1 Encounter

Fifth year, a few weeks before OWLs

Harry was walking through the corridors, too preoccupied to pay attention to his surroundings, when he heard a voice behind him. "Well, well, well! Potter walking alone near the Slytherin dorms – that's highly suspicious!"

He couldn't place the voice, but he didn't need to. As he turned around, he saw Millicent Bulstrode smirking gleefully, her wand trained on him. "I wonder what 'Professor' Umbridge may think of this."

Harry thought that he heard some sarcasm at the mention of that hated name. Was it just his own feelings? Still, it was quite unnerving to have the Inquisitional Squad after him, even though he'd done nothing wrong. His mere existence seemed to be considered wrong by Umbridge. He cursed himself internally for not holding his wand at ready. He could easily disarm Millicent, especially as she was alone, but not with his wand tucked inside his robes.

"What do you want?" he asked. He might get out of it if he could bribe her in some way.

Her smirk seemed to vanish, replaced by some apprehensive expression. "Come with me," she said, pointing with her wand at a side corridor.

Harry walked as asked. He knew that corridor. It only led to a few storage rooms. "Stop and go into the room at your left," he heard.

Harry found himself in a dusty storage room with barely enough free space to stand near the door. Millicent came after him, pushing him a bit farther in, and closed the door.

She seemed more nervous than he was. "If you do what I want you to do, I promise to never again bother you or your friends if I can help it," she said.

Harry had no idea what she could have in mind, but he didn't feel like he really had a choice. "Fine," he said, trying to sound indifferent.

Millicent waved her wand at the room, mumbling some spells he didn't recognize. Most of the stuff stacked at the far wall, and then the floor, the walls and the ceiling became free of dust and cobwebs. A single broken desk remained standing on the floor. She turned and waved her wand at the door, locking it and silencing it – those spells he recognized. She then turned to Harry. "I'm not good at transfiguration. I need you to transfigure this desk into a comfortable bed, big enough for both of us. Don't try anything else."

Harry was unsure, but the only idea that jumped into his mind about that was so unreasonable, that he dismissed it immediately. A Slytherin girl could have no such intentions, he was sure. He just made the transfiguration quite well. The sheets didn't turn out quite as red as he wanted them, but it was better than he normally did in class.

"Now, put your wand back into your robes, and don't try anything foolish," she instructed him.

He did as requested and then turned to face her. "Now what?" he asked, trying not to show his curiosity.

She said a spell he had never heard, and Harry found himself naked, his clothes falling in a heap near his feet. Before he could think of what she wanted, or try to cover his sensitive parts, she pointed her wand at herself and repeated the same spell. A moment later, they were facing each other, both naked. Millicent was still holding her wand, pointing at the floor. "Do you find me repulsive?" she asked in a very faint voice.

Harry was surprised. He had never paid her much attention. She had always been the biggest girl in his year, the ugliest – as most thought, and not feminine at all. Seeing her naked made him change his opinion of her. She was still big, of course, towering quite a bit above him, yet her body looked just as feminine as any. She had nice breasts, that didn't look big when considering her size, which stood quite firm, with much darker aureoles and nipples, that were becoming erect; she had relatively slim waist and long legs; her pubic hair was left natural and was almost as black as Harry's hair, and her tummy was almost flat, with just a bit of feminine swell. Even her face, once he took a good look at her, was much nicer than he expected. She wasn't a beauty by any measure, but her face was pleasant, and he was sure that a bit of makeup could make her look even nicer.

"You're not repulsive at all. I've never noticed it before, but I think you're quite attractive."

"Do you really think so?" He could hear hope and fear mixed in her voice.

He shrugged. "You can see how my body reacts."

She finally lifted her eyes to properly look at him, noticing his bulging erection. "I've never seen any boy or man this way," she confessed shyly.

"Neither have I seen any girl this way."

"I thought you and Granger..."

He smiled. "We're good friends. That's all. Nothing more."

She scanned him again, much slower than before. "You're quite thin, aren't you? And quite a bit scarred. May I touch?" Her eyes were set on his crotch.

"Only if you let me touch as well." He wasn't quite sure why he said that.

Millicent dropped her wand on the pile of clothes as she stepped closer, hesitantly moving her hand to his erection and touching it lightly.

Harry was emboldened by her touch. He let his hands grab her tits and then play with her nipples. Feeling her fingers close around his member, he moved one hand down, to the opening between her thighs, and caressed lightly, finding the structure of that area by touch and then pushed a finger into the slightly moist crack.

Millicent had finally found her courage again. "I want you to make love to me and to take my virginity. Please be tender, as I'm not sure I'll ever have another chance for sex and I want it to be a memorable event."

"I'll try my best, but this is going to be my first experience as well, you know. I'm not even sure I know what to do."

"Let's find together," she suggested, grabbing his lips with a kiss.

Harry was utterly surprised. The big, non-girly girl had very soft lips and he enjoyed her kiss very much. It was even nicer than Cho's kisses. He responded willingly, deepening the kiss and making it into a snog.

Soon enough their actions got hotter. Hands traveled all over each other's body, lips sucked and kissed, tongues licked and teased, and both turned much more excited. Millicent moved them to the bed and invited Harry between her thighs, where her entrance was already glistening with her lust. Harry was just as ready. He had already discovered the main spots he had heard some boys talk about and delighted in using this knowledge to make the girl enjoy their union. He plunged in, noticing a slight gasp escaping her lips, but Millicent hugged him with her legs, not letting him stop until he was fully sheathed inside her.

