Streets of Augustgrad


The streets were filled with corpses of marines and enemy soldiers along with rubble and wreckage. The skies were darkened with smoke caused by the fires. Nova looked at the partially ruined city from the screen aboard the Griffin. It was painful to see the city be ruined for the fourth time.

"Nova." Reigel called from behind. The ghost turned around. "The… one of the Rebel Alliance commanders wishes to see you."

"Me? I'm just an cover operative!" Nova replied.

"You're technically our commander. So, would you like to see him, or should I tell him that you're… busy?" Nova thought. She wanted to stay in her ship to not see the damage the enemy had wrought, but she was curious of what this commander looked like.

"...fine. Get me to the surface."

"Of course."

The Griffin landed in the palace gardens where marines were gathering up for additional briefing. When Nova dismounted her ship, the soldiers in powered suits turned to her and saluted. She walked through the path of soldiers until she saw a young man with blonde hair in black attire walking towards her.

'That's their commander?' Nova thought as the two people were close.

"You're the commander here?" The man asked.

"Well, technically, I'm a… specialist. I command a elite force here." The Ghost replied.

"Pleasure to meet you." The man gave his hand, which looked like it was cybernetic. "The name's Luke Skywalker." Nova nodded as she accepted his hand.


"That's your name?"

"It's classified."

"I see. Are you curious of who attacked you?"

"Is that even a question?" Nova asked with a funny look.

"Here. Follow me. Your men seemed to have gathered prisoners."

Nova followed Luke to a group of marines to find them apprehending countless soldiers in white armor.

"Stormtroopers." Luke said as he approached one.

"Ma'am." The marines saluted to Nova. She nodded, and they returned to what they were doing.

"That's what they're called? Nova asked to this strange commander.

"Yup. They're the Galactic Empire's finest soldiers." Luke replied.

"Well, let's see what they look like behind the helmets." The ghost said as she approached one stormtrooper. She removed the helmet to be greeted by a face of pure hatred. The man's face showed anger, but confusion mixed with it. "That's how you look like? Let's see your friends." Nova then walked to the stormtrooper next to the unmasked one and removed his helmet too. What awaited her was something she did not expect: the second trooper looked exactly the same as the first one. Nova turned to the first trooper, then back to the recently unmasked. Then again. To make sure, Nova removed three more helmets to find that they were no different.

"They're clones." Luke said behind her, making the ghost stop what she was doing and faced him.

"All of them?!"

"Well, not all." Luke said. "Look, I joined the Alliance five years ago, so I don't know much."

"Where are your men?"

"They're back at our ships for debriefing."

"I thought they fought here hours ago?"

"We all fought in starfighters."

"Hrmph." Nova grunted as she noticed a prisoner that didn't resemble any of the storm troopers. He was wearing a grey uniform with some kind of rectangular badge cover in squared on his chest. She approached the man.

"And who are you?"

"It's none of your business." The man scoffed.

"Behave!" A marine yelled, slamming his rifle at his face.

"Who sent you here?" Luke asked.

"Who do you think? It's obvious! Do you not know the glorious Galactic Empire?!" The officer yelled.

"Yes, we already got to that point." Nova rolled her eyes. "And no, I've never heard of this empire." She knelt down in front of the officer. "Maybe you can tell the Dominion who they are. I'm open for schooling." She stood back up and returned to her Griffin. "I'll see you later, Mr. Skywalker."

"Anytime, Nova." Luke said.

Matt Horner

TDN Bucephalus

In orbit of Korhal IV

The emperor's personal quarters in Valerian's personal ship was filled with talks of the current situation. Horner was staring at the windows that showed the aftermath of the battlefield. The Alliance fleet along with what was left with the Korhal defense fleet and the Protoss fleet floated around together while debris of ships of both sides floated around aimlessly. It was a painful sight. It was just two years after a devastating war against a corrupt Xel'Naga where billions died, but here he is, seeing another result of a battle. The Dominion admiral sighed and turned around to where Valerian, Artanis and this Alliance leader were talking. What was her name? Mon Mossma? Mothma?

