DISCLAIMER: Claymore belongs to Norihiro Yagi.

~ Kittieh :3 ~

Rigald transformed into his Awakened form, and the battle ground to a halt as the Claymores cried out in shock at the sight of it.



"I want to pet him..."

"You can't pet him! He'll kill you! That's an Awakened Being."

"B-but... he's so cute..."

"I want to pet him, too!"

Rigald wasn't sure why this happening (weren't Claymores supposed to not have such human feelings anymore?), but he figured he might as well use it to his advantage.

"OK," he said. "If you come over one at a time, without your swords, I will allow you to pet me."

"Twenty-three of the warriors we sent to the north have joined Isley's forces," the scout reported to the Organization's council. "Because - and I quote - cats are cute and Rigald is a cute kittieh."

"What about the twenty-fourth? Was she killed?" Rimuto inquired.

The scout shrugged.

"Apparently Clare is more of a dog person."