Love is Eternal

Summary: (after 3X14-AU) Elena Gilbert vanished for six months when an e-vite to Stefan and Rebekah's wedding pops up in her email that she has to unveil the reason why she left. Surprises will be all around! Elejah, Stebekah, Kennett, Klaroline, Jeremy/Lucy & a good Katherine!

Chapter 1

Elena was sitting on her bed, looking at the positive pregnancy test but it wasn't the only one that she had taken. Over on the bathroom counter there were sixteen others that had the same result.

Gathering her courage, she got off the bed and left her house, going to the little clinic in town. First she had to buy a blonde wig and after putting it on, she walked into the clinic, her feet making no noise as she walked to the receptionist's desk. Tapping it, the twenty something year old looked up, bored.

"Name?" The receptionist asked as she popped her gum.

"Katherine Bell." She lied, not wanting anyone to know who she actually is. The receptionist typed it out and handed her papers to fill out, which she did vaguely. Once she returned it to the lady, she had to wait for fifteen minutes when she was called. Going into the room, she sat down and the doctor smiled at her.

"Miss Bell? I'm Doctor Cate Wilson." She said as she looked at the papers. "You seemed to be very vague about why you're in here."

"I slept with this one guy who told me he was sterile but I'm a month late and after taking sixteen pregnancy tests," she looked about ready to cry, "each one said that I was pregnant." Shaking her head, a tear slid from her eyes. "I know that they could give false positives so I was hoping that you could tell me if they were right or wrong."

The doctor smiled at her sadly and took a sample of her pee and blood.

The hours seemed to drag on by as she held the photographic proof of her pregnancy in her hand.

She was eight weeks and two days pregnant.

With Elijah Mikaelson's baby.

Biting her lower lip, she smiled sadly at her house before calling Jeremy and telling him that she was moving out of it so if he wanted to live there with Matt, he can.

Resting her head on the steering wheel, she emailed her friends that she was leaving and for them not to look for her.

The old house in which she first met Elijah in was filled with dust and smelled horrible so when she called a cleaner service to clean every inch of the place, they complied happily.

Six months later, an e-vite to Rebekah and Stefan's wedding made it into her email. She bit her lower lip and was suddenly afraid of going back to Mystic Falls but it wasn't fear for herself, but for her unborn daughter that she decided to name Alexia.

She's only eight months pregnant and the dress she's wearing does nothing to hide her new form.

If she went back there, she knew that they would definitely demand her to tell them who fathered the child but if she didn't go, she knew that Stefan would try finding her to want to know why she couldn't make it to his wedding.

She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed.

"You can't run away from this forever. You need to go and tell them most of this." She said.

Pulling the email up on her phone, she said that she would be going but she wanted to talk to the bride and groom first.

After telling Stefan where she was, she lied down on her couch and promptly fell asleep.

She woke to the sounds of knocking on the door and struggled to stand up but once she did, she opened it a crack to see three vampires there.

Rebekah, Stefan and…the father of her child.

She closed the door quickly.

"That was…weird." Stefan commented. Elijah raised an eyebrow and knocked on the door, wondering why he could hear two…heartbeats

One being the brunette's own heartbeat and another, indicating that she's not alone in the house.

"Elena? Why is there another heartbeat coming from inside the house?" Stefan called.

"For all we know her boyfriend could be in there." Rebekah told him, shrugging her shoulders.

"Why was I brought here again?" Elijah asked, looking at them.

"You get to tell her that your family means no trouble for us." Stefan told him, smiling.

"Right," Elijah said evenly. Plucking up her courage Elena firmly gripped the door handle and opened the door. Standing mostly behind it she gestured grandly.

"Elijah, Stefan, Rebekah would you please come in?"

The vampires stepped over the threshold and Elijah recognized the house immediately although now it looked lived in - like a home. As the door closed the others finally turned their attention to Elena...and froze.

"OMG you're pregnant!" Rebekah gasped echoing the thoughts in the men's heads.