. The potion to make you immortal" Abraham exclaimed.

"That, I do! I have almost everything, and yet I don't. I need the potion and the recipe, and you my friend are going to give it to me." Gellert said and leaned in very close to the man. His last words coming out as a whisper, as his eyes hardened and he glared at the man, daring him to object.

"I don't have the potion or the recipe on my person. I have to go get them first. I have a vial of the potion in my lab, the recipe is in my journals." Abraham calmly said.

"Good! I'm sending my man Millard with you, and I'm warning you old man, do not try to do anything! Or it will be very painful when you get back, do I make myself clear?" Gellert said angrily, the threat clear.

"Perfectly clear Mr. Grindelwald." Abraham said.

Gellert nodded, and then turned around.

"Millard, go with him, if he tries to do anything, make sure he suffers!" Gellert said.

"Oh I do hope he does something!" Millard grinned as he grabbed the man by his collar and dragged him out of the basement, headed towards the headquarters apparition point.

Gellert returned to his quarters expecting to find Isabella as he had left her, however he found the bed empty. He heard the shower going, and went in to Isabella.

"Any regrets?" Gellert said casually while leaning on the doorframe and watching the witch running a soapy flannel over her body.

"Oh Merlin, you almost gave me a heart attack!" Isabelle shouted, and pulled the curtains around her body.

"Why are you hiding? It's not like I haven't already seen you undressed." Gellert said and looked at the woman, lust burning in his eyes. Isabella blushed and slowly pushed the curtain aside and allowed Gellert to watch as she resumed slowly washing her body. She did have a gorgeous body, that was for sure.

"Finish up and get dressed. As soon as my man returns, he will make the unbreakable vow for us." Gellert said and reluctantly left Isabella to finish her shower alone.

He quickly dressed in fresh robes, and left his room. They still had 24 hours to do what they wanted, without interference, he had several things he needed to accomplish during that time. Isabella soon came out of the bedroom and found Gellert in the study at the end of the hall. She clearly didn't know what she should do with herself as she remained standing in the doorway nervously picking at the hem of her blouse and averting her eyes.

"Sit!" Gellert ordered, and the woman quickly scurried to the chair in front of him and sat.

"Tell me, have you thought about everything we talked about last night?" Gellert asked.

"Yes sir I did." she mumbled, looking at her hands.

"And? Are you in or out?" Gellert asked and glared at her with a sharp stern look. He watched as she fidgeted in her chair before her eyes slowly rose up to meet his own, she took a deep breath before she responded.

"I want to help you." She whispered.

"Good, then I have a new proposition for you!" Gellert said as his eyes instantly softened and a smile broke out on his face, "I have to leave for a short while, I will place you in the care of one of my men. He will be reporting back to me about everything you do. Rest assured, should you step out of line, I will know. Do you understand?"

"Ye..yes sir" Isabella stammered.

"Good, now we wait for Millard to get back! And then you can leave." Gellert said.

"Just like that? Your letting me go?" Isabella nervously asked.

"I have no reason to believe that you'll betray me, and when the vow is in place, you can't! An unbreakable vow is just that, unbreakable. Besides, one of my men will be assigned to you, I will know every move you make." Gellert grinned deviously.

"I won't betray you." the girl stammered, she was startled when they heard a door open behind her. She turned around and saw Millard and Abraham standing side by side as they walked towards them.

"Any problems Millard?" Gellert asked.

"None at all, he was clearly cooperating with us." Millard said as he handed a vial containing a lilac potion to his commander.

"Is this the potion?" Gellert asked and eyed it cautiously.

"Indeed. This is the recipe." Millard said and handed Gellert a bit of parchment.

"This is far more complex than I had anticipated." Gellert quietly spoke as his eyes widened in shock as he skimmed the parchment.

"Yes it is, and that's the only vial that exists! Collecting the ingredients alone is a challenging endeavor. Unfortunately it would be a death trap for me now, I'm not as young as I once was." Abraham said.

"Put Mr. Léon in the cellars, just as a precaution for the time being." Gellert grinned, and put the note and lilac potion in his pocket beside his wand.

"Move old man!" Millard said and pushed Abraham down the hall.

Gellert went over to Isabella and pulled her up from the chair. She was startled, but he could hear her take a deep breath and then she looked straight in his eyes.

"I'm ready when you are." she boldly said.

"Good!" Gellert grinned.

When Millard came back they were ready to take the vow. Gellert gripped Isabella's forearm tightly as she did the same. Then he nodded to Millard, who pulled out his wand and aimed it at their entwined hands and began to recite the enchantment. As Millard spoke the enchantment a fine strand of magic left his wand and wound itself around their entwined arms, freezing them in place as the Magic tightened around them.

"Do you, Isabella Feliciá Duball, swear to follow the orders of Gellert Grindelwald, without hesitation or question?"

"I do!" Isabella said as another strand of magic left Millards wand and wove itself around their entwined arms.

"Do you swear, to do all within your power to assist the cause, even if you are required to use deadly force?"

"I do!" She swore as yet another strand of magic wound itself around their entwined arms.

"Do you swear, not to tell a soul about what has happened here and what you have heard, to never reveal the location of our headquarters?"

"I do!" She said as one last strand of magic left Millards wand and circled their entwined arms. The strands of magic suddenly began to pulse brightly as they wove tightly around their entwined arms. Millard waved his wand once more and the glowing strands of magic seeped into their arms and disappeared. Gellert released her arm, and turned to face Millard.

"Find Antóin, and tell him to get back, tell him that he will be Miss Duballs personal bodyguard from now on!" Gellert grinned.

"Yes sir!" Millard said and left them.

"Now, I think it's time to celebrate a new companionship! Congratulations on your best decision ever!" Gellert grinned and handed a glass of firewhiskey to Isabella.

"To new beginnings!" Isabella said and clinked her glass against Gellerts.

"A new and wonderful beginning!" Gellert grinned. They downed their whisky in one go, Isabella giggling as she placed her glass on table nearby.

Millard soon came back with Antóin in tow, the older man bowed his head, and offered Isabella his arm.

"Is that it? Are you just letting me go like this?" Isabella asked as he eyes widened in shock.

"Of course darling, Antóin here will take good care of you, and keep an eye on you." Gellert said.

"How do I contact you?" she asked as she sadly looked at him.

Stupid girl! You don't!

"You don't! I'll contact you when the time comes for your first assignment!" Gellert said and nodded to Antóin who took the girl with him.

"You know, some day, you have to tell me how you do it." Millard said, his voice laced with awe and respect.

"How I do what?" Gellert asked as he smirked at the other man.

"Get the girls like that. We now have a spy close to the Ministers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and now France. You really are exceptionally talented with women." Millard said.

"Thank you Millard." Gellert said and took out the vial from his pocket.

"Is it safe sir?" Millard asked.

"I do hope so, I looked inside Abraham's mind and all I saw was this vial. This potion is what gains me immortality." Gellert grinned.

"Are you sure you don't want one of us to take it first sir?" Millard asked.

"I can't let you, the potion alone takes almost two years to create, and the ingredients take two to three years to collect!" Gellert said and looked at the vial.

"Of course." Millard said.

Gellert took the vial, uncorked it, and drowned the potion in one go.