br Title: Possession
br Author: Moonbeam
br Disclaimer: I own nothing as usual, just the insane flow of thought that began this story and led it to completion.
br Summary: Thoughts of a boy, and his need to possess.
br Improv #20: flaunt, brusque, intense, possess, virtue
br Rating: PG-13 just to be safe, probably way over what I need but if someone could tell me what it would really be in US I'd appreciate it.
br Author's Note: I know this isn't my usual take on his motives but I read the words and posses stuck and the story sprang from those first five words that ran through my head, I hope you enjoy it and don't dislike me for the change of view. Odd note - I thought about it being from Luke for a few minutes but I couldn't really justify it there.

brBy Moonbeamp He wanted to possess her, he knew it was bad, wrong but in his gut he knew that's what he wanted. To possess her to say that he had had her, for all his attempts at virtue this fact remained the same he was never going to stop wanting something else, wanting what he didn't have, couldn't have and he couldn't have her.

p He wanted her, in the wrong ways, the naughty ways that they warn girls away from boys because of. Ungodly things but God created him, created this need to posses, to have, take and throw away a need to envelope her and strip her bare send her back out devoid of all that she had been before. A hollow pit that would need to be filled but he'd have what'd been there before the good, the bad and the innocent he would have it all. He needed it, he craved it, he was going to get it if it took forever and it killed him. He was going to steal whatever made him need her, steal it and never give it back - make sure she would never possess another as she posses him; thoughts, actions, needs, desires, wants, soul.

p He remember that obsessions were bad not wanted, we were to break them and we'd be better, out of adversity grew the prettiest flowers. But, he didn't want to break the need she created within him. Instead he wanted to break her, break what made his reaction to her so intense, he'd break her and then he'd be better, they never said it had to be his adversity.

p He'd flaunt it, he always had he was a public guy, you want, you take, you flaunt, brag, show off, he wanted to do them all he wanted to show that he got what he wanted. He may have broken something inside when he did but he had it, he'd stolen it.

p He'd never force, his rape wouldn't be in the act but he would take something she didn't want to give and she didn't even know he wanted it, not her virtue let the other take that, let him savour it. What he wanted was deeper, harder, a slice of her soul, a piece of her heart, a bit of her mind that would always picture him, and when he had all of that - he would be satisfied - he would have all he wanted, all he craved from her.

Their altercations had always been brusque, he'd try the normal tricks - be nice, she'd be blunt, he's get irritated, this wasn't how it went, she should want him too. Feel a need to go with him and then she'd realise she was just another in the line but not with her, she made him wait, need, damn her, she made him do things, think things, crave things he shouldn't.

p She was but the virtuous virgin Mary and he was her opposite the Lucifer to her Michael and this was the ending that was going to happen, he would drag out her need to be bad, prey on it, take what he wasn't, and leave.

p He would possess her.