It has been one year since Ghost agent November 'Nova' Terra has violated Emperor Valerian Mengsk and killed Defenders of Man leader General Carolina Davis. The emperor of the Dominion had let the Ghost and her team go for now, which resulted Nova to live a nomadic life with her Griffin-class ship.

During this time, the Terran Dominion once again enjoyed times of peace and prosperity that it had two years after the End War. With the alliance between the Daelaam Protoss stronger than ever, new scientific breakthroughs were achieved. Ways of War seemed like it would be only found in history books and documentaries.

...Or it would have been.

Matt Horner


Korhal IV, Koprulu Sector


Admiral Matt Horner, the supreme commander of the Dominion Fleet was called by the emperor to his room.

'Wonder why I would be summoned again…' the middle-aged man wondered before boarding the vehicle sent by the emperor. The vehicle drove through the roads of Augustgrad which was surprisingly clean of traffic. During the times when Arcturus Mengsk was the emperor, these streets would be covered with vehicles that honked their horns as military vehicles and parades roars through almost every day. Well, that's what Horner saw on TV during his time as the captain of Raynor's Raiders. For now, he was glad that he didn't have to face such things.

As minutes passed, Horner saw the Emperor's Palace looming from the distance. It was the highest structure in all of Augustgrad who he as shaped like a pyramid of neosteel. Below the palace were gardens of lush green and monuments of marines and wraiths that posed with pride, showing the might of the Dominion. Palace Guards patrolled around the palace grounds despite peace.

"Admiral, we're here." The driver said as the vehicle stopped next to the palace gate. Horner dismounted and was greeted by the two marines guarding the gate.

"Welcome, sir." One of the marines said. Both of them saluted.

"Thank you." Horner replied before walking into the palace. The palace was gigantic inside, just like the looks of the outside. Great halls of grey, yellow and red made up the majority of the palace along with guards and political workers walking around. The admiral walked and took the emperor's personal lift thanks to Valerian's authorization up to the throne room where he was expected to see the emperor.

"Ah, it's been some time, Admiral Horner." Emperor Valerian Mengsk, a young man in his twenties greeted Horner. The admiral placed his hands on his back for respect and slightly bowed. "You may be wondering why you've been called here despite being in peace."

"Yes, emperor." Horner replied.

"The thing is, we might not be in peace anymore." What? What was the Valerian talking about?

"With all respect, emperor, but is the Tal'Darim attacking again?"

"No, admiral." Valerian calmly replied, standing up from his chair. "We have reports that some kind of… what should I say… unknown fleet has attacked a fringe colony of Alden III. None of the databases of both Terran or Protoss arsenal matches this fleet."

"Emperor, I don't understand." Horner said. He was utterly confused of what the emperor was talking about. Valerian stared at him as if he read his mind.

"I understand how you feel, admiral. In fact, even I don't understand what happened." Valerian walked to one of the giant monitors behind the chair that was once sitting on. "This was recorded in the Cerberus, the flagship of the battlecruiser group stationed in Alden III. Take a look." The monitor flares to life.

"Colony leader, this is Commodore Anderson of the battlecruiser Cerberus. My battlegroup is standing by. Are your trade ships ready for warp jump?" A stout man in uniform asked to woman projected on a holographic screen on top of the map projector.

"Negative, Commodore. One of the Hercules-Class ships has an engine failure and cannot lift off properly. We may need time." The woman replied.

"Understood. We'll stand by until repairs are complete or ship replacement. Anderson out." The screen faded away as Anderson stopped talking. With the holographic screen removed, the windows of the Cerberus's bridge was visible. Two other battlecruisers, the Coronet and Hermes floated around the flagship with the planet in view portside. This battle group was assigned to escort a group of freighters across the Dominion trade route while protecting them from pirate attacks. Everything seemed peaceful while the bridge crew did their jobs at their station.