"...The Empire will send another fleet when they find out that their expedition fleet was destroyed. Perhaps they might send an even bigger one." The Alliance leader said.

"I understand. So the question is, why would they attack us? We didn't do anything!" Valerian said as if he was struggling to keep calm.

"Have you fired any warning shots?" Ackbar asked.

"No. According to our black box footages, they were the ones to open fire." Horner said, walking towards the leaders.

"We have attempted to hail communications with these Imperials, but with not avail. It is as if they only want war." Artanis added.

"It's how they work, Hierarch. They only strike, never to give to tongue. Even we don't know why the Emperor would attack your galaxy in the first place." The Alliance leader sighed. She seemed to have noticed Valerian's curious looked and nodded slightly. "I guess you're wondering who his Emperor is. Before the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Republic spanned around our galaxy with senates from every planets as representatives. It wasn't until an incident in one of our planet's, a separatist group known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems rose and declared war on us. The newly elected Chancellor Palpatine made a clone army and a fleet to counter the threat…"

"Wait, I apologize to interrupt, but… how long did it take for the Republic to...make the fleet?" Horner asked out of confusion.

"I can't say, but it was in a very short time." Ackbar replied in behalf. "The Republic had technically no military back then."


"We only had a handful of knights known as the Jedi to help cease quarrels, mostly diplomatic."

"How is it that such a large government lack a military?" Artanis asked. "I could only wonder if Alarak was here."

"Who's Alarak?" Mothma asked.

"It is best to explain the Protoss society, but it's a long story." WIth that, the Daelaam Hierarch proceeded to explain everything he knew about the Tal'Darim. He told about their society, violence, their previous status before and during the War against the Dark God, which lead to more questions. Artanis ended his session with answering Ackbar's question about Terrazine. He couldn't have answered it if Karax didn't appear from a holographic screen from the Hierarch's gauntlet.

The conversation between the three leaders continued on as Horner turned back to the window that showed Korhal's beauty. If it weren't for the wreckage currently being dealt with by orbital construction vehicles, the planet's true beauty could have revealed. Matt gave a sigh as he stared at the ten Alliance ships currently stationed next to the Dominion defense fleet.

"That's our fleet." The voice of Ackbar startled the Dominion admiral. "I apologize."

"No, it's fine. I found your ships interesting." Horner stuttered.

"How so?"

"All of our ships are either civilian or stolen from the Empire."


"Take a look at our Star Cruisers." Ackbar said, pointing at one of the round shaped ships. "Our species built them to be luxury liners, but ever since the Empire enslaved us we converted them into warships."

"For a civilian vessel, that is massive."

"Indeed. I find the fact that your fleet is comprised of ships smaller than a Star Destroyer interesting." Matt smirked when he heard that. He gave a shrug in response. "However, I am impressed by your ships' firepower and…" The Terran admiral noticed the Mon Calamari staring at the Spear of Adun looming at geocentric orbit. "The Protoss vessels."

"I guess. So, judging by what our leaders are saying… you're from another galaxy? Not just outside the Koprulu Sector?"

"Yes. As I've told you during battle, We've received your distress call."

"How did you get here?"

"We've discovered a rift that apparently linked our galaxy with yours. An interesting place the rift has taken us. Bright lights everywhere. Absolutely beautiful."

"Hey, space can harbor really beautiful things other than wherever you came from. It's a common things for admirals like us."

"Perhaps…" Ackbar nodded just before the startled voice of Artanis shook the two admirals.

"Ulnar?!" Artanis asked.

"Is that what the place is called?" Mothma asked back.

"Indeed. It's the place where the Xel'Naga, the seeders of live resided. How could the portal reopen, an why not the Void?"

"With all respect, Hierarch, but what do you mean?"

"It's a long story. We were at war with a… supernatural being two years ago. After we defeated his forces in the Sector, we went through Ulnar's portal and took the war on him." Valerian explained.

"That'll be difficult for us to comprehend."

