New Enemies, New Alliances, Love Rekindled

By: Ian K.

Summary: Ok, folks, prepare for an alternate universe story, that is also a crossover between Roswell and Stargate SG-1. In terms of Roswell events, here's what's different:
-Max and Liz end up together and married.
-Tess turns out to be good, and falls in love with and marries Kyle
-Maria and Michael have been on again/off again in a relationship
-Alex didn't die, and didn't go to Sweden. Instead, he and Isabel ended when she started going with the geologist, and he was heartbroken. Alex went to the Air Force Academy, became an officer, and his technical abilities got him assigned to Stargate Command.
-No one went to Antar, and the war with the Skins is unresolved.
-Isabel never changed her hair color and style. I don't like her Season 3 look.
In Stargate SG-1, the big difference is that Daniel Jackson didn't die, but Jonas Quinn works on one of the SG teams and does make an appearance.
This story is going to be about Alex and Isabel finally finding love, because I read the spoilers for upcoming episodes and didn't like the fact that they don't end up together. That occurs in the middle of the collision of universes as new alliances are formed to face foes from both shows.

Note: I am a recent convert to Roswell fandom, thanks to the re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel, so I am really inventing a lot of things as I go with the plot. I have written fanfics for other shows before, and decided to write this one because I really wanted to do a story about Alex and Isabel getting together, and I haven't seen a fanfic crossing over Roswell with Stargate SG-1. I thought the two shows mixing would be really cool. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Chapter One: Reunion

He sat at the conference room table, sort of oblivious to what was going. Too lost in his own thoughts, when he was called upon to speak, he didn't respond at first. This brought about a more firm entreaty for a response.

"Lt. Whitman!" said General Hammond, calmly but firmly. "Are we boring you here?"

"Um, sir," said Lt. Alex Whitman. "Sir, I'm sorry. I was...I'm sorry, sir, what was the question again?"

"Did you find anything that would give you some clue as to how the alien device on P3X447 would work?" repeated General Hammond.

"None, sir," said Alex. "Dr. Barrows went over all of the cartouches repeatedly, and I examined what he translated. It only refers to the weapon, but nothing about how it works."

"That would be in keeping with what we know about the Goa'uld," said Major Richard Ambrose. "They don't exactly leave technical specs around. Teal'c has also confirmed that the Goa'uld don't even reveal how their technology works to their own Jaffa warriors. It kind of destroys their impressions of being gods."

"I see," said Hammond. "Well, better luck next time, I suppose. At any rate, SG-8, you are on stand down. All four of you have liberty for the next week. Enjoy. Dismissed."

The four members of SG-8, one of twelve teams that operated at the United States Air Forces' super secret Stargate Command, stood and saluted, as General Hammond left the briefing room. The job of the Stargate Command (or SGC) was to travel to other worlds using the alien device called a Stargate, discovered in Egypt in the 1920's. Several years ago, the Air Force figured out how to operate it, and sent a team to another world, where they made their first encounter with an alien race called the Goa'uld. In ancient times, the Go'auld enslaved humans as hosts for their kind, and as laborers, and transplanted them on many other worlds, until humans on Earth rebelled against them and buried the gate. Now, the members of the SGC work to destroy the power of the Go'auld System Lords, with the help of off world allies they have made along the way.

"Boy, oh, boy," said Sergeant Reynolds. "Its been four months since I've had a liberty. I can't wait to get to the beach! How about you, Dr. Barrows?"

"Me, oh no, I'm going to an archeologists conference," he replied. "I haven't been in a couple of years, and want to touch base with some of my colleagues. Though, granted, it will be awkward, considering I can't tell them what I've been doing these past four years."

"What about you, Lieutenant?" asked Reynolds.

"I'm going home," said Alex. "To New Mexico, to see my folks and some...friends."

"Lieutenant, stay a moment will you," said Major Ambrose. "Gentlemen, if you could excuse us."

Sergeant Reynolds and Dr. Barrows exited the conference room, leaving the remaining two members of SG-8 behind. Ambrose looked at Alex with a concerned expression.

"You okay, Whitman?" asked Ambrose. "You seemed distracted during the briefing. Hammond had to call on you to respond twice, and wasn't happy about it. That's not like you. What is it?"

"Oh, its just..."began Alex. "It will be the first time I will have been home in several years. I'm just...nervous. I apologize, sir. My word, it will never happen again."

Ambrose smiled. "Good enough," he said. "I'll be sure to let the General know how you've been working your tail off recently with Major Carter on that Naqueda Reactor Project, and with off world missions. You need the rest. I'm sure he'll accept that as an explanation. He knows you're a good officer, and a good scientist."

"Thank you, sir," said Alex.

"Dismissed," said Ambrose.

Alex saluted, then turned and left the conference room. As he did, Alex once again pondered what was really distracting him about going home. It had nothing to do with the time he had been away. Well, maybe a little. But, it had more to do with who he would see when he got back there.

