At five years of age, Harry would not say he was lucky, fortunate, or even blessed. His parents died when he was but one year old, killed in a car crash while driving drunk , at least, thats what his relatives told him , he was left in the care of his aunt and uncle, tormented day in and out by his cousin, made to work around the house, cooking and cleaning for his relatives while living in the cupboard under the stairs and barely eating anything more than scraps when they let him or stealing the odd piece of bread when he can get out of the cupboard late at night.

Another reason Harry wouldn't count himself blessed is the fact that he has spent nearly all day running from his cousin and his friends , and was now running through a condemned part of the town. Harry had hoped that Dudley would give up the moment they crossed into that part of the town. But no such luck . They were still chasing him down the street and Harry was pretty sure the street they had just entered was the one that had a record of things and people disappearing. Harry's legs were burning as were his lungs and he was sure he was about to collapse. He needed to either lose them or to just give in to his horrible fate. The second option wasn't one he wanted though . What Harry did want was to get away from the life he knows, to find someone who could take him in and give him the love that he sees Dudley getting. Though Harry knows that this is a hopeless wish as the Dursleys are the only family he knows he will ever have. Even though he knows he can't have it Harry can't help but wish for this.

Harry was coming to the end of the street. He had to choose to go either right or left. Dudley's thinner friends were close behind him and if Harry went right there was a chance that Dudley and his larger friends would slam into each other and fall on top of the thinner ones, giv ing Harry some time to get away or at least put some space between him and them. But if he headed left Harry was sure he could find some bushes and trees that would slow them down. Either way Harry would only have a short while before he would have to return home and face his aunt and uncle, who Dudley will most likely tell some made up story to get him in trouble so Harry has to spend most of the summer locked in his cupboard, and it was already the hottest summer on record.

"Please, something, take me away from this," Harry whispered between pants for breath .

Harry cried out in surprise as his foot caught on some broken asphalt and he fell forward. Shutting his eyes Harry waited for the impact of his already bruised face to the ground. What he got instead was a feeling like falling down a windy tunnel as lights flashed by before his shut eyes before it all just suddenly stopped and his body smacked against something smooth and hard. It was only because of years of conditioning to hard blows from his uncle that Harry didn't black out. He laid there for a moment, knowing getting up and running again wouldn't do him any good. But after a minute of nothing Harry took a chance and opened his eyes.

He was no long on the condemned street. Instead, he was laying on some kind of smooth stone pathway in some garden with large flowers, fruit trees, and plants he'd never seen before. And when Harry pushed himself up and looked past the plants Harry found himself looking at polished stone walls, large elegant doors, and towers surrounding the garden. Things he'd only ever seen in books while in preschool with Dudley.

"What? Oh no. I'm going to be in so much trouble." Harry breathed as he realized something ' strange ' had happened to him again. This was going to be worse than the time he'd found himself on the roof of his school or when his teacher's wig turned blue.

Harry took a few steps towards the close s t door to him and jumped when his foot hit something metallic. Looking down Harry found some kind of metal ball with some engraved markings on it that he'd never seen before. Picking it up Harry turned it over a few times in his hands. There were gaps here and there where Harry could glimpse a crystal of some sorts suspended in the middle of the ball.

"What is this?" Harry asked himself before the crystal lit up. Harry made to drop the ball but found it flew back into his hands a second later. He was scared now. Having no idea just what it was or even what it does and now he was holding it and it didn't seem to be about to let him drop it.

"What are you doing?" A harsh voice demanded from somewhere behind Harry.

Harry spun around and found a very tall man walking up to him. From the way that the man was dressed Harry could tell this man was someone important and the look on the man's face was similar to the one that Uncle Vernon would get when Harry would do something that he didn't like.

The man stopped before Harry and his eyes zeroed in on the ball in Harry's hands. "Where did you get that?" He demanded.

"I found it, sir, on the ground," Harry answered quickly. He found that answering his uncle quickly and honestly would at least spare Harry some of the punishment and time locked away in his cupboard.

The man snatched the ball from Harry's hands before looking him over with a frown. "Wait, you are not of Asgard? What realm do you hail from?"

Harry blinked in confusion. "Realm sir? I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're asking."

The man seemed not to believe him for a moment before his eyes widen ed slightly. "Midgard? How did you get here?" He asked before glancing at the ball. "What? Is the spell working? But how?"

"I'm sorry sir. The crystal just lit up while I was holding it. I don't know what I did." Harry was staring at his feet, afraid of what the punishment might be for messing with something that is clearly important to the man.

"You? That's impossible. A mortal could not possibly make an Asgardian spell work. Just who are you?" The man demanded.

"My name is Harry Potter sir."

The man frowned, as the name wasn't familiar to him. "Who are your parents?"

Harry gulped as the man sounded angrier than he was a moment ago. "My parent's names were Lily and James Potter."