Darth Vader

Death Star

Low orbit above Endor

Darth Vader walked around the battle station under construction. Most of its skeletal infrastructure was exposed as if it was luring something to attack it. Stormtroopers and construction crew ran to their destinations while their superiors barked orders at them. Everything seemed to have sped up after the Sith Lord told Jerjerrod about the Emperor's arrival. Among the crew, the officers seemed to be the most anxious. Could it be his master's ruthlessness? Who knows.

Vader stepped onto the hangar where the Emperor's shuttle was expected to arrive. Outside the shielded exit was the 19 kilometer Star Dreadnought Executor, Vader's personal ship and the flagship of the infamous Death Squadron. Around the ship were forty Star Destroyers that made up the defense of the Death Star. The Sith Lord walked to Commander Jerjerrod, who was looking as nervous as his officers.

"Lord Vader." The commander snapped to his heels and stood firm.

"Are you ready to greet the Emperor?" Vader asked.

"Yes, Lord Vader." Jerjerrod replied, turning to the countless Stormtroopers, normal and elite, standing in a formation of the path. "We were waiting for him for the past two hour-" The commander stopped when he witnessed a fleet ten times larger than the Death Star defense fleet exit from hyperspace. The fleet was made up of five Star Dreadnoughts and three hundred and sixty four Star Destroyers. A single Lambda Transport accompanied by a swarm of TIE Fighters came from one of the Star Dreadnoughts Insidious and approached the hangar. Just like everyone in the area, Vader tensed for his master's arrival. He ordered his senses to keep calm as the Lambda landed in the hanger just next to the troops. The shuttle's rear ramp lowered, followed by steam exiting from it. Deadly silence followed as soldiers in red robes and masks wielding Force Pikes exit the shuttle in twos. After four had exited, an old and shrilled man walked out of the shuttle wearing a black robe. This was Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine, who ruled over the Galaxy with an iron fist. He glared at Vader and Jerjerrod with yellow eyes that could make the toughest stormtrooper shiver with fear, which made the two kneel to show respect.

"Rise, my friend." The Emperor said to Vader. Immediately, the Sith Lord rose to his feet. He then walked next to the Imperial Leader and followed him as Jerjerrod continued to kneel until the two were out of the hangar.

"The Death Star will be completed on schedule." Vader informed.

"You have done well, Lord Vader. And now… I sense you have a question." Palpatine replied. "Surprising, as you usually wish to hunt for… Luke Skywalker."

"Yes, my Master."

"Speak your question."

"I have heard about the fleets in the Tarlan Rift. What has happened to them?" Vader saw his master suddenly frown by the question. Instantly, regret started to form in his heart.

"The pesky rebels aided whoever is in that rift in… destroying the insubordinate."

"Insubordinate? Master, I don't understand."

"You will find out, my friend. It is no matter. I have learned what is behind this rift. I have sent a even bigger fleet against those… rebel scum." The Emperor laughed menacingly as he spoke. "An Intergalactic Empire… yes… oh yes, I can already sense my victory." Vader could only stare at his master. He was technically right, as there were twenty-five thousand Star Destroyers around the Galaxy at his disposal. Palpatine suddenly stopped laughing and frowned once again. "...My friend, have you heard about a ship… bigger than a Star Dreadnought?"

"The only ship larger than my Executor would be the Death Star, master."

"Yes, it might be…" The shrilled man nodded before his shaking hand reached for a hologram. It sprang to life, showing a ship with golden and blue colors shaped like a spear. Vader's attention doubled when he saw it. Never has he seen a ship with such design. "This… ship. It is responsible for destroying seventy-five percent of the fleet. Its size is vast, even larger than our Executors."

"What should we do?"

"We shall see through it." Palpatine finally said before he continued to walk.


In orbit of Korhal IV

Koprulu Sector

Aboard TDN Bucephalus

"If we can gather up allies and perhaps work together, we can end this threat and prevent unnecessary losses." Artanis claimed. Mon Mothma smiled as she nodded.

