Chapter 78

"You taste delicious darling." He whispered to her as Alexia was greedily sucking down her mother's blood. "Decadent."

"Glad you and Alexia approve," Elena smiled.

Elijah grinned and as Elena's finger was gently pulled from Alexia's mouth, Elijah had the burp rag over his shoulder and he began to burp her.

"Careful don't let her get blood on your suit," Elena worried.

"I'll be sure to make sure that she doesn't get any blood on my suit." He told her gently.

I just know you love your suits," Elena smiled.

"Not as much as I love you and Alexia." He said with a grin. Alexia let out a little ladylike burp.

Elena giggled, "she's you through and through."

Elijah grinned and as she finished burping, he positioned her in his arms like he was holding her.

"She has your eyes and lips." He admitted.

"But she has your eye color and high cheek bones." Elena told him with a kiss.

"The best of both worlds," Elijah smiled. "Meanwhile have you seen Nathaniel. He is practically the spitting image of Kol."

Elena laughed.

"I have."

Katherine looked at Killian holding their daughter.

"It's been a crazy seven months huh?" Katherine said.

"But I wouldn't change it for the world." He admitted.

"I'm thankful you're my mate," Katherine smiled.

"I'm thankful for finding you when I did." He admitted before kissing her.

"We should actually thank Bonnie I guess," Katherine smiled, "who knew a creationist witch could be so plentiful in expressing her gratitude."

He laughed loudly.

"Who thought we would actually know a creationist witch."

"With the Mikaelsons everything is possible," Katherine said. "The last five hundred years have taught me that."

"I've never met them or even heard of them until recently." He added. "So far, Elijah and I get along well."

"Elijah is relatively easy to get along with so long as you are honest and respectful. He despises deceit and anyone that messes with his family."

"On that-we are alike." He told her as he laid next to her on the bed with Lilyana on his chest. "I hate deceitful people and those who would not only hurt my family but show disloyalty."

Katherine cuddled against him.

"For so long I ran from this. Then I didn't think I deserved it and then I didn't think I would ever have it."

"Now you have it." He soothed her. "I never thought I'd have something like this in my existence. Now that I have it-I'll never let it go."

"I love you Killian," Katherine smiled.

"Okay you two you're corrupting your daughter already," Kol said as he passed by. "Bring your little one we're all going outside to enjoy some fresh air." He was holding Felicity while Bonnie was holding Nathaniel.

"We're not corrupting her!" Katherine said with a pout on her face but complied anyway. She did want to go outside for some fresh air. "I should ask-are you all planning anything again?"

"It's a valid question." Killian added as he looked at them.

"What exactly would we be planning?" Kol asked.

"I don't know-last time it was an engagement! There could be a surprise wedding!" Katherine told him with a raised eyebrow.

"There's nothing that's been planned." Bonnie interjected. "We're all going outside for some fresh air and thought the kids would like it."

"Okay in that case we'll join you," Katherine smiled. They made their way outside and joined Elijah and Elena who already had Alexia on the blanket. Stefan helped Rebekah down on the edge of the blanket to play with their nieces and nephew.

"Oh look at how cute they all are!" Rebekah squealed happily as she pinched Nathaniel's cheeks and tickled Felicity's feet. "Oh they are so adorable!"

Kol, Elijah and Killian puffed up with pride at the praise. They thought their babies were the cutest things in the world.

"Where's Jeremy off to?" Stefan asked.

"He's applying for art college." Elena told him with a smile on her face.

"Is Lucy going with him?" Bonnie asked.

"She is but they'll be visiting whenever they get a break." Elena said. "Don't worry-they're going to have an apartment on campus that they're going to stockpile with blood bags and whatever Jeremy eats."

"I just hope her control doesn't become a problem," Bonnie worried.

Elena nodded.

"She's been doing good with her control. Two slips but that was it." Kol told Bonnie with a smile. He was really proud of not only Bonnie-who was doing better-but of Lucy herself.

"Well your blood is a little hard to control," Bonnie told him.

"I admit-my blood is the hardest one to control." He agreed. "But I'm still glad that you and her are doing great."

"Well I'm lucky enough to have you," Bonnie smiled at him. Then she tickled her daughter's belly.

Rebekah grinned and looked at Stefan before laying her head on his shoulder.

"Is it wrong that being around these babies that I now want one?" She asked.

"I was thinking the same thing."

"You two should definitely have one," Elena grinned, "they're wonderful."

Elijah grinned at them as he tickled his daughter's stomach. She squealed happily at what her father did.

"Very wonderful." He said grinning at them.

"I think you're biased," Rebekah said.

Elijah shrugged.

"So? I bet even Kol and Killian are worst." He said.

"I think you're all just as bad," Rebekah giggled.

"Can you blame us?" Kol asked.

"No they are adorable," Rebekah smiled.

"Just like yours would be if you two have one." The three mothers said brightly as Alexia grabbed her father's finger and began to gnaw on it. "Elijah? She wants blood."

He nodded and as he used his fangs to cut one of his fingers before giving it to her, she pulled the bleeding digit into her mouth and began drink.

Nathaniel's mouth began to work as he fussed at Kol. Smelling the blood he wanted some as well.

Kol cut two of his fingers and placed the bleeding digits into both Nathaniel's mouth and Felicity's while Killian did the same for Lilyana. "They're so cute when they take blood," Rebekah cooed.

"You should have seen them when we first introduced blood to their diet." Kol chuckled. "After just one drop they wanted more."

"The same." The other two fathers said as they held their daughters.

"Well of course," Rebekah grinned proudly, "they're Mikaelsons."

Elijah grinned once he removed his finger from her mouth and Alexia grabbed his hand. Elijah just scooped her up and placed her on his lap.

Bonnie propped Nathaniel against her so he could sit up and see the world. Kol positioned Felicity against him in the same manner.

Killian grinned as he had Lilyana also propped up to see the world and Rebekah was smiling at them. It may have taken her brothers a thousand years and Katherine five hundred years for happiness to find them, but all that time waiting led to this moment.