The man sighed in annoyance. Those names weren't any more familiar to him than the boys. Then an idea hit him. "Come with me." He ordered as he took hold of Harry's arm and dragged him through the door he'd come through.

Harry had to work hard to keep up with the man's stride as the man's legs are much longer than Harry's own. Thankfully the man didn't take him very far before pulling him into a room and towards a large desk.

The man let go of Harry's arm and began fishing about in the desk after setting the ball down.

Harry just stood where he had been left. Trying not to make things wors e for himself.

"I know I had some parchment." The man muttered to himself before finding what he was looking for. "Now the book. I left it," The man set the rolled up piece of paper on the desk before walking over to a pair of doors.

When the man opened the doors Harry noticed a large bed covered in green and gold covers. Clearly, this was the man's home and the room he's been brought to must be a study.

The man entered the bedroom for a moment before returning with a thick book with several marked pages. The book was set on the desk next to the paper before the man opened it to one of the marked pages and begin reading.

Standing slightly on his toes Harry noticed the book was in a text he couldn't read but from the way it was written Harry guessed they were instructions. However when the man pulled out a dagger Harry took a step back in fear.

"Simple enough. Just need some blood from you." The man said as he finally looked up at Harry. "I am simply going to cut your finger. A mere drop or two will be more than enough." The man then unrolled the paper, setting some small weights on the corners of the paper to keep it from rolling up again before rounding the desk and holding out his empty hand to Harry. "Now, just give me your hand and we can get this over with."

Though he knew he shouldn't , Harry had to know just what was about to happen. "Sir, what are you going to do with my blood?"

"Using this spell I'll be able to learn who your family is , and just how it is you were able to make an Asgardian spell work. Your blood will allow my to see your lineage." The man explained.

Harry hesitated for a moment, not fully understanding what the man was saying before holding out his right hand.

The man made a small cut on the tip of Harry's pointer and then held the finger over the paper until two drops of Harry's blood landed on it. Harry remained silent through the pain, something the man noticed and filed away for later observation. Though he did see the awed look in the boys eyes when the wound healed up afterwards.

"Alright. Just one more thing and I should have the answer." The man lets go of Harry's hand and held his now free hand over the page.

Harry watched as the two drops of blood began moving across the page, creating words and pictures connected like a family tree. One of the pictures was of him with his full name under it, connected to his picture was a woman who he guessed was his mother under his as well as a picture of a man who had to be his father and connected to his mother's picture was ...

"What?" The man asked in shock as he viewed what was on the paper. The blood stopping it's creation of the family tree. There, on the page was his own image and name connected to the woman that was clearly the boy's mother. He was related to the boy. "This can't be. Lilias?"

Harry stared at the man in confusion. Why were this man's picture and name appearing connected to his mother? And why was the name under her Lilias when his mother's name was Lily. At least Harry now had a name for the man. Loki.

The man, Loki , turned to Harry and his eyes took in every detail about the boy next to him. From the thin frame, how he seemed to be sm aller than most children his age, the mop of dark hair on his head, and his green eyes that looked just like Lilias 's did . Loki didn't understand how he had missed it before. The boy was almost the spitting image of himself as a child.

"This woman," Loki pointed to the picture. "is your mother?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, sir."

Loki had been to Midgard only a few times and during one of those times, he had met a woman named Alba who he'd taken a liking to. They'd spent only a few nights together before Loki had to return to Asgard. He'd been able to sneak back to Midgard to visit with the woman once and he'd been greeted with the sight of an infant girl in her arms who he was quickly informed was his daughter. But that had been many years ago. Loki had hoped to bring the two to Asgard one day but had not been able to bring them up with his father for fear they would be taken from him as his other children and his past wives had. So he had given Alba a ribbon, telling her that a spell connected it to a flower he had in his room. So long as she was alive and healthy the flower would show this. But one day Loki had looked to the flower and found it dead. His Alba had died. Loki had asked Heimdall and learned that a fire had killed her and as far as Heimdall had been able to tell the fire had also claimed the life of Alba 's daughter.

But here was Lilias' son, alive and standing before him. And from the way the crystal inside the ball was glowing he possesse d magic.

Loki needed to sit down. The shock of learning his daughter had survived as well as had a child herself was hitting him hard.

"Where ... where is your mother now?" Loki asked Harry.

"She's dead sir. Died when I was a baby along with my father." Harry answered sadly looking down at his feet .

His mother had died at about the same age that Lilias had lost her mother. It had to be some cruel joke of the Norns.

"What were you doing before you found yourself here?" Loki asked curiously, and much softer then before .

"I was trying to get away from my cousin and his friends," Harry answered.

"Cousin? Your mother had a sibling?" Loki asked in confusion. Alba had promised him that she would wait for him to bring both her and their daughter to Asgard so that they may live as a family together. And given how short a time there was before Alba died it seemed odd that Alba would have another child so quickly. Then Loki realized that Lilias had to have been taken in by another family , and that that family must've already had a child of their own. "Ah, I see." Loki nodded. He went to ask another question when the door to his study opened and in walked the last person Loki wanted to see. Thor.

