*Disclaimer: Go see Daredevil! It rocks my face. ;D This story is obviously in the movieverse -- it's my attempt at what's racing through Elektra's mind as she's training to kill ol' DD. (Download "Bring Me To Life" from the soundtrack or go buy the CD, too.. it's the song that plays during the scene!)


I can feel the sweat forming on my face.. but I dismiss it. It's just another sign that I'm pushing myself too far.

"You don't need to be doing this now," my father would always say. "You're pushing yourself too hard, Elektra."

But he's dead now -- the devil saw to that.

Gripping my sais, I fly through the empty, cold room. As I turn quickly, impaling the bag of sand that just fell, the picture of my parents (one of the few objects remaining in the room) meets my eye.

I'm going to kill him.

I fall to the ground quickly; another bag had swung toward me. I'd allowed myself to be distracted -- but only temporarily.

I have a mission -- I have a thirst. I can't allow my path to grow unsteady; if it's one thing I've learned, it's that focus is an essential.

"You must never let rage control your steps, for you will only walk in circles," one sensai taught me.

He was wise.. but he never watched his mother die.

He never felt her grip weaken and her eyes go blank.

Never saw the blood.

Another bag impaled -- another diverted by a graceful kick.

"Revenge is a weapon which disgraces its wielder," another always urged.

He hadn't lost the only family he had left. The only person who'd ever truly understood him.

Or loved him?

You're thinking too much, Elektra. That's another distraction.

I told Matt that I was frightened.. that trouble followed me, yanking me back just when I thought I'd found happiness.

That night in the rain was so wonderful..

I wish I could have stayed there on that rooftop forever.. I wish I could go back.. to feel Matt's touch.. to see his beautiful smile..

I wish that I didn't have to do this. I wish I could just forget that I'd been trained to look the other way when my father went to work.. that I could forget the endless hours of training that kept us apart.

I wish I could be happy.

I try to tell myself that it isn't necessary -- that leaving this place isn't a must. That I can lie to myself as I lay in Matt's arms in a normal life. But I'm going out as an assassin tonight -- not as a girlfriend.

I have a devil to kill. He'll pay for what he's done to my father.

To me.

To us, Matt..

We could have been happy.. I want so desperately to believe that. It was so close..

As I flip, barely missing the latest barrage of targets, I feel the gentle touch of my mother's necklace.

When I land, I see the bag I'd painted the red devil on.

And then it's set in stone --

I'd like to believe that when my father died it was that which sealed my fate. Something tells me otherwise, though. I feel it:

Puncturing the devil is what's condemned me.

But there's only one way to find the devil --

-- go to Hell.