Disclaimer: All the Characters of the VD series belong to L.J. Smith (lovely woman) and Harper Collins. Any other person is either a figment of my imagination or someone I know. (note: no roaming minstrels were harmed in the making of this story. ~grin~)

Summary: Ok this takes place way after the whole incident in the clearing. The VD Characters are in college now and it's the weekend of Bonnie's birthday. She's decided to go to a Medieval/SCA festival but she's only got one extra ticket. Well none of her friends really wanted to tag along (I know ~sniffle~ poor Bonnie) but straws were drawn and Damon lost .. Or did he win? You'll just have to read to find out.
Chapter One

As the Ferrari pulled to a stop in the gravel parking lot over looking a sea of tents and pavilions Damon Salvatore rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe that he had actually gotten suckered into agreeing to the trip. "Bonnie, why did you have to pick this for your birthday present? I could have bought you a puppy or something cute." From where she sat in the passenger seat Bonnie grinned and shook her head. "I've wanted to come to this since I saw the flyer up at the college." With a smirk Damon turned the car off and turned toward the red head clad in medieval Irish clothing. He had to admit to himself that she did look kind of cute in the plaid skirt and white chemise shirt.

Unclasping her seat belt Bonnie smiled and gave him a curious look. "And what may I ask is going through that demented vampiric mind of yours?" With a flick of his wrist Damon freed himself of his own safety belt and shrugged. "Just wondering if your outfits authentic, if you've decided to go regimental." His smile was wicked as his gaze traveled up and down her body in his usual lazy manner. Bonnie gave a small gasp and blushed. "I'll have you know I am fully clothed thank you, from top to bottom." Looking away from him she opened her door and slid out. Following suit Damon stepped out of the car and closed his door, waiting for Bonnie to shut her door before locking it up.

He chuckled to himself as Bonnie stalked away from the car with a flip of her hair. It only took him a couple of strides to catch up with the petite red head. He was surprised to see a look of anger mixed with disappointment on her face. "Why Bonnie McCullough, are you mad?" Giving him a shrug she looked to her right, turning her face away from his view. When she spoke her voice was sad and he could hear the hint of a pout. "I know the only reason why you were the one to take me was because you lost the bet. None of the others wanted to come either, not even Elena." Shaking his head Damon linked his arm through hers and slowed his pace. "I did not lose the bet, I won." He knew it was a bald faced lie but it wasn't fair for her to think that her friends didn't want to accompany her on this little trip 'back in time'. "You only had one ticket free and I won the bet, so there. You'll just have to deal with my company today." Stopping he pulled her around to face him and gave her a charming smile.

He knew exactly when her mood changed for her face lost it's pout and her eyes brightened up. "There that's better. How about we go have a nice time." 'As if that's at all possible.' He added silently to himself as he started walking again. He glanced at a booth set up next to the entrance and noticed a sign that said 'Troll' next to it. 'Interesting people that think up these things.' He looked around the group surrounding the booth and smirked at some of the cloths he saw there. "I see some people are mixing their centuries, how.. charming." He couldn't help the note of disdain in his voice and glared briefly down at Bonnie as she elbowed him in the ribs. "Not everyone can look as 'great' in Italian Renn as you mister fancy pants." She whispered up at him and he was surprised to hear a bit a sarcasm coming from her as she said the word 'great'. "Why miss McCullough, you don't find me attractive in my nice black velvety doublet and poofy pants?" He grinned as he saw her blush a bit, careful not to look up at him. 'Yeah, she thinks I look good.' He told himself confidently as they stopped in front of the 'Troll'.

After handing the girl dressed in peasant cloths their tickets they were ushered through the entrance into a world of what Damon thought to be wannabe knights and pretend ladies. He could smell the food coming from various booths and wasn't surprised to see a snow cone vendor there. "Oh yeah, their really period." He grumbled and was rewarded with another nudge in the ribs from Bonnie. 'I swear she does that one more time and I'm leaving her red headed plaid wearing ass here.' He knew it was an empty threat, he'd never hear the end of it if he really did leave her there. "So where to first M'Lady? Food, clothing, jewelry?." Looking straight ahead Bonnie sighed softly and replied, "Dancing." Damon stopped dead in his tracks and raised a brow. "Excuse, I don't think I heard you correctly.. did you say dancing?" Looking up at him with a twinkle in her eyes Bonnie nodded and pointed in front of them.

Looking in the direction she was indicating he spied a group of people in a circle dancing to some Irish tune. "Oh no, there's no way your getting me out there. Micheal Flately I am not." His tone was firm but as Bonnie pulled her arm from his and walked ahead he was forced to follow her, a foul curse longing to explode from his lips. The music became louder as they got closer and he could hear the sounds of the feet of the dancers tapping on the makeshift dance floor they had set up near the musicians. 'Nope, no way I'm getting out there.' He was strong in his resolve even as he watched Bonnie join the dancers on the arm of a handsome looking dark haired man with brilliant blue eyes. 'Have at it buddy, maybe you can stand her constant babble.' He thought to himself as he watched the guy lead her through the steps and speak to her, his face inches from her ear.

End of Chapter 1 (ok.. so what is Damon going to do next, join the dance or continue to watch Bonnie cut a rug with handsome stranger?.By the way, regimental means no undies. just thought I'd clear that up. Feel free to comment on anything.)