"Brother!" Thor boomed when he spotted Loki. Thor then took notice of Harry. "What's this brother? Have you found someone interested in learning magic from you?" Thor knew it bothered Loki to no end when he would tease Loki about growing old and becoming an old teacher in the library.

"Thor this is not the time. Please leave." Loki growled. Loki tried to hide the paper showing his relation to Harry but Thor had been too quick.

"What are you trying to hide from me?" Thor asked before looking at the paper. It didn't take long before Thor's eyes snapped to Loki. "Brother? Is this true?"

Loki sighed. There was no way he would be able to keep this from his parents now. Not that he would be able to hide this from his mother for long anyway. "Yes, Thor. I had a daughter and this boy is my grandson."

Harry's eyes snapped from Thor to Loki. It was one thing to see it on a piece of paper but to hear it said out loud was shocking. And the man that just entered, Thor had called Loki brother. If Loki truly is his mother's father then that would make Thor Harry's great uncle.

"Why did you never speak of this daughter?" Thor asked.

"You know how things often go when I have children. I left my daughter with her mother and thought to find the right time to bring them up to Father. But then Alba , the mother of my daughter perished in a fire and I was unable to learn if my daughter survived. Now I know she not only survived and was taken in by another family but that she mothered a son. And now here he is." Loki waved towards Harry.

"Have you spoken to Father about this? Or Mother?" Thor asked.

"Thor I have barely gotten over the shock of learning this news myself as well as the news that my daughter died some time ago," Loki growled before sighing heavily. "I barely know what to do right now. The last time I had a child father was quick to take them from me. Now I have a grandson. I can only imagine father's reaction to this."

Thor was silent a moment before he smiled. "What if you told mother first?"

"What are you suggesting?" Loki asked in a tone that made it clear he thought his brother having an idea was akin to the impossible happening .

"Father may try to take your grandchild from you right away. But mother may be able to convince him to let you keep your grandson. If anything , she should be able to convince Father to let him stay for a little while. Perhaps long enough for you to get Father to allow him to stay."

Loki had to admit that this does, in fact, sound like a good idea. If there was one thing they could count on it was that their mother knows just what to say and do when it comes to their father.

"Thor I rarely say this, but that is brilliant."

Thor laughed. "As if I am going to let father send away your grandson." Thor then chuckled. "I can not wait to see father's face when he learns he is a great grandfather."

Loki had to chuckle at that as well.

"I shall go fetch mother." Thor then turned and ran out of the room.

Harry wasn't sure just what was going on. So he turned to Loki. "What's going to happen now, sir?"

Loki raised a brow at Harry still calling him sir. "You don't have to call me that. You can call me Loki if you want. As for what is happening, my brother has gone to get our mother so that she may meet you before you meet our father."

"When can I go home? My aunt and uncle are going to be very mad if I don't get home soon." Harry asked.

Loki frowned at that. "You are worried they will be angry with you? How will they punish you?"

Harry shifted a little on his feet. "If I'm lucky , they will just lock me in my cupboard for a month."

Loki's eyes couldn't decide if they wanted to widen in shock or narrow in anger at that. "Lock you in a cupboard? What else could they do to punish you?" he asked remembering how Harry never even so much as flinched when he had sliced the boys palm for the spell.

"Sometimes they don't let me eat." Harry didn't want to admit to being beaten sometimes.

Loki could read between the lines. "Who are these relatives that you call aunt and uncle?"

"My aunt's name is Petunia and my uncle's name is Vernon Dursley ," Harry answered.

Loki made a mental note to pay a visit to these mortals. Not only to collect Harry's things from them but to also repay their kindness. Loki then noticed the glasses Harry wore. "Why are you wearing those?"

Harry touched at his glasses. "They help me see."

"But they're clearly broken. Why haven't you gotten new ones."

Harry shrugged. "My aunt and uncle don't want to waste money on me."

Loki was liking these relatives less and less. Not to mention thinking of various ways to torture them, or humiliate them, or curse them...

The doors to Loki's study opened and in walked Thor with their mother.

Loki smiled grudgingly, after all, she hadn't really shown him much affection in years, more showing it to Thor then him, and stood. "Mother." He greeted her.

"Loki." She greeted before spotting Harry. "Who is this young man?" She asked as she walked over to Harry with a warm smile.

"Well mother, may I introduce you to your great grandson," Loki answered with a smirk .

Her eyes widen at that. "Loki, why did you keep this from us?"

"I had thought my daughter had died alongside her mother. I had no idea that she had lived , let alone grew up and had a child of her own. At least not until he stumbled upon a hidden path that seems to lead to my private garden." Loki answered.

"What is your name?" She asked Harry.

"Harry Potter ma'am," Harry answered.