Harry felt so enticed that he wasn't sure how long he could resist. Once again he turned his theoretical knowledge into practice, as he teased her sensitive spots while resuming the in-out motions. Despite his efforts, by the time he started spurting into her, she was not yet at the peak, but the feeling of his semen inside her, along with his fingers teasing her clit, did the trick. Millicent seemed to explode with a pleasure that she had never thought possible. She hugged him tightly, kissed his face and his lips, mumbling incoherently as she rode her orgasm. Harry was also riding the waves of his own orgasm and wasn't sure if he heard "I love you". It couldn't be real anyhow, so he just dismissed the thought.

They stayed in bed much longer. Harry lay his head on her broad chest, her breasts serving as pillows. He felt content. He had never thought that his first sexual experience would be with this particular girl, but it still was way beyond what he thought it would be. And he didn't find Millicent unpleasant at all, nor unattractive. He thought that the school robes were doing her injustice, hiding the very nice curves she had, only accentuating her size. He didn't mind that she hugged him. It even felt nice. He was actually starting to drift into sleep when Millicent finally spoke.

"I think it's close to curfew now. We should get dressed and go back to our dormitories before we get into trouble." She hugged him a bit tighter for a moment and then released him. "Go now! Your dorm is much farther than mine. I'll return the room to its previous state."

Harry left his comfortable perch and got reluctantly dressed. He noticed some reddish stains on her thighs, but said nothing. She moved from bed a moment later and cleansed herself with her wand before getting dressed as well.

"I'll keep my promise. Don't tell anybody about what happened here," she said.

"Nobody will believe me even if I told them," he said, yet he smiled reassuringly at her and she replied with a smile. He thought that the smile made her almost beautiful. Still, once he was fully dressed, she urged him to go quickly. He looked at her once more, noticing how the school robes changed her, making her look quite unattractive, before he left, closing the door behind.

"Where have you been? I was starting to worry about you!" Hermione welcomed him with a teary hug as he reached the Gryffindor common room.

"I was deep in though and I suddenly found myself near the Slytherin dorms. I had to hide a bit, to avoid the toad's squads, though." That was close enough to the truth.

"You shouldn't wander alone, you know. There's safety in numbers – ask anybody, if you doubt me."

"I don't doubt you, and I'll try to be more careful, but right now I need a shower. That storeroom I hid in was quite dusty."


They started their OWLs a few days later and Harry almost forgot his weird encounter. It was after the History exam that he met Millicent again, and not in a pleasant way. After trying to contact Sirius through the Floo in Umbridge's office, they were caught and Millicent was part of the group of Squad members who helped Umbridge. Harry noticed that she looked apologetically at him, yet even he couldn't blame her for acting as requested. She could have been in a lot of trouble had she acted otherwise.

He saw her again during the leaving feast. She seemed a bit ill, and he wondered why, yet she avoided looking at him. Whenever he turned his gaze her way, she was looking at the table in front of her or at the head table. It intrigued him, yet his mind was preoccupied with other thoughts. Sirius was dead, and despite everything said, he still felt at least partly responsible for that. Then, there was that damned prophecy. He wondered if he would have any chance at all when fighting Voldemort, as that was clearly what the prophecy suggested. Unfortunately, it didn't state who would survive.


Millicent didn't attend the sixth year. Harry was actually surprised that he felt somewhat disappointed when he found out. She had been a nice shag, maybe even a great shag – being the only one he had experienced didn't let him compare – but she wasn't that important. His relationship with Ginny was heating slowly. By winter vacation he was already allowed to touch her breasts under the bra, but nothing more. It was still very nice to feel her, although he found himself wishing for a fuller figure, once in a while.

Well, if ever he separated from Ginny, there were a few nice girls who seemed to be looking expectantly at him. Luna was turning into a very nice girl and he didn't think she would be as strict with him as Ginny. Susan Bones was also becoming quite a sight to behold, and she was also smart and fierce. He even noticed a few Slytherin girls looking in his direction. Some could be very nice shags, he was sure. Yet he was stuck with Ginny.

It was almost spring time when he heard Parvati telling some other girl, "Millicent Bulstrode is supposed to have moved to Beauxbatons, but that doesn't seem to be true. Her family can't afford sending her there and she has shown no talent in learning another language. They may have found her useless and sent her to America or some other far place, where nobody would make the connection."

He felt sorry for the big girl.


After Dumbledore's funeral, Harry broke up with Ginny. He didn't actually tell her the real reason, though, even if everything he told her was true. He couldn't just say, "I can see that you're too much like your mother and I don't like to be with Molly Jr."

Having to spend some time at the Burrow after leaving his old home was very stressful. Ginny tried everything to get him back. She was even willing to go all the way with him. Luckily, his mission gave him a good excuse. It wasn't that he didn't like the idea of shagging Ginny; he just didn't like to end up like Arthur.

In a way, he was glad that he had to leave the Burrow even before the end of the wedding. He felt quite sure that Ginny would have found her way into his bed, had he stayed, turning it into a commitment he was not yet ready to make, certainly not with her. He could have considered Hermione, had she not been so smitten with Ron.

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