Chapter 65

"That's not possible! We both know that vampires can't procreate!" Damon's voice rose a little.

"We're special vampires," Elijah reminded him.

"So you let him get you pregnant! What kind of crap is that!" Damon growled.

"Watch how you speak to her!" Lucy ordered. Damon ignored her completely.

"Elijah and I were together Damon - are together," Elena said. Damon growled and moved towards Jeremy. As he did so Lucy began to give him an aneurysm but she wasn't strong enough to completely incapacity them and without preamble Damon snapped her neck and she fell to the ground.

"Oh bloody hell!" Kol groaned as he came upon the scene. "Thank god she had my blood in her system otherwise this would be a bloody nightmare for BonBon."

Elijah nodded but before anyone could stop him, the elder Salvatore ended up on the ground with a snapped neck.

"Tell Niklaus to do his worst but keep him alive." Elijah growled to him.

Jeremy had dropped to the ground and was cradling Lucy in his arms.

"What's going...Lucy? What happened to Lucy!" Bonnie worried as she joined them.

"Damon." Elijah growled. "He snapped her neck when she tried to give him an aneurysm, but she had Kol's blood in her as a precaution in case something happened to her."

"Oh God!" Bonnie gasped stumbling backwards a couple of steps as she reeled from the shock. "And her magic?"

"Her magic is safe Bonbon," Kol said gently. "I am so sorry."

"At least she's not...gone..." Bonnie managed through her tears.

"Jeremy, let's get her inside. We're starting to attract attention," Kol encouraged gently.

Jeremy lifted Lucy up in his arms and made his way inside with Bonnie following behind them. Elena looked at Elijah, with his eyes flashing, and grabbed his hand.

"Everything before that went smoothly-even Katherine was nice to us." She whispered. "Everything will be fine."

"Katerina was nice to you?" Kol looked skeptical.

Elijah nodded.

"Told us that because Elena has narrow hip bones, we should watch out for the cord positions." Elijah told him.

"She doesn't seem to be able to take her eyes off of you," Kol remarked.

"I think that she was worried." Elena looked at Elijah and squeezed his hand. "Are you worried about this?"

"It's you and my daughter," he replied. "I'm nervous and anxious but I'm not truly worried. Kol and I will bring you through this, Bonnie too."

Elena nodded and squeezed his hand.

"I love you. Always and forever." She whispered to him with a kiss.

"Do you want to go and see?" Elijah asked. At the moment, he would love nothing more than to take Elena home and make sure that she and Alexia were safe.

"Yes please," Elena said. She hugged Rebekah and Stefan tightly.

"I need to go be with Bonnie," Kol added as he joined them.

"Go on." Stefan said as he smiled at them. "She needs you at the moment."

They returned to the house to see if Lucy had awakened yet.

"How is she doing?" Elena asked Jeremy, hoping that it was going to be good.

"She's still out cold." He sighed.