She smiled. "My, such a polite young man. You may call me grandma Frigga."

"Mother, I am weary of bringing him before the father. Do you think you could help me break this to him?" Loki asked.

Frigga smiled at him. "I will do what I can to help."

"Brother while you and mother speak to father , why don't I take young Harry and keep him entertained until you are ready to show him to Father." Thor offered.

Loki wasn't sure about that but figured it would be best if Harry was kept away from the throne room until they could be sure that the Allfather won't do anything to harm him. "Very well Thor. Harry, I want you to stay with Thor until I send for you."

Harry hesitated. He really needed to get home to his aunt and uncle before he ends up in more trouble than he probably was already. But if these people really are some lost members of his family then this could be his chance at a better life.

"When we have finished I will take you to your relatives to collect your things." In Loki's mind, he was keeping his grandson no matter what his father says.

"Okay." Harry agreed awkwardly, his hopes not being too high, as others had told him they would help him in the past, with nothing coming of it .

"Come then. I'm sure we can find something to keep us entertained until my brother summons us." Thor threw his arm around Harry's shoulder and lead him out of the study.

Loki watched them leave. He was scared for how Asgard would react to his grandson, how Harry will take to Asgard, and most of all how his father is going to react to Harry.

"Come Loki. We best go see your father while he is alone." Frigga said, drawing Loki from his thoughts.

Loki nodded. No point in worrying about this when he needs to go and speak with his father now.


Odin listened as Loki explained the family he'd had on Midgard as well as how his grandson had just arrived in Asgard. He was angry that Loki had kept this hidden from him for so long as well as curious at how Loki's daughter was kept hidden from him as well as the daughter's son. He would have to look into this.

"Where is this child now."

Loki had to hold his hands behind his back as they started to shake. Odin was always a hard person to read and this was a very important matter to Loki.

"He is with Thor right now. I've seen him. Such a polite boy, and he reminds me so much of Loki at that age." Frigga chimed in.

Odin needed to think about this. Every other time Loki has had children they have been monsters. But as he'd heard nothing about this daughter she must have turned out normal. And from the sounds of things Loki's grandson must be normal as well. But he would have to wait until he sees him be sure.

"What is the boy's name?" Odin asked.

"His mother named him Harrison. A mortal name as she did not know who her birth father was." Loki answered.

"Bring him before me," Odin ordered.


Thor had taken Harry to the training field to watch his friends spar. They'd been able to watch for a while in peace before Thor's friends spotted him and came over. Thor was quick to introduce Harry to them, not for a moment hesitating to tell them that Harry is Loki's student .

"What? Loki, having a student ?" Fandral asked in shock.

"You are sure about this?" Sif asked.

Thor nodded. "My brother did not explain his reasoing to me ."

"Well, this is quite the surprise," Volstagg said. He, like the others, was confused as to how Loki could have a student and keep it a secret till now . At least the boy looked normal.

"Where have you been hiding child?" Fandral asked, doing his best to seem friendly.

"I haven't been hiding sir," Harry said.

Thor chuckled at the looks of surprise on the faces of his friends at Harry's manners.

"How old are you Harry?" Volstagg asked.

"Five , sir," Harry answered.

"A fine age. Old enough to learn to use a sword." Sif commented before going over to where they keep the training blades.

Harry stared at her for a moment. "A sword? Why did she say that?" He asked Thor.

"Most boys begin their training at the age you are now," Thor explained.

"I'm not sure why you would want to learn magic from Loki. I am sure your family would be more please to see their son a great warrior standing next to Thor in battle." Fandral added.

Harry wasn't sure about this. He'd never held anything sharper than a kitchen knife and nothing heavier than a bag of potatoes. He also didn't understand just what Fandral had meant by that. Was something wrong with learning from Loki? And what was so special about being a warrior? Was it like being good at sports? Also when Fandral had spoke of magic all Harry could hear was his uncle telling him 'There's no such thing as magic! '

"Here we are. This should be a good start for you." Sif said as she returned with a sword and held it out to Harry.

Harry stared at it for a moment before taking it, the weight almost making him drop it right away.

Thor and his friends chuckled at his struggle s .

"I can't lift this," Harry said as he could barely lift the hilt. He went take back what he'd said before he got in trouble with his great uncle when Thor placed a hand on his shoulder.

"In time you will be able to. With training." Thor told him.

"I fear training shall have to wait," Fandral said as he pointed to an approaching guard.

"The king summons you and the boy prince Thor." The guard announced.

Sif took back the sword from Harry. "Another time then."

"Come Harry. Let us go see father and hear what he has to say." Thor said as he leads Harry away, the guard following behind them.

"Well, what do you make of this?" Fandral asked the other three.

"Loki with a student? You remember how his children were when they were here." Sif said.

"But this boy is different from them. You heard him when he spoke to us, he was polite." Volstagg pointed out. Though he'd only known Harry for a few minutes he found himself liking the young boy.