"I concur. Our Galaxy has suffered long enough against the Empire's tyranny. Every species is suffering due to this." The Alliance leader added.

"We already have seven of our worlds crippled due to the Empire. I guess I have no choice but to agree." Valerian said. "We will need to sign treaties. Share information, intelligence and technology. Perform training drills. This is going to be hectic."

"It will, but it will be worth it."

"I will have to contact the Daelaam of this news. I only wonder what Alarak would be doing as of now." Artanis wondered. "I have requested Vorazun to send her finest Dark Templar to scout around."

"Good. That'll help us plan ahead." Mothma nodded. Just as talks of diplomacy continued, the Hierarch's hologram from his psi blade gauntlet sprang to life, revealing Vorazun.

"Artanis, my Dark Templar have revealed very disturbing news." The environment of the room became even darker and the two admirals who were facing the window snapped to Artanis.

"What is it, Matriarch?" Artanis asked.

"They say that a massive fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers and two massive vessels emerging from Ulnar."

"What?! Could this be…"

"That's the Imperial fleet. What you two have been facing may have just been a reconnaissance fleet." Mon Mothma said. Artanis kept his composure and turned back to the hologram.

"Matriarch, what is this fleet comprised of?"

"Scouts claim approximately four hundred and fifty Star Destroyers and the seven hundred unidentified smaller vessels, excluding the two massive ships." Vorazun replied.

"Vindicator-Class heavy cruisers and Interdictors." Mothma replied.

"The Dominion isn't that powerful to take on this fleet!" Valerian exclaimed as if he was panicking.

"Emperor, if I may, but your battlecruisers' Yamato cannon's firepower is more than enough to disable a Star Destroyer." Ackbar said.

"They need significant amount of time to charge between each shot." Horner said from behind. "If we are to confront this fleet, we all have to fight together."

"Indeed, admiral Horner. I shall send the Golden Armada to confront them. However, we need as much support we can muster." Artanis said.

"Artanis, the Imperial fleet has entered some sort of phase resembling a warp jump." Vorazun reported.

"Matriarch, can you pinpoint where they are headed?" Mothma asked. Artanis could see that she was trying her best to keep her composure due to the sudden threat report.

"Scans show that they are headed to…" The Nerazim Matriarch paused. Her green glowing eyes widened as if she saw a Xel'Naga. "...Aramis! That's a Tal'Darim colony!"

"They are attempting to attack the Tal'Darim?" The Hierarch asked, surprised. "I fear that the Tal'Darim may not last long, unless they unleash the Death Fleet…"

"Death Fleet? It sounds familiar to the Death Squadron." Mothma said to himself. Artanis placed his hand on the desk.

"I shall return to the Spear of Adun and set course to Aramis! We must aid the Tal'Darim if we are to repel the Empire from the sector!"

"We shall return to our ships, too. Admiral?" The Alliance leader signaled.

"Yes, ma'am." Ackbar nodded, walking towards her. All that was left was the Dominion.

"Sir?" Horner asked Valerian. After a long pause, the emperor faced the admiral.

"I'm giving you authorization to send Alpha Squadron along with your flagship to accompany their fleets. I'll call every other idle fleets to aid you."

"Sir? The Alpha Squadron?" Horner's eyes widened. If Artanis remembered correctly, the Alpha Squadron was considered as the Dominion's finest battlegroup, comprised of three Gorgon Dreadnoughts and twelve Minotaur Battlecruisers as their main firepower. "Y-yes sir." The admiral said, walking out of the room. After Mothma and Ackbar followed, Artanis nodded at Valerian before walking out, too. This was going to be a decisive battle.


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So here's what I've decided in this AU to prevent unexpected offenses: I've decided that the Death Fleet will be comprised of fifty motherships and three hundred Skylords (the Tal'Darim carriers) while the entire Golden Armada comprised of two hundred motherships, five hundred carriers, three hundred sixty Tempests and one thousand Void Rays (I will configure these as the Protoss cruisers).

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