"Warning, multiple space anomalies detected at the planet's gravity well fringe." The robotic adjutant's voice rang through the bridge.

"Analyze the anomaly!" Anderson ordered. After two seconds, the AI spoke again.

"Scans show a group of ships not recorded in military record entering Alden III space."

"All personnel to your stations! Heat up the weapons and do not fire until I say so!" The commodore barked. Immediately, the sirens wailed and the crew's movement became more quick. Anderson looked through the windows to see… ships twice the size of the Minotaur battlecruisers approaching the battlegroup.

They had triangular designs with a elliptical hexagon protruding from the stern side deck, something nobody in the Koprulu Sector has seen before. Anxiety covered every orifice of the bridge crew.

"Adjutant, open a transmission with one of their ships." Anderson said, gulping.

"No response." The AI replied.

"What the hell is going on…"

"Sir, the ships are opening fire!" A crew member yelled. Indeed, the seven ships started spewing out green bolts of lasers towards the battlecruisers.

"ALL SHIPS, OPEN FIRE NOW!" Anderson yelled. With that, all laser batteries fired at will.

Showers of green and orange lasers covered the space between the unknown ships and the three battlecruisers. Anderson realized that these ships had some kind of shielding that barely resembled the ones found in a Protoss ship. This was so strange to everyone fighting this enemy.

"Warning: a group of ships has been launched from the enemy ships." The adjutant said.

"Enemy fighters! All point-defense batteries, open fire!" Anderson shouted as he saw a swarm of black fighters that had circular cockpits and hexagonal wings approaching the battlecruisers at high speeds. The point-defense batteries commenced firing showers of flak on the fighters and bombers, but despite shooting down countless of them, they kept coming and started to perform strafing runs on the Hermes. Within two minutes, the battlecruiser's hull ripped into pieces and exploded with a horrific flash.

"Commodore, the Hermes is gone!" A crewmember said.

"Damnit!" Anderson swore as he saw the cloud of bombers going for Coronet. At the same time, one of the triangle-shaped ship exploded, leaving the ship into half. Despite this, however, the Cerberus received heavy hits from the enemy's weapons and received multiple hits. The bomber swarm finished off the Coronet as it exploded the same way as Hermes did.

Hope didn't seem to exist for the crew members of the crippled Cerberus as the siren continuously wailed pessimistically. Reports of hull breaches and crew casualties rang from the speaker of the Star map. The commodore remained still as the enemy bombers covered the bridge window, followed by blinding flashes of green. Everything became silent. Only static remained.

The recording ended and the monitor turned off. Valerian turned to Horner, who was shocked at what he had just seen.

"We've lost contact with Alden III after this… attack." The emperor said.

"When did this happen?" Horner asked.

"Twelve hours ago. Only one Hercules transport survived and escaped to a nearby system."

"So that means…"

"That's right, admiral. We may be at war with an unknown enemy. You are needed direly."


Hierarch, Spear of Adun

In orbit of the remains of Shakuras

It was a painful sight. Even after three years, the debris of Shakuras gave an etching in Artanis's core. He had brought the Spear of Adun to see his refuge planet and to remember his fallen warriors here due to Amon's incursion to the material universe.

" still is a painful sight." Artanis spoke to himself, clenching his chest.

"Indeed, hierarch." Vorazun, the matriarch of the Nerazim and the daughter of the deceased Raszagal. "The sacrifice of our warriors will never be forgotten." She added, closing her green glowing eyes in silent mourning. The tranquil atmosphere of the space around the bridge helped the Protoss leaders' mood and the stars seemed to glisten with the memories of the War.

...or it would have been.

"Hierarch, our sensors are detecting unknown ripples in space!" A zealot on a control panel called. Artanis and Vorazun snapped back to reality to as they saw slight distortions in the space near Shakuras's remains. Artanis clenched his core, anticipating the arrival to this strange visitor.

A second later, the Protoss aboard the Spear of Adun witnessed something they have yet to see in their lives.