"That may change over time," Sif commented. "It would be best if we keep an eye on the boy and try to steer him away from Loki. For his own good."


Thor frowned as he looked down at Harry. He had stopped them part way to the throne room and was looking Harry over carefully.

Harry tried not to fi d git under Thor's gaze, he knew that people didn't like it when someone fidgits. At least his aunt and uncle never seemed to like it.

"This won't do at all." Thor commented with a shake of his head.

Harry tried not to let that worry him. He thought that Thor realized that he wasn't a the kind of family he wanted him to be and that he was about to abandon him in the halls to fend for himself.

"You can not see the Allfather dressed like that." Thor picked at Harry's right sleeve. "What beast wore this horrid thing before you?"

Harry looked down at his shirt with a frown, not seeing what could be wrong with it. "My cousion Dudley. I get his hand-me-downs when he no longer can wear them."

Thor raised a brow at that. "I did not know mortals could become so large at such a young age." He then shook his head. "Does not matter. These are not the clo thes one wears to meet the Allfather and certainly not the clothes of my brother's grandson. Come, we must find you something else to wear before you stand before father." Thor then pulled Harry down a different hallway.


Harry had not wanted anything fancy. He felt that it would be wrong to accept such things as he had spent most of his life being told he wasn't worth the money. But Thor kept pushing Harry to wear something more befitting his family ties. So Harry accepted the leather toursers and blue tunic that Thor gave him.

Thor had found it odd that Harry did not want to change into something better then the rags he was already wearing, as well as how Harry agreed to the simplist clothes that they could find. There was nothing about those toursers and tunic that said Harry was royalty or even noble born. But Thor just shrugged it off and helped Harry into a pair of the smallest boots they could find. Even the clothes Harry now wore were very lose on him and it bothered Thor.

"Now then. I believe we kept father waiting long enough." Thor smiled, trying to ignore the nagging feeling that much was wrong with his brother's grandchild.

Harry allowed himself to be lead away from the room. He hoped that Loki wouldn't mind that he changed clothes and that no one got mad at him for it. Sure Thor had been the one to make him change but he was sure someone would get mad at him for it.


Harry was scared. More so now than he was when he first found himself in this place. Now he was standing in a room far larger than the Dursleys entire home. His grandfather Loki standing off to his right, his great uncle to his left, and before him both of his great grandparents. One of which was smiling warmly at him while the other wore a look that suggested his was displeased with what he was seeing , that or he was constipated .

Loki was scared as well but was doing his best not to show it in the hopes of bringing Harry some comfort. But at the same time Loki was ready to do whatever he had to, make whatever deals he must to keep Harry close.

"So, this is the boy you have told me about. The one you are sure is the child of your lost daughter?" Odin asked Loki.

"He is Lilias' daughter. He ha s also proven to me that he has strong magic in his veins." Loki answered.

That had Odin's full attention, as Loki had not mentioned this before. "Why did you not speak of this before?"

"Though strong , his magic is only just awakening. It will be some time before he is able to bend it to his will." Loki explained.

"This child's blood is that of a mortal's. He has no place here. He should be returned to his mortal family." Odin said.

Hearing those words Harry felt his heart drop. He was being sent back to the Dursleys. He would have to continue to live with them. No. This couldn't be happening. He couldn't go back to find this lost piece of his family. Before he knows what he was doing Harry spoke.

"I would rather die," Harry whispered to himself.

"What was that Harry?" Frigga asked.

Harry looked up at her, ready to say nothing. But the look she was giving him gave Harry the strength to speak up.

"I would rather die than go back to my aunt and uncle's home," Harry repeated.

Both Loki and Frigga were horrified to hear a five -year-old say this.

"Why do you say that?" Thor asked.

"Because I would be happier with my mother and father then I would be with them," Harry answered honestly, though with sadness too.

Loki remembered what Harry had told him. As well what Harry had left unsaid.

"Why would you say this? Why would death be better than going home to your family?" Frigga could already feel her heart breaking for Harry.

"They do not treat me like family. I'm just a servant to them. They wouldn't care if I never came home again." Harry answered. There were tears in his eyes as he remembered all the years he'd spent living under that roof.

"Your family treated you like a servant?" Thor asked. He couldn't imagine any family treating a member of their family like that.

"They barely feed me, make me live in the cupboard under the stairs, I only ever get my cousin's hand me down clothes. My cousin is allowed to beat me whenever he wants, so can my uncle. My aunt and uncle make me do all the housework. When my uncle's sister visit s, her dog chases and attacks me while they laugh and watch. I have no friends at school because my cousin chases everyone away from me. I can't do well in school or else I get punished at home. Everyone in the neighborhood has been told I'm nothing but a liar and a thief, that I set fires for fun. No one wants anything to do with me. Any teachers who care about me and try to help me get threatened by my aunt and uncle until they have no choice but to leave me alone , and those that did promise to help never did in the end ." Harry explained , he left out the part about beatings on his birthdays with a studded belt, amongst other things .