Life went on in normal fashion in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, where a group of friends were having lunch at the local Crashdown Diner. Though the day might be normal, and the town might look normal, things around Roswell tended to be anything but normal. Especially for this particular group of friends who had known each other since High School.

"So, Liz," said Michael. "Have you got our boy Max here sitting down and picking out china patterns, or wallpapers yet?"

"Oh, yeah, that will be the day," said Max.

"Like we can afford china," said Liz. "We're still trying to find a nice house for the two of us, and the baby."

"That place on the other side of town didn't work out?" asked Maria.

"No, too expensive," said Max. "Besides, it kind of gave me the creeps."

"You, the creeps," said Maria. "This is from a guy who can heal people by touching them and move objects with thought. I can't believe any of us find anything weird anymore."

They all chuckled at the joke, referring to the fact that the two young men at the table were alien/human hybrids. As they continued to talk, Maria spotted a young man coming into the diner wearing a blue Air Force dress uniform. Military and government types always made the group nervous, considering their past run ins with such men. But Maria's worries were quickly dispelled when she saw the man take off his garrison cap, and she could more clearly see who it was.

"Oh my GOD!" yelled Maria, who got up and ran up to her old friend, Alex Whitman. She flung herself into his arms, and jumped up and down. "ALEX! I can't believe it!"

Liz, Max, and Michael joined Maria in greeting their old friend, with Liz giving him a firm hug, and the two guys hand shakes and pats on the back.

"I can't believe it!" said Liz. "Look at you! In that uniform, you don' don't..."

"Look like the geek you used to know," said Alex.

"Come on, you were never a geek," said Maria.

"More like a dwebe," said Michael.

"Thanks a lot," said Alex with a smirk.

"Come on, sit down, we were just having lunch," said Max.

"I haven't even been home yet, actually," said Alex. "I was just driving by, saw you all in the window, and decided to come in and say hi. I should really be getting home to see my folks."

"Come on, they can wait a little while longer!" said Maria. "Get over here! We haven't seen you in four years!"

"Alright," said Alex. "For a while."

They all sat down at the table, and ordered Alex a cheeseburger. In the meantime, Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria, began to bombard Alex with questions.

"So, how's life in the wild blue yonder?" asked Michael.

"I'm not a pilot, so I couldn't tell you," said Alex.

"So, what are you doing?" asked Max.

"I'm working with radio telescopes and deep space telemetry," said Alex.

"Oh,," said Maria, with an insincere smile.

"Actually, its pretty fascinating stuff," said Alex with a knowing smile. "But I understand how dull it must seem to someone who doesn't work in the field." Of course, part of Alex's smile was knowing that his friends had no clue that his REAL job was to travel to other planets through the Stargate. Of course, he couldn't tell them.

"Well, you always were into that technical stuff," said Michael.

"I have to say, the Air Force has done you good, from what I can see," said Liz.

"Why, thank you, ma'm," said Alex in a playful tone. Then, he decided to broach a topic he had been dying to talk about, but was unsure about how to proceed. He went with the direct approach. "So, how's Isabel? She joining you for lunch?"

"No, she's spending the day with Mom," said Max.

"Oh," said Alex. "I...heard, about her breakup with that guy. What's his name? Jessie?"

"Yeah, he turned out to be a total jerk," said Maria. "Good thing she didn't marry him like she had planned."

"Hey, you still carrying a torch for her?" asked Michael. "Its been like...eight years, man. I hope you've moved on."

"Moved on, yes," said Alex. "Given up hope...well, let's just say I haven't found anyone yet who comes close to Isabel."

"Look, Alex," said Max. "I like you. You know that. But...just play it careful around Isabel. She's still trying to get over the whole thing with Jessie. I don't want to see her get hurt again. Or you."

"Don't worry, I won't hurt her," said Alex.

"So, have you...kept the secret?" asked Michael.

"What, that you're a woman trapped in a man's body?" asked Alex in a dead pan reply.

Everyone laughed. Michael smirked. "You've grown wit," he replied. "Hmm, don't like it. So, the question..."

"Answer is no," said Alex. "You know me. I'm good at keeping a secret." Very good, as a matter of fact.

They continued to talk for a while, and had lunch. Afterwards, Alex bid his friends goodbye, and headed for the car. When he stepped out the door, and put on his garrison cap, he saw two women getting out of a nearby car. Alex froze dead in his tracks when he saw that it was Isabel and her Mother.

He stood there like he was in a daze, seeing her beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous eyes, and angelic features that always captivated him so. In Alex's eyes, Isabel was the perfect woman, and always would be.

Isabel didn't see the man staring at her at first. She was talking to her Mom, as they headed for the door to the diner. But then, Isabel cast a glance ahead of her, and saw Alex. She didn't recognize him at first because of the Air Force uniform. When she did, Isabel froze. Her Mother stopped also, and looked in the direction that Isabel was staring in.

"Oh, my goodness!" said Mrs. Evans. "Alex Whitman, is that you?"

Alex came forward. "Yes, ma'm," he said. "Good to see you, Mrs. Evans."