A dozen grey triangular-shaped ships twice the size of the Protoss Carriers appeared from some kind of space jump.

"Scan them!" Artanis ordered.

"Hierarch! The ships are opening fire!" A zealot said. The Hierarch saw green bolts of laser emanating from the ships and approaching the Arkship's shields.

"All weapons, open fire!" With that, the Spear of Adun started to return fire with volleys of phase disrupters, ion cannons and beams of sky blue and orange.

Energy weapons of various colors streaked by each other as they hit the shields of the opposite ships. Energy shields of both sides glowed by each hit, slowly draining one hit after another. Soon enough, the unknown ships began to launch strike craft against the Spear of Adun in hopes to catch its shield quicker. However, the Protoss ark ship, a 74 kilometer long ship, was something the enemy should not be underestimated. Artanis ordered the launch of Phoenix and Corsair star fighters against the swarm of enemy bombers accompanied by fighters. Within minutes, the enemy starfighters were nothing but piles of hexagonal debris and frozen corpses of their pilots.

"Our shields are halfway overrun!" A zealot said.

"These enemies have very unusual weapons. They slightly resemble the primitive Terran energy weapons but slightly stronger!" Karax, the phase smith aboard the Spear of Adun said through a holographic screen. "Their shielding is impressive, almost equal to ours. Their armor seems lackluster, however."

"Focus fire!" Artanis ordered.

One by one, the enemy ships started to fall. The Spear of Adun also started to receive some slight damage, but all systems were operational as the last triangular ship exploded into a orange ball and debris.

"It is done. We've purged the ships." Vorazun commented.

"It was a small battle, but yet a very unusual one…" Artanis replied.

"Why would these unknown people attack us in the first place?"

"That, I know not. Never have I seen such ships before. What's more unusual is that they were just twelve ships and… they've managed to breach the Spear of Adun's shields." Suddenly, Karax reappeared from the holographic screen.

"Hierarch, we have reports that the Terran have faced the same ships in their now lost colony Alden III!" The phase smith said.

"Hierarch, something isn't right." Vorazun said.

"...indeed." Artanis agreed.

"I've been analyzing the ships, and found some interesting but unorthodox features. The weapons that they fired seems to be a hybrid between of plasma and ion weaponry. I'm more impressed at their shields. Scans show that they're equal to what we use!" Karax said.

"What do you have to say, Karax?"

"I speculate that with enough of these ships, they could match even the Golden Armada."

"Then we must prepare for another assault! Phase smith, have you found where they were from?"

"Unfortunately, the way they've traveled here doesn't resemble any type of warp jump we know. I estimate that these ships have some kind of dimensional travel of some sort. We will have to dispatch scouts around the sector to find where they are coming from." With the phase smith's words, Artanis looked down in disappointment. Who on Adun's Shadow were these people?

"Artanis, I can dispatch my finest Dark Templar to scout the sector. Perhaps they can find their base of operations." The Nerazim Matriarch suggested.

"A good plan, Matriarch. For now, we must return to Aiur and talk to the Terrans. Phase smith, you've said that they've been attacked by the same ships, correct?"

"Yes, Hierarch." Karax replied.

"Good. Set a warp course back to Aiur!" With that, the Spear of Adun disappeared with a blue flash.

Author's note: Greetings from Aperture!

This is my first crossover fanfiction and I'm glad to combine my two favorite sci-fi universes into one single war! The stories will continue after the events of the Nova Covert Ops and during the events of Return of the Jedi.

However, it has been two years since I watched Return of the Jedi, so please forgive me if I forget some names of some characters like the Green Leader. I will do my best to balance the StarCraft factions with the Star Wars. Every chapter with new stuff in, I will add a codex of the arsenal of each side with information that I can find in the internet and some things that I imagined to balance it out.

I hope you'll enjoy this crossover.

Thank you from Aperture!