Loki couldn't believe what he was hearing. That there were people out there, on Midgard no less who could treat a child, a relative no less like that.

"Father I beg you not to send him back. Whoever these people are that he must call family are monsters and have no right to have children in their home. We can not let him return to those people," Loki begged.

"I agree my love. To said him back to that home would be a fate worst than death." Frigga agreed. She could only imagine the pain and suffering Harry had to have gone through while living with those relatives.

"Father you can't send him back." Thor cried.

"Enough!" Odin shouted, making everyone in the room shut up. Odin wasn't completely heartless. At first, he had questioned if Harry was telling the truth about what happens to him with his relatives. But those doubts didn't stay long as the look in Harry's eyes told him more than anything else that what he was hearing was true. This does change things. But this made things difficult for Odin. As every time Loki has had children problems would arise and before long he would have little choice but to cast them out as they would not listen, and do as they were told by him. But would it be the same for Loki's grandchild? Would the same problems arise? Would this boy, who seemed so quiet and polite become like his cousins? But regardless of those fears, Odin couldn't allow him to go back to that place, to that so called ' home ' . "Very well. He may remain."

Loki almost asked him to repeat what he'd said. As it was too good to be true. But rather than ask that , Loki merely said, "Thank you, father." Before he walked over to Harry and quickly lead him out of the throne room before Odin could change his mind.

"I can stay?" Harry asked, unable to believe his change of luck.

Loki smiled down at him. "That's right. Now then, why don't we have a meal before we go to your relatives home to retrieve your things?"


Loki had been shocked with how little Harry ate once the food had been set before them. But Loki had said nothing. He had more important things to think about. Like dealing with these relatives of Harry's. Loki had made sure to study up on some simple curses that would serve to punish them without getting into trouble with his father. At least he had his father's permission to go to Midgard and collect Harry's things. And so both Harry and Loki were currently walking down the street that Harry ha d called his for the last several years of his life. Loki was dressed in what Harry had called a business suit.

According to Harry his uncle Vernon would think that Loki was someone of wealth, power, and upbringing. The sort of man that his uncle wants to deal with.

Loki was pleased to hear these clothes said such things about himself. For it is the sort of man that he is.

"Now Harry, when we meet your uncle say nothing. I will get us inside and you will slip away to collect your things. I shall keep them busy with me. When you are done simply enter the room I am in." Loki instructed.

"Okay," Harry whispered as they reached his house. He was so nervous. What if his uncle refused to let Loki in? What if he was unable to collect his things be cause his aunt had dragged him into the kitchen to cook or clean? There were so many things that could go wrong.

It had to be almost 8:30 at night. His uncle was going to be so angry with him. But at least Loki was there to keep him safe.

Loki knocked on the door and the two waited. It wasn't long before a man larger than Volstagg , and far uglier then a troll, appeared in the now opened door. The man was glaring murder at Harry and was just opening his mouth to snap at him when Loki quickly butted in.

"Good evening sir. Sorry to trouble you at such a late hour." Loki gave his most charming smile.

Harry almost smiled at the surprised and stunned look on his uncle's face as he took in Loki's appearance.

Vernon cleared his throat. "Not at all. What brings you to my home at this hour?" Vernon tried to carefully reach out and drag Harry inside the house but Loki stopped him by putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I fear I have gotten very lost. I am not used to this area you see. Thankfully I stumbled upon this young boy and he was kind enough to suggest I come here for some rest and help before I head home for the evening to get ready for my meeting in the morning." Loki explained.

Vernon's eyes widen in interest. "Oh? W -w-w hat meeting would that be?"

Harry was nervous. Loki wasn't from the same world as him and there for one wrong word could ruin everything.

"Foreign affairs. Mostly I help my father with trade negotiations." Loki answered flawlessly.

It was clear Vernon was very impressed with this. "W -w ell, would you like to come in? I believe my wife is making some tea and I'm sure we can be of help to you." Vernon moved out of the way and held the door open.

"Why thank you, sir. I think I shall take up your offer." Loki smiled as he entered the house with Harry. "Charming home you have here." He really hated it. Everything about this place offended his sense in every way.

Harry quickly put distance between himself and his uncle but made sure to do so in a way that wouldn't draw his uncle's attention. He was amazed at his grandfather for coming up with such a convincing lie on the spot.

"Please , in here," Vernon said as he led the way. "Petunia, we have company." he snapped up the stairs in a bellow.

A very thin woman , who looked like some mad wizard's cross between a horse and a woman, quickly entered the room. When she saw Loki she smiled brightly. "Oh, this is a pleasant surprise. Welcome to our home Mr. .. ?"

"Odinson. Loki Odinson." Loki answered with his charming smile at full force.

