Dedicated to those who believe Fife and Angelique would make a great couple.

Angelique and Fife Fight

When Angelique and Fife were human, they dated one another until one day, the enchantress cast a spell upon the pairing and their friends, including the prince. The prince was the main cause for all of them to be under an enchanted curse. He hadn't known how to control his temper and he rejected a stranger, who was simply offering him a rose.

Fife, as a piccolo didn't know where to go, but to Forte, the scheming pipe organ, who was once good friends with the beast, the master of the castle. If Fife followed Forte's commands, then he would've earned his solo act, even if it separated Angelique and himself.

After a while of finding out how evil that dastardly pipe organ was, Fife went over and tried to persuade Angelique that he is still her boyfriend. "I did what Forte, my boss asked me to," Fife confided with her.

"Oh, you mean that monster?" she retorted.

"Yes, please, listen to me," Fife pleaded, trying to reason with her.

"After you worked with that...with that…pipe organ?"

"LET IT GO!" Fife finally yelled, feeling irritated, "All I ever wanted was a solo, and you wanted to keep Christmas in good spirits, right?"

"Yes, but I didn't want the master to destroy my decorations," Angelique replied.

"I really never meant what I've done to you and your kin," Fife said, looking down at the ground.

The unconvinced Angelique tried to object, but Fife cut her off in order for her to understand that what he said was true.

Brokenhearted, Angelique started to cry because his words pierced her heart like a stake, feeling bad for not knowing the truth in Fife's soul; however, all he did was try to reason with her. He then offers her to get some rest. Without her knowing, her friends advised her to think carefully about having Fife back in her life or not.

Angelique in Love with Fife?

Hours went by as Angelique sat on her bed, alone in her thoughts, regretting what she said to Fife and would like to apologize. More than that, she was helplessly in love with him, but couldn't bring herself to say it out loud. Eventually, she reluctantly caved in and admitted that she loves Fife and they already knew. Everything was back to where it was before after the enchanted curse was eventually broken.

The End

AN: Originally, in the movie, Angelique NEVER berated Fife after Forte's obvious death.

*The beginning coordinates with the song "Just a Little Girl" by Trading Yesterday and the ending suits "I Won't Say I'm in Love" from Hercules.