"And you," she replied. "My goodness, your Mother must be so proud of you. Lieutenant Alex Whitman! Oh, I got the rank right, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did," said Alex. He then turned to Isabel. "Hello, Isabel."

"Hi," she said, with a small smile. "I can't believe it''s been a long time."

"Too long," said Alex.

"Well, I'll go on in and get a table," said Mrs. Evans. "You two go ahead and talk for a minute."

The older woman went into the diner, leaving the two younger people standing and staring at each other. Neither of them was sure what to say.

"You look...beautiful," said Alex.

"Thanks, so do you," said Isabel. "I mean, you different, so handsome, in that uniform. Not that you didn't before....oh, never mind. I'm not doing this well, am I?"

"You're doing fine," said Alex. "So, I...heard, what happened, with your fiancée. I'm sorry."

"No you're not," said Isabel with a smile.

"Okay, I'm not sorry you two split," said Alex. "But I am sorry you got hurt."

"Well, I'd better be getting in."

"Listen, Isabel," said Alex. "My parents are...expecting me to be home for dinner tonight. But, I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tomorrow night. Just friends, no date, just...dinner. What do you say?"

"Alex, I don't know," said Isabel. "I just..."

"Never mind, forget I asked," said Alex, with a smile. "It probably...wouldn't have been..."

"Wait," said Isabel. "I...changed my mind. Dinner sounds...good."

"Okay," said Alex. "Great. I'll pick you up...about 6 o'clock tomorrow. Where are you living now?

"At my Mothers," said Isabel. "Six o'clock sounds fine. Well, I'd better..."

"Right," said Alex.

Isabel went into the diner, and Alex watcher her until she was inside. Then, he turned around, and smiled to himself.

That evening, Isabel, Max, and Liz, were all having dinner together at the latter two's small apartment. The others were off doing other things, so it was just the three of them. Throughout the dinner, Max and Liz could both see that Isabel was distracted, and both suspected what the cause of that distraction was-a certain old friend turned Air Force Lieutenant who walked back into her life today.

"So," said Max, "it was great seeing Alex again, huh Isabel?"

"Huh, oh...yeah. He looks...great," replied Isabel.

"Great," said Liz. "I'll say. I don't know what they feed those guys in the Air Force, but he is looking mighty buff."

"Oh, and just how closely were you checking?" asked Max with mock concern.

"Now, now, don't get jealous," said Liz. "I may be married, but my bat radar isn't exactly deactivated when it comes to recognizing when a guy is...built."

"Yeah, he is, isn't he?" commented Isabel, with a smile. "He looks good in that uniform too. His whole...manner, about him. He's so...mature, handsome, confident...and I could swear his muscles are bigger..."

"Um, Earth to Isabel," said Max. "Are you okay? It sounds like you are having a waking fantasy over there."

"Oh, no...I mean...I'm just distracted," said Isabel. "Nervous. We're having dinner tomorrow night."

Max and Liz froze, the latter stopping her fork full of food before it reached her mouth. "Dinner?" asked Liz. "You and Alex have a date?"

"That was fast," said Max.

"Its not a date," insisted Isabel. "We just want to get reacquainted."

"Uh-huh," said Liz. "So, it's just going to be the two of you?"

"Yeah," said Isabel. "I mean...Alex and I were friends, close friends. And he just walked out of my life seven years ago, to go into the Air Force."

"Yeah, after you told him you weren't interested in that way," said Max.

"And I wasn't, then," said Isabel.

"Then?" asked Max and Liz together. "Are you saying that's changed?" asked Liz.

"I don't know," said Isabel with consternation. "I life was so...confused at that time. We had just found out our purpose for being...alive. The Skins came to Roswell. Now, there are new complications, with what happened between Jessie and I..."

"Look, Isabel...just, go easy with things, okay," said Max. "I know Alex would never hurt you on purpose, but...just take care not to give each other the wrong idea. Go with your heart, and let it send the signals to Alex."

Isabel nodded. "I'll do my best."


The next day, Sheriff Valenti stepped into the coroner's office, and saw the man he was looking for standing over a corpse on the examination table.

"Doctor," said Valenti. "Any progress with this guy?"

"Just a mystery, Sheriff," said the examiner. "He clearly died of the wound to his chest, but I can't tell what caused it. The burn mark is completely unfamiliar. But whatever caused it struck him with enormous force."

"Could it have been a flame thrower of some kind?" asked Valenti.

"No, the burn is too focused," said the examiner. "I'd say a single burst of some kind killed him."

Valenti was getting worried about who might have killed this man, and how. When he drove up to the scene by the side of the road, where a motorist with a flat tire had spotted the body, Valenti knew from the moment he saw the body that the death was going to be another unexplained event in his town. He also knew who to go to in order to find out who might have killed this man.

End of Chapter One. Chapter Two coming soon.

Well, have I peaked anyone's interest? Please let me know with some feedback. This is my first Roswell story (and first Stargate SG-1 story for that matter), so I'd like to know how I am doing.