"He handles foreign affairs in his father's company," Vernon told her smugly .

"Would it be too much trouble to inquire if I could get something to eat and drink? I have been wondering the streets for hours and have missed my dinner." Loki just needed to keep them busy while Harry gathered his things.

"No trouble at all," Petunia said before returning to the kitchen.

"Please sit." Vernon waved over to the couch as he took a seat in a chair. "I'm in the drilling business myself."

Loki just gave a polite nod, not caring or knowing what the man was talking about. Loki said nothing and just nodded from time to time. It was clear to him the best way to keep this man away from Harry was to let him talk about himself like the arrogant fool he was .

When Petunia came back into the room she had a tray of tea and a plate of sandwiches. She sat on the arm of the chair that Vernon as sitting in. Every now and then she would speak up, either boasting about her husband's work or something that her son had done.

Loki had been shocked to find out that the fat lump of cloth on the floor was a child. He'd been sure that thing had been some ugly toy for dogs. Thankfully Loki had managed to hide his shock with skillful ease .

Vernon began telling some story from work and Loki was ready to call to Harry to hurry up. However just as he was tempted to do so Harry entered the room, with a very tattered bag on his back.

"Boy, what do you think you are doing?!" Vernon snapped, then turned a smile to Loki. "Sorry, my nephew gets very confused sometimes. I'll just be a moment." He went to stand up but stopped when Loki stood.

"That will not be needed as I am leaving. And so is Harry." Loki told him with a smirk.

"What?" Vernon asked with all the intelligence of a sloth showing , thinking he had misheard.

"Which one was your mother's sibling?" Loki asked Harry.

"Aunt Petunia," Harry answered.

Loki turned to her. "Where you aware that your sister was adopted?"

Petunia looked like she'd sucked a lemon at that. "How could I not?" She asked.

Harry turned to his aunt in shock. "My mother was adopted?"

"I've no idea why my parents adopted that freak!" Petunia growled.

"Freak? I see." Loki nodded. "I had thought I could feel Midgardian magic around this home. A protection spell of some sort I believe , though it feels...weak.. ."

"How dare you speak of that in this house! You're one of them aren't you?" Vernon growled.

"Oh, I am not part of Midgard's magic users," Loki smirked. "But my magic is strong you fat , pathetic , mortal." He said, prounocing each word slowly, then he turned to Petunia. "And the woman you knew as your sister Lily , was my daughter , Lilias."

"I want you out of this house this moment!" Vernon roared, he then turned to Harry. "You are going nowhere freak!"

Loki grabbed Vernon around the throat and lifted him with obvious and disconcerting ease . "You will not speak to my grandson like that," Loki warned.

Petunia shrieked and ran to shield Dudley.

"I am Loki, prince of Asgard. And I will not let anyone speak ill of my family." Loki dropped him and headed toward Harry. Under his breath, Loki m uttered several quick curses that were going to ensure that the Dursleys never knew peace again. One of the curses would even latch onto Vernon's sister the next time she visits. "Is that all you are taking with you?" Loki asked, noticing the bag on Harry's back wasn't all that big.

"I don't have a lot of things," Harry explained.

"I see. Well, that will change soon enough once we are home." Loki smiled.

"You won't get away with this. Petunia call the police." Vernon ordered.

"Police?" Loki asked as he looked to Harry.

"They're law enforcement," Harry answered.

"Ah, mortal law enforcement. They will do you no good. As we will both be back in Asgard well before they arrive. Come Harry. Let's get you home."


"For now Harry, you will use this room. In the morning I will sort out your wing." Loki told Harry as he pulled open the door to one of the spare rooms in his wing.

"Wing?" Harry asked.

Loki turned to him. "Yes, your own wing of the palace. I'll be sure to make sure it's near mine so if you need anything I can be there for you. I should make sure the servants know to keep an eye on you so that they can see to your needs, as you don't ask for anything. And I should see about getting someone to make your clothes soon. As royalty, you can not go around in simple clothes like those." Loki was talking more to himself now.

"Servants?" Harry had never thought that he would have servants. After all, Harry had spent years being treated like a servant. He really didn't wish that feeling on anyone.

Loki turned to him in confusion for a moment before recalling what Harry had told him his life at the Dursleys' was like. "I assure you the servants here are treated far better than what you had been treated with ."

That made Harry feel a little better but he was going try to get things for himself rather than make the servants do it.

Loki crossed the room and stuck his head out the door, waving down a passing servant. "Fetch me a tailor. My student needs to be measured for his new wardrobe."

The servant bowed and walked off to do as they were told.

"Now then, once you are measured it should not take long for your new clothes to be made. I would guess by morning at the earliest." Loki told Harry. "Are you hungry? I should have asked for something for you to snack on to be brought as well."

"I'm fine Loki. I don't need anything to eat." Harry said.

"Very well." Loki nodded as he looked over the bed, wondering if it was going to be comfortable for Harry. He even pressed his hands against it to test it.


"How is Harry settling in?" Frigga asked Loki as they walked through the gardens.

"Fine," Loki answered smiling, his mind on things he felt he needed to do for Harry to make things better for him.

"Loki." Frigga could tell he was miles away and was trying to get him to focus.

Loki sighed. "Sorry mother. I find myself unable to think of anything but how to help make Harry more comfortable."

Frigga smiled. She herself had gone through similar moments back when her sons were little. It showed that Loki did care for his grandson.

"He asks for nothing and when he gets anything he said thank you but barely touches it. He ate little when I had food brought to us before we went to get his things. I just don't know what to do. That family seems to have trained him to want nothing and to not accept things. I'm at a loss as to what to do with him." Loki sighed.

"It will take time for him to get used to how different things are here. He is not used to being able to ask for things and have whatever he wishes. Just give him time and enforce that he has the right to ask for things as well as have them." Frigga advised.

"It's just hard to see him looking so unsure when he gets something. And when the tailor came to take his measurements you should have seen how small he was under those horrid rags. I could see almost every bone in his torso. No living creature should ever be that thin."

Frigga nodded. "Yes, it is alarming how thin he is. But I am sure we can fix that in time. But do not try to force him to eat. And if he finds something he likes do not focus on that one thing." Frigga then smiled slightly. "Your father tried that with you when you were younger. Was not long before you grew sick of it. Besides, we will have him see Lady Eir before long. "

Loki smiled. "I will not do that, I promise." Happy though he was that Harry would be getting checked over by a professional healer of Asgard eventually, once he was settled in of course.


Harry was sitting on the floor of his room, still reeling from what had happened in the last five hours. He'd been running from his cousin and his friends down the one street no one was supposed to go to, ended up in another world where he found his living grandfather, as well as his great uncle and great grandparents, his grandfather decided he wanted Harry to live with him and his great grandparents agreed to let him stay, he was finally free of the Dursleys and now living in a palace with servants as well as royalty. All of this left his head spinning.

"Maybe I'm in a coma. Dudley's finally hit me on the head hard and I've lost a sense of reality." Harry mumbled to himself.

Loki had left some books and toys for Harry , but Harry hadn't touched them. He was too busy trying to figure out what had happened and if it was real.

"Or maybe my mind's snapped. All that time wishing for a new family and now I've lost it." Harry sighed heavily. "I should just go to bed." He then curled up on the floor and did his best to fall asleep.


Loki and Thor decided to check in on Harry , and Loki was very upset to find him sleeping on the floor. Thor frowned, confused as to why Harry would be sleeping on the floor like an animal rather than the bed.

Sighing Loki carefully lifted Harry off the floor, doing his best not to wake him before setting him on the bed and tucking him in. Loki had taken note of just how skinny Harry really was.

"Why would he chose to sleep on the floor?" Thor questioned.

"Those people who had him before. Lilias's adoptive sister. He was never given a proper room and made to sleep in a cupboard. It seems it will take some time to break him of that habit." Loki brushed some of Harry's hair out of his eyes.

Looking down at Harry's sleeping form made Loki's heart ache for his dead daughter. She'd had to grow up never knowing him or who she truly was. Loki will not let that happen to Harry. Even if he must live on Midgard , Loki will raise his grandson and ensure he has a happy life from this day forward.


Albus Dumbledore was not having a good day. The bowl of lemon drops he keeps on his desk had tipped over along with his glass of pumpkin juice, causing them to get all sticky and covered in fluff. He'd had a surge of letters from the ministry asking for his help with all kinds of matters on top of a few complaint letters from pure blood families demanding Muggle-born and half-blood students are made to stay in different dorms from the pure blooded ones. Also, he had lost three pairs of his best socks. And that was just that morning.

Then came the truly horrifying news. Arabella Figg had just reported in that the Dursleys had just announced that they would no longer need her to look after Harry as he no longer lived with them.

The agent Dumbledore had sent to check in on the family had confirmed that Harry was gone , and that the wards around the home where still in place. No one had tampered with them. So whoever took Harry wasn't a dark witch or wizard, nor did they seem to mean Harry harm.

"I must find him and make sure he is safe," Dumbledore told himself. He also had to find out how the Dursleys could've just let someone walk off with Harry. He'd been clear in his letter that they were to let him live there until he turned 17. At that point, Dumbledore would have something else set up for Harry. But all of that would be for nothing if he couldn't find Harry.

"Is it true?" Snape asked as he exited the fireplace after flooing over. "Lily's son has gone missing?"

"I'm afraid so. I plan to go over there myself and speak with them about this." Dumbledore answered.

"How could you allow this to happen?" Snape demanded.

"I promise you, Severus, I will find him." Dumbledore stood, transfigured his robes into something more suitable for Muggle homes, sent a quick summons to the closet Order member to join him and then flooed with Snape to